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“Thanks for helping” We are grateful for your help in difficult times. Here in the Bell System we have seen some 43,000 af our people 0 into the armed servieos. Shortages of copper and other ma- made it impossible to ines and equipment Wo have been unable to install crowded. Yet in spite of all this, telephone risers hi and we have fewer complaints right now in at any time in the history of the business, Thanks a lot for tunderstanding SELL TELEPHONE SYSTEM w meanes (7) @ 2A POPULAR MECHANICS Popular Mechanics Magazine H, H. WINDSOR, Founder HL Hi, WINDSOR, Jr, Editor and Publisher April, 193 ‘Vol. 79, No. 4 IN THIS ISSUE Our New Schools of War- - - - 1 Keeping Em Flying - - - - - 8 It’s Raining Soldiers - - - - - 19 Set "Er Down in Your Back Yard: 28 ‘The Mystery of the Common Cold - 34 Let Chickens Solve Your Meat Problem 40 Running the Ice Blockade - - - 50 ‘The Navy's Fighting “Seabees” - - 58 First Aid for Guns and Tackle - - 66 Shakedown Cruise» + - - + + 76 Soup's On at the Zoo» + + + + 82 Movie Make Believe Made to Order 89 Where-to-Buy-It Index Starts on Next Page Blasting Is Their Business [HE young engineer's job was to blow up a bridge at the last minute as enemy tanks approached, But when he made the contact with the electric exploder nothing happened. Through a hail of enemy fro he rushed to the bridge, readjusted the charge of TNT, regained his position and blew up the span. He was elted for bravery—but officers at Fort Belvolr, where U.S, Engineors aro trained, tll thoir students he should have been censured for his mistake in setting, the TINT, The frst mistake is usually the last, says a May feature about the demolition school. Paper Runs the World WITHOUT paper, the war would end in 60 days For itis the universal stuf of which army orders and food cartons, shell wrappings and folding money and War Bonds are mado; snd the recipe for a battle ship calls for 37 tons of blueprints, The story of paper ‘began in China nearly 1,900 years ago: it’s brought up to date in an article scheduled for next month, Next Month GARDENS were a mere hobby 1o the averago fellow a couple of years ago. Last year it was the airlotic thing. Right now Its an absolute necessity to raise your own food, for half of the entire 11043 production of canned vegeta- Dies will be needed for our soldiers and allies And it's not a bright idea to grow enough radishes for the neighborhood in 10 days and xnot enough tomatoes and beans for yourself the rest of the summer. Got started right by reading 18,000,000 Gardens for Victory," an important May article It Couldn’t Be Done DOUGEAS Atrraft is Just one example of the miracle of American production. Its growth since the war began Is fantastic. To train employees the company hhas a tosching staff larger than that of most universities. It spends 15000 a month hunting men in ‘want ads. Its engineering depart ‘ment runs off 1,000 milos of bluo— prints a year. Next month the task this company has done is told in “The Job That Couldn't Be Don “Cat Crackers” WERE not talking about food for the family mouser. No, cat crackers are those exclusively American industrial marvels which are producing enormous quantities of the highest-octane gasoline for our alr fighters by eat~ alytic cracking. "What this means in edded speed and power for our planes is told next month in "Cat Crackers—Nemesis of the Axis.” ‘Sat Seat Sten se APRIL, 1943, sae ere seas aaa 2g & Satin bos aryae oe ie suey Geen es Sorotel ie at Sees Scher Ec 3A . Pople at Wechmia Magatine WRITTEN 50 YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT Hi DiRiGiBLE al Vol. 79 APRIL, 1943, No.4 PROPOSED TO LAUNCH WARPLANES| rachonie go fo thao! in © Buide plont Box sree ToBACCO ‘The modem mechanized army travels on its tool kit. Its opera tions are limited not by food ply problems, which have been solved by new methods of dehy- vfrigeration and. scien- s, but by ite repair tools th the ability to use them, One damased tank atthe is the growing trend wvicemen to the ‘die GivioNALGoy wank production Lines which turn. out ee ——— the machines. Soldiers, sailors, coast guardsmen, marines and ait “iin POPULAR MECHANICS | guetee:sent 1.