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| POPULAR q MECHANICS: MAGAZINE You may worry about the size of your steak ... but vers is one worry you can avoid juicy, pee-war steak is hard to get accurately applied by chart, never by chance. ese days. So is a new car.That's why For your peace of mind, never say“ it pays to take extra careto avoid extraweat job,” Tasist on genuine Maslak Chassis 0 your car's king pins, tie rods, stecriag Lubrication, At exaco and other good crank bearings and other vital friction dealers evceywhere. points that mean costly repair bills whea neglected! Play safe—with Marfak chassis, Iubrication every 1,000 miles! Marfak helps add miles to your car's life. It’s super-tough. Ic “stays puc” Ie resists ‘wear-out, wash-out and squeeze-out. To insure worryfree protection, Marfa is Se Seo load aeayant Gr ne ond eon, Govie totems a TEXACO DEALERS 2a POPULAR MECHANICS Popular Mechanics Magazine egered tn 8. ant Om HL, H. WINDSOR, Founder HL. WINDSOR, Jr, Editor and Publisher May, 1943 Vol. 79, No. 5 IN THIS ISSUE 18,000,000 Gardens for Victory- - 1 Flying Battlewagons - - - - - 8 Digging for War Treasure - - - 14 Paper Runs the World - - - - 18 Blasting Is Their Business - - - 28 G-Men of the Rails - - - - + 35 A ina Store - oe + 40 Taking Mother Earth’s Pulse <> 50 "Cat Crackers”—Nemesis of the Axis 56 ‘The Job That Couldn't Be Done - 66 ‘Your Hobby Can Help Win the War 76 Roads to Victory - - + - - = 82 Delivering Goods Around the World 88 ‘Whero-to-Buy-It Index Starts on Next Page Rough Riders of the Desert FEVER wondered what it would be lke to ride into battle on the desert inside a big 30-ton tank all buttoned up for war’ ‘The roar of the engine is 20 loud you don’t hear the heavy cannon beside you; dust bites at your eyes, and it'shot as an oven. Dive bomb- fs swoop from nowhere raining bullets on a desert live with rolling tanks and battle din. Tunisia? No, sir, Right here in the U, S. on the army's big desert “campus.” So put on a erash helmet for a ringside seat st desert maneuvers ina June article—“America’s ‘Desest Legion.” Soda Pop Works for Untle Sam GAVING lives at seo, snuffing out fires in airplene motors or pushing open bomb-bay doors Is all in a ‘wartime day's work for carbon dioxide gas—better Iknowa aa the fizz in pop. It will inflate a life raft in 4 few seconds or keep your ice cream bar from melt~ ing and it ean even be made in your own kitchen. Read “Soda Pop to the Rescue” next month, Next Month PUTTING the props under the headlines is just one of the jobs of erack Navy photographers who fare at home on ships, planes or subs Remember the pleture through the periscope of a Jap destroyer going down? Even Hi- robito couldn't laugh thet off. And who hasn't seen a picture of a Jap Zero exploding as it hits the sea? Sometimes the boys in blue who hold the cemeras have to lay them aside for guns. ‘There are thrills aplenty in the exploits of these "Seagoing Shutterbugs” told in an. outstanding June article “Blimp Sights Sub” than-air eraft is an exclusiv American military eport—and profitable one, asthe Nazi pigboats are finding out in the Atlantic. ‘Those big blimps roving far at sea Took ensy going, but they pack a eath wallop. They can hover for hours over sn oll slick walting to Grop 2 depth charge. Protector of convoys, they ean ride outa storm. Meet the Navy “K” ship in a June story—'Gas Bags on Patrol.” Good-by to the Rivets JR some tine now there has boon a quict revolution going con within war plants. Behind the revolution are new applications of ‘an old method that rashes ships to ‘completion in a matter of days, tnd tums out tanks by the soore, Some of the mystery behind pro- duction figures for planes and fguns fs brushed aside noxt month in “Welding for War and Poace.” Seria iia MAY, 1943, oie ere Teron. § aah ets GEASS Re “area Weak antes eee: rece sata hina St 15 COMPANY. 3 Ha ue sist. eee, BA yn ead Ch BER FRONT ‘Thereare alread thouendee these products electrical, bctronic, mechanical, chemin Plas. Mare of there coming” Day and W EVER! CATITE! ight the soars goes on fa our Iaborstorion Westinghoue Hectric and. Manafacts Corspanyy itsburgh, Pennalvanin, J, IeNoc ati, Ancien tanks with * a vpedal Westinghouse sun device —are giving Auican forces new sting power. ‘Thee taakis Unlike enemy tans, are able to fre with ioereable accuracy at full peed over rough grou 2" planes supporting. the + joound frces—are helping to win bate alter lulde. Wetinghowse bids partafor hoe paar Vides vital equipment for producing dhe lina and ‘ges ron which they ae mde. ‘On the Seven Seat lpn to hoop our supply nen open ae scores cf Westinghone pret, “Among them sre erbines gear, electric dlven tbotre ‘antvateaft gun towns struments and eoutrol. {nthe tonting of Garmeny iat, prem + ude srrat etrumenta at radon det cur lance to Ui large Mu of this Undying aad ‘Eavigatingequipeat ie made by Westinghouse. Bndoy, 250 Pedic: Basten Wer Te a teenie Westinghouse Intee Pedic, Westone bu “wallet” al ether typos of comaatications equlpsent, X-rays bomlpfutes, atau silly and oer weap save dang tei abare tock the Japs. ‘On the Production front, Westinghouse products from generates omotors switehes tamer: ‘rm stom conts~ore on he Jo in burdeds of ‘nar plate «ping win the baitle of production. POPULAR MECHANICS Popular Mechanics. Magazine Teseareard.eparoa concen elon WRITTEN $0 YoU EAN YADERSTAND IT Vol. 79 MAY 19s Noy 5 TP WO years ago the home gardener loaned on his hoe and ex “e's a bobby.” Last year he surveyed his first Viewory Garden with pride and said: “tvs patrotio” ‘This ‘year he Is In deadly ‘earnest when he looks up from his planting ond remarks: “ats a necessity.” Secretary of Azriculture and Food Administrator Claude R. Wiokard has re ‘minded him that one-fourth (of our total food production is year will be needed for Shr sone eres andar al Stig sa sade nly = lies, This includes one-half of "7 '9P™@ ited petowe — f | our total commercial production of canned vexeta- bles. Added to this sharp curtailment st the source ‘of supply are the mounting difficulties of transpor- tation end distribution of fresh and canned vegeta bles to civilians Uncle Sam isn't fooling when he ealls for 1,000,000 Victory Gardens in 1943123000000 in eities and suburbs, 6,000,000 on farms, Half of the eivilian pop~ ulation must depend on home kardens for their year- ound supply of vegetables. ‘That's why 18,000,000 MAY, 1943, 1