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London's harris tide, Soyecraa Mi ‘American She volunteered for the smbulanes Sore war was declared) O@Wawratly.chetrans parent root raoo'd ordi ‘ary lighes Yer wehada'e 'momene to lowe; with every sickening crash we expected the roof t0 Sollee: (aes s cllioe Reavy daggers T got out my Aashlighe. In about tenminutest had guided all che ears co safety the ered Foscon en ‘Write Natieoal Catton Company, Dept DIE, SOE Aad Se, New York TNE X 2a ren, ‘Berend tat done lame im lime the eoire apply is crrenlynelne © @ We tad shout 40 ambulances and ‘ther cats stored in a building witha rest Bisse roof—a virtual greenhouse when SJerrys bombers arrived. Whee they began fioding our section of London we started Berting the cars oat © *1 wx: working alone in my office when the roof Snally did cave in. Only my fashlighe coald have Nelped me find way darough hae deadly, gliearing fea of broken gla. You begin t0 see why amu Isnce drivers must alway carry Wachlighs with fresh NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY, ING, 30 test 42nd Strano York Unit of Union Carbide snd Corton Corpration =: q ‘The peed “Brsndy” a regina eae man of Nadas Gabon Company, ine POPULAR MECHANICS Popular Mechanics Magazine Negoleed Gs Fata Oe ane Canaan 1H, H. WINDSOR, Founder HLH. WINDSOR, Jr, Editor and Publisher November, 1843 IN THIS ISSUE Hitlet’s 500-Acre Headache - - - 1 Airline to Anywhere - - - - = 8 Cheating Death at Sea ee ee 18 Saga of the Redwoods + - - - 28 Engineering for War and Peace- - 34 Industry's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 41 Behind the Scenes at a Launching - 50 The Forty-Niners of 43 - - - - 55 Vol. 80, No. 8 ‘PLES have landed on American shores, They were, vor iy snared in the Fs efi Elent apy trap before they could eres, sabotage, here Fee eer oeeipents on ihe ‘explosions in powder pl Sabotage ia warplane factories Bit ast one Tacident fas bon traced tow peld enemy agent. AS ‘agar Hoover, direcior of the Et, tell one of our staff writers In an article in the December is- Sue, the war Is going into the sews each Inning and tea the FBT || Wild Horses of the Sky =. - - OL Revcteneuee cad tues fll iid Salt for Gsownupe © = = > 66 hunting find draft. dodgers hasbeen azichourjobtorGemen, || White Magic - « - - + + + 72 Casey Jones in Khaki» - - - - 82 E Where-to-Buy-It Index Starts on Next Page WEEN she Navy has 4 job to ss ae 7 do, a task forea does it, There may never be two task forsos alike; exch ie tailored of just the ene ght component of destroyers and FLACK from Africa, three young veterons of the Yankee ‘small erait, eruisors, aircraft car- 19 paratroops held a reunion at Camp Mackall, N. Cy Hiers and perhaps battleships to and traded stories while a member of our siaff listened accomplish tho mission of the mo- in. One had made the lonest parachute jump in history. ‘ment, which may be something as Another, badly wounded, had survived 2 20-millimeter genital as the Battle of Midway. shell that burst inside a transport plane, killing six men, Next month, “Task Foree—the ‘The third had walked away unhurt after a 200-pound Pick of the loot,” tells how the bomb hit the dirt 25 feet from where he lay, then had flotilla ig selected for its job, ajeep shot from under him the same day. For a srring : ou of the paratroopers tn atin, “read” “Unbrellt my” next mont (['WO-YEAR-OLD secret, the tie ¥ er Pilo Shipshew hydroelectric power ne Fish a a Ste wits of nortieta WEEN that budding fighter plot levels off and streaks }ebee will soon be ready to take hhead-on for bis Instructar’s plane, to pass it at a its weaps and xo to work. A relative speed of 800 miles an hour, that's the beginning December feature tells how con ofas deadly a duel as any he'll Aght—except that camera struction gangs battled SOcbelowe guns substitute for bullee If he graduates from this zero weather to dam the waters of school at 20,000 feet, he will go on to more hours of dog- the Saruenay, building a 1,500,- fighting and formation fying at treetop and substratoe 000 Horsepower plant’ to power sphere altitudes in'a “finishing school” far fighter pilots, nearby giant aluminum factories. deseribed in a December article. sere NOVEMBER, 1913, aA Without batteries...war machines are uscless! 1 Soaber 2. Cesrover 3 Ssbmore 4, Laceo Bro 5.7 4, Eateroehed 1s wm: Gro 8 ons 9 ood Ws “wake 6 Spy The EXIDE BATTERIES ARE USED IN MORE THAN 100 APPLICATIONS BY OUR ARMED FORCES Moers mechanized warfare demande a dependable source of electric power, which, tunder most conditions, only a storage bartery ‘can supply. Without such 2 source of power, ‘our mightiest weapons would lie uselete, idle, dead. Supplying dependable storage battetiee to the armed forces is Exide's most important present day job, and you as a civilian motorist can help us provide America’s fighters with ‘more and more of them. You can do this by aiving your present battery the very best of care. Let your Exide Dealer check your bat- tery every two weeks. “Trust him, and his dependable Exide Sure-Start Servieoy 10 pro- Jong its useful life, Remember, when you take care of things you own, you're really making imporant Savings. Invest your savings in War Bonds, Back the attack-with War Bonds! PE Reea tas) WHEN IT’S AN EXIDE YOU START THE ELECTRIC STORAGE BATTERY COMPANY, Phiiclin = EsdeBetcie of Cams, Lined, Toto eA POPULAR MECHANICS Popular Mechanics Magazine WRITTEN SO YOU CAN UNDERSTANDS You. on H Le/ NOVEMBRO No.5 HITLER'S 500-ACRE HEADACHE By Wayne Whittaker MOXE,,over Willow Run, Pentagon Building, Merchandise Mart, and Boulder Dam Make way for Uncle Sam's ant war baby and Hitler's latest head- cho—the Dodge Chicego Plant, Division ‘to move slang its assembly lines ere some of ‘the worl’ mast power Bomber motors ‘m the immense plant cov ore some 80 acres of ground of about 50 NOVEMBER, 1943, city blocks, Nothing like it has ever been constructed, Experienced automotive and. aeronautical executives, who are used 10 doing big things a big way, are erally labbergasted by its size, by the thousands ef ising mactine tools raged under 2 Sonerete Foot that seems a bias the sy. ly way you can see clearly from ‘one end of the main building t0 the other {eveith a pair of binoculars. ‘This mammoth one-story structure, the queen of nearly a 1