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25 CENTS tren J w = Y 4 ‘Tue service flag of the Bell System had 46,200 stars on May 1, Tt has a lot more now. Telephone men and women are serving with the armed forces everywhere. ‘Those who are right in the middle of the fighting realize especially the im- portance of the telephone job back home. “Tell the gang.” their letters say, “to keep on pluggin 2a A Flag with 46,200 Stars “We wouldn’t have the stuff for fight- ing if the rest of the Bell System wasn't ‘king to the job and pushing through the calls that get things done. “Takes teamwork to win a war— especially a big one like this.” Your continued help in mating only vitat ele to war-busy contors Ie more ond more ential every day. Popular Mechanics Magazine 1B. H. WINDSOR, Founder HLH, WINDSOR, Jr, Editor and Publisher August, 1943 IN THIS ISSUE Cobras With Wings - - - - - 1 Annapolis at War - - - - - - 6 Tank Busters + + + 7 + + + 18 Get inthe Swim - - + + + + 28 Mining Black Gold for Hospitals Under Fire - - + + + 40 Reeling Off Real War - - - - + 50 Plants Grown to Order - - - + 56 Heroes of the Coast Guard - - - 60 "You Can Do It Better With Gas” - 66 Take Care of Yourself + - + + 72 Tricks of the Snipers - - - + + 82 /-I Index Starts on Next Paze Vol, 80, No. 2 Next Month (TP WENTY-EIGHT ton jack ofall serial trades is the Liberator B-24, famed workhorse of the war. Tw has figured in bombing 72ids from Berlin to the Bismarck Sea Bristling with machine guns, a Dbeliyful of bombs, itis the Teme Sis of Asis fighters and the band of Asis bases. ‘Though it is made ‘up of 100,000 part, the goal of one factory is to produce Liberators fon a “bomber an hour” echedile. Tie combat record ie revealed “Battle Log of the Libesators” in the September issue. Life on a Raft DP) Dvouever drink afish? How would you make sea water palatable? What should be the Color of lifeboats sail” How best an you signal a rescuing airplane Grew? Scores of new safety speas= tres for men who are forced to abandon ship have been taken by the sea services, many of then suggested by sailors who spent days or weeks adrift, and know ‘hat they needed. How American ‘seamen get a new lease on life Is tld in a September feature. Sub Secrets [IAND-PICKED creme of ee ee oat gon eeneae tera on te leeatee ase at bee oe EPikt Bear! Marbor stack, Yar? Et ee mo Songt oe ee eee atalino oe ee Copter Siem ts Sit Secret eer SAL Niue ames? Where-to-Bur Nature’s Meat Market REAT-GRANDPA never used a ration books for his ‘Sunday roast, and neither need you, if you take advantage of the abuncanee of game, fowl and fish avail= fable. A continuing harvest of game is one answer to the eat shortage, and if not taken will merely become a tource of damage to crops and forage, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Servies says. Civilians ean cash in on the ine Grease in wildlife, and help Keep the wartime dinner pall full: Next month read “Free Meat—Come and Get IU" They'll Wear the Stars "RUGGED" is the way the West Point cadets deseribe -wartime living at the “eolloge for generals” on the historic Hudeon, Panoply and parade have yielded to the demands of sped-up currictlum, 16-hour days filled ‘with work as theoretical as thermodynamics and as prac Yioal ae bayonet practice. Besides eramming four years study into threo, the future commanders learn lessons on the current war from officers just back from the battle fields, Withal, the split ie etl that which produced the Grants ard Lees the Pershings and MacArthurs, as "West Point at War” in next montis issue describes. Eh pr Srair asec tans aera ite A AUGUST, 1043 3A POPULAR MECHANICS Magazine AND IT COBRAS with WINGS FFUBECY clouds hung over the dusty 50 fcot above the blistering earth and the ‘Tunisian hills. From between them a blazing guns of the Afrika Korps. Nast squadron of American aces flying sirift drivers dived for cover from tho P'39 Airacobras epotted billows of dust blasts of the ‘Cobras’ 37 millimeter nose stirred up by the long line of Nazi lanksand guns and tanks and, supply Bune rolling westward toward Paid pass, stopped in their tracks. ach pilot would Lt Gol. Hichard B. Klock, the squadron swoop in low, somotimes only’ thirty fect leader, dipped his Wings as a signal and above the ground, then climb away to re- peeled off: One by one the Airacobra pilots form in line and dive in to strafe the enemy followed him down and in a few seconds, again and agaln. ee AOU Shy OM, gee ha ae 4 Le, 5 UY.