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Suaight sleer gfe Bees F[NO amazing instruments ~ the gyro horizon and the diceetional gyro — help to give the American bombardier his big moment. Both are designed by Gyroscope, a It by Sperry id Fisher Body. wreeision flying, these delicate indi- lot to keep lind ying keep the Crafumanship gave us the answer, just a it gave us the answer to bomber, tank and anti-aircraft gun problems. Craftsmanship has never yet let us down. And today you may he certain that as Jong as there's a micrometer and a micro- scope left in the world, our men will do best to give their brothers in the air raight steer —by Fisher. Here’s one Nazi Broadcast that's the Gospel Truth! FULL SPEED OVER ROUGH TERRAIN ‘ON TaRoEr narruss used 10 be stop-and-go aifairs, because a tank's heavy cannon could be simed accurately only whew the tow see af a complete sham Some time ago the Army Ordnance De- partment called for an jenprovement in tank fun fire comrol. The men of Westinghouse ‘wear incoa huddle and came out with what has heen called one of the greatest military developments of this War--a tank gum sts bilizor tha permis incredibly accarate fire while the tank is charging ahead at fall peed over rough ground? American tanks are now more then “? ocTonER, 1543 U.S. TANK IS BEST, SAY NAZI EXPERTS) Germany Will Doubtless Copy Gyro scopic Feature of General Sherman Tank, Berlin Radio Declares sdlier and this gun stabilizer has revola- Honized the whole combat technique of tank ghting! ‘And the Westinghouse Research Labora: tories, which developed the device—the ‘Westinghouse engineers, who perfected it and the men 2nd women of Westing- house who make it in great nambers—are prod as Punch. ‘Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing ‘Company, Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania. Westinghouse * initia “ Y-LOR-4P45 If you hear the operator say that, it means that the line you want is crowded and other calls are waiting... . We're sure you'll understand and co-operate cheerfully—in the interests of better wartime telephone service for everybody. ® DELL TELEPHONE SYSTEM 2A POPULAR MECHANICS Popular Mechanics Magazine HH, WINDSOR, Founder Next Month FYVERY man who ventures forth ‘on or above the sea today is hunted ereature. Deadly mines, fonpedoes, bombs and antiaircraft hold a constant menace. But Yan- Kee ingenuity has been et work to reduce the wartime perils st sea ‘and save thousands of those forsed {0 sbandon ship or plone. New safoty devices include an inflat- ‘ble Tuber belt that ie worn by eamen as thoy go about their voard duties, a collapsible raft ‘waterproof signal lights, sai, medical kit, and food supplies. ‘There are even flotation bage that keep land planes afleat for hours. A'November article on “Cheating Death at Sea tells how we are ‘winning an epie struggle Mining in the Clouds OUT on the Beartooth range fa Montana, a hardy company of aminers is fighting blizzards at alti fudes of &,0 fect to provice chro- alum for our war Machines. The fhining metal that is alsa a vital hardoning egent hava fondness for Totty’ and. ‘hard-tonget-at places, How “The ‘Forty-Niners’ of 4S" met this challenge and are mining precious chromitesbove theelouds {5 told in'an article noxt month, Tr’s in Your Bones Bot the most surprising elew ‘ments—phosphorus—has an vil ide to nate that is help Ing fight the Axis. This obliging partner of Industry and agcieu fire in peace, is used to mab smoke screens and incendiary Bombs, Tealso builds bones. Don't miss, “Industry's De, Jekyll and Ir. Hyde" next month, HLH, WINDSOR, Jr, Editor and Publisher October, 1943, IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 80, No. 4 Planes of 1953 - = - = 2 2 - Swim for Your Life - - - - - 8 They Pack the K.O.Punch - - + 18 Fighter Planes by Special Delivery - 28 Diamonds in Overalls - - - - 34 America’s No. 1 War Crop - - - 40 ‘Machine Guns From Backyard Arsenals 46 Get Fitto Fight - - - - - - 50 The Army's “Little Hollyw: - 56 With the Alaskan Jap-Fighters -- 61 Television—The New War Baby - 66 O.K.—To a Gnat’s Eyebrow! - - 72 ‘The Bomber That Fights Anything - 82 Where-to-thuy-It Index Starts on Next Fase “Wild Horses of the Sky” PP1L07S call tthe hottest thing with wings, Aviation experts dub it “ihe outstanding Bahter of 8." And what Hitler and Goering call it probebly could not be Jota 1 he Roth Aietcan Bo Masta th Tis out ofthe Weal to pounce on Nae Burope. Clpp treetops this tangerande fihtor has played awe’ wi German supply lines, Mustang pilots knocked over 18 Tocomotives ina single week. An authoritative Novem - Dor article traces this “wild ores” fom the draving Board to combat “Casey Jones in Khaki” MAY: you never thought of it, but knowing tow to ‘operate a railroad can be as important to the Al a the ability to shoot straight. That's why the Tr ortation Corps of the Army Service Forces now includes Pailroad battalions trained to do everything from laying Fails to dispatching trains, Recently an Army crew de= livered a freight train to the Russians at Teheran, Tran, after a 650-mile ran from a port on the Persian Gulf. An article next month tells of the Army railroeders.