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WINDSOR, Jr, Editor and Publisher September, 1943, Vol. 80, WEEREVER bomber pilots get IN THIS ISSUE logubenticy evap wens shout ‘Slender the Sone Bey || Aleutian Springboard - + + + + 1 Martini, ‘Werewolls Thonceroiet |] 14 aaa and scores of other famous Flying Life on.a Rafe 8 Fortress thet Lave America’s ''Silent Service’ - ee 1 the migaculous in wetting thet || Battle Log of the Liberators - - - 28 benefit of fighter escort. Ifyousat || Industry's Mr. Fixlt - - - - - 34 Heat ho dhe Wercwal Radered Unie Sasa PEE Wallop «+ +49 tetiinsaaecsrexmest: [f Ecaticcweights'ofthe Navy - = - 50 giallavetepiotbaledoutard l! Golden Harvest of the Sea - - - 55 bird that got home with its fuse~ The Battle for Rubber ee ee GL Sera Plow tinen wick || The 1943 Bucket Brigade- - - - 66 ‘gent Damber, That Fights Ars Free Meat—Come and Get It! - - 72 amen who were there. West Point at War- - - - - - 82 thing Whore-to-Buy-It Index Starts on Next Page TER the last warit wasradio, This time its television —the k ‘war, baby of World War Tl. You don't have tobe an expert to pe= __ JNCLE SAM'S new 85,000~ and 48,000-ton battleships ict that postwar television ‘sets U" are the most powerful ever built: They hurl a 2400- will be static free and have one pound shell for 20 miles, and with uneanny fire control knob to tune in both sight and Gan blast the enemy ott of the sen before he knows what sound. ‘They are now in use, and hit him. The Japs found thie out one right when three wait only the last shot in Berlin of their eriisers moved in for the kill on what they for Tokyo to get into production. thought was. lone American eruiser_ An October article For a beblndsthenscenes aceoxint te of the fleet telle whit happened when of this infant read “Television— the trapped "fox" tured out to be a “bear in the form the New'War Baby" next month. Gf one ot our super dreadnauights. MOST persons think ofeotton as EE decade hence, It may not be unusual for a New ‘something used only formak- OD” York businessman to close his des on Friday and {ng cloth, but it is second only 10 inform his secretary that if she wants to get in touch steel in the lst of vital war mate~ with him over tho week end he will be In Moscow. Tn an Hals, Without it, America's war article next month, RS. Damon, president of Republic production would halt and guns Aviation Corp——the company that builds the Thunder Would stop firing. “America's No, bolt—prediets that pastenger-carrying “Planes of 1953 1'War Crop," an important Gcto- will approach the speed of today's pursuit ship. At a her article, tells of the thousands practical aeronautical ngineer, he visions great strats cof ways King Cotton is at war. Gephere liners for long trips, family planes by thousands SEPTEMBER, 1949, 2A MASTERPIECE IN METAL “To the sled metilargits who have chosen ics tough sel and ard alloy, therein beasry in he Alison's metal. paced Oupiecs ies dle ale l nving els have eralized their dreams, che beauty les in the design of the compact, smootls-working pars. « To dl mechanics whose skill peoduees mirror like surfaces and precte fs, it ie the mupech machining that is beauriful. + Bur beauty is as beaury does. + So to the pilot on the fighting fron, the team of all this is the beauty of perform: ance —the dependable, unfaling action 40 vital to hie mizcion and hie safe return, # And to General Motors, ‘whose purpose was to produce cone of the world’s fines aie craft engines, the berury of the Allison ies ines ecordofaccomplish ing fronc th ‘circle the sabe Pyh—Ligeing Pig—arcabs yo —Wehonk Pyr—Meang Popselég Mechanics Magazine WRITTEN'S0 You CA you's /SEPTEMBI Cee ee Ligh snk ramble oe AFTER Jong icy months of sharpening ite claws on the barren socks of the ‘Aleutian Inlands, the American eagle ud~ Genly ‘pounced ‘on its monizey-tlke foo, Hliry secrecy hi es peo fog. tha Shrouds the 1000-mile Sint blonde Sactching bees Alea te ‘ward Tokyo, was lifted. ‘The world got en Eyeul and ‘ojo got million high explo~ ‘ive and incendiary bombs dow his Back ing pa month wei ings beg sudden—on ‘Ammchithe, Atak, Attar Kiska that ait of Poowle sated de Snore they Sus, appened overnight i" fa that lew ng process, that fnching westward’ from. Dutch Harbor ‘taitat almost impossible hardships will be recorded asonecf the eplestjuggles cf mil- gown their stacks. sepremper, id 77? Jar Oo Bertene W'WABERSTAND IT ER, 1B Nos ALEUTIAN. SPRINGBOARD: ‘ron tndra ov, 5: towps edvents slows din of fom-bound Arc ond itary history on land, at sea, and in the air. Tea story of bold Navy and Army pilots who presad on after the Japs through fox and storm when gasoline gauges showed they had barely enough fuel to get back to base. “OF Seabees laboring in sub-Aretic Dligzards to chip 'a tochold in the brittle tock, OF ground crews working round the lock to fasten torpede racks under the wings of POY fiyng beste Of combat ucouts Who reconnoitered. in snow up to ‘armpits cr sloshed through mud to their knees often just one jump ahead of the Japs. Of drenched troops who dashed rough ley waters in January to occupy Amchitka under the Japs" very noses. And of naval units that pushed onward through seas so wild that destroyers shipped water