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Prolong Too! ‘ald eke No. 5 rae use ano | [Teo mae CCARE OF CRESCENT COLD CHISELS AND PUNCHES ns are purposely |} | Stoned hand. blows thon the Baleace of wich fron by sly parsed by em Sie Tea for mr bbe “iia i eae trlpee fore ‘cera eit te mee a ned ig opie maemare ten See Cat meas a wands with nether pu or han Xiwese noes heey akon the in or sift being emar Set pecker i A wochien observe the mural hers cia frt f owed far chiels shove Eire ‘Chives and’ Punches remade {he te bovel verfaces A “Take it easy, Prince; we'll give you a run in London tonight!” ert, short way te Tipperary 25 the Fey tomexow will are :his uew kind of smecdhstopping Coniaied Leatoday Tewilbeeven sherertomorrow. besbe For the heuts atl hands now building planes Co They could show you tes wed on bomber, tke desuoy oar eaciies wil be camel vo the Cation Of the Firing Fortes har ar aller aa you aeaed can in various dewabe or pateras for Herent aves, Abrayeotlec the proper (Gps lr the job band Ban Sewn bener wed snob the Soon shox ending oe of these gm Bier tam adn you IE you could ony st dowa and cal othe men in Yow'secogae tame of thee is rh your owe ; theavation dvisce of B.F-Goodich, yourimugina: ving experienc, because fs "Sverowa, inger the sas cee ton would be wed by the mincies wblchare yang Tete ate only 2 fw of mor tas 80 assur and ‘Why shearing wit cold ehie he uke ple afer ais tat aynibese ribbe proucs which Be Fe Goodich eval enle i the ols eal Sl ke “they'd be able to tl you about the wether ve ung oto ase the dro vie- Zh da one bl the cts pl ails pand the ge thee been waging oer e105. They be hee afer victor, : ite ang lane, Sete elo fot “hey could ell youtarsasingstonsol whaticehd (99-0 thease you hop ee pene CoplinerbeforeB F GoodeerBelcerweedereloped, Europe wil be that buck more wel Comlorable—that much kee . “They coald tell you of a rpe of brake (called the 1B. F. Goodrich Expander Tube) which doet wonders sopping the igtsing-fatfgher planes we've bul: . ing toaay, aod they'd wl, "We tink your plane-of ee youth CRESCENT TOOLS Give Wings to Work CRESCENT TOOL COMPANY, JAMESTOWN, N.Y. this one See TT Now here'sa chance for you hunters and er ‘ret shooting funn 0 cash in on your keowledge (of guns! Marlin—always on the lookout for new dens to improve sporting firearms want (0 Iheae from you. Sportimen and gun dealers sre cordially invited to join Marlin's big Gua Con (with $1,000 in eash prizes co shoot at. And semember, mary a good idea is simple and exsy {fo describe, Your chance ie az good atthe ner fellow's to win a prize. Ies easy e0 got in the ‘cootextead the demils below and send your ‘cox in today! Comest ends July 1, 1943. Jot down your ideas for improving any cur- sone mod Marlin Gan. Follow the simple con: ten ruler and rend your entry i. IF you wish, you may mugger new featuren, not at preva the Line. A free catalog is yours for he asklag, 1 review the features of Marlin Guns. PRIZES IM THE BIG MARLIN CONTEST "The hrs prize is $500.00 in cash; second prize $100; third prize $30.00; fourteen additional [Prise of $2500 cash each. Seventeen prizes in AIL (Matlin suggests che purchase of US. Sav- ngs Boas with the pries mocey)) spat ‘Tacee famous gun editorsBob Nichol of Field & Stream, jack O'Connor of Outdoor Life, Ma}. Chas. Askins of Spores Afeld—will select the ‘winning entriex AI ideas for which prizes are ssiven become the property of The Maclin Fice- rms Company and gone will be returned. Prizes awarded for the seventeen ideas which ate most valuable and practical, inthe opinion of the judges Dupliewte prises awarded ia the fren ofa tie, WINNERS will be determined Prizes announced #5 s00n as pomible. ‘CONTEST RULES ‘The Maslin Gun Contest is opea to all sports! amen and dealers in guns, with the exception of ‘Martin employees. Weiuca suggestions mast 2ot exceed 300 words, the shorier the beater. No lime wo number of ences which may be sub- mitted. Write name and address cleariy on each tuggetion. Mail entries to Depe.C, The Malin Firearms Co, 17 E 42ed Se, New York Giey. ‘Eaurles mast be received oa or before Jaly 1, 19. ‘Win eash with your ins! Kotor the Mastin Coates today. ‘The Marlin Fircurms plant ie mow 100% on wr production. ifiage tener iib af ibe ct Marl a get ig le Popular Mechanics Magazine 1H. H. WINDSOR, Founder HH. WINDSOR, Jr, Faitor and Publisher March, 1943 Vol. 78, No. 3 IN THIS ISSUE The Battle of Brains - + + - + 1 The Army's Giant "Fiveby-Five” - 8 My Boys Shoot Down Zeros - - + 18 The Longest Road in the World - 28 Sharp Shooting With “Hand Irons” 34. Back Seat Driver in a Bomber - - 40 Next Month IGHT now the Coast Gisard is whetting its ax for the annual spring Job of breaking the ice ‘The ax is a fleet of tough litte ships that will ram open a channel for you through armor-plate ice four feet thick. Tf it doesn't give, the boat will climb right an top and Jean on it. The main idea ie to smash through to the Soo and Preparing for the Worst - - 50 | set the ore ships back to work Flying Grease Monkeys of the Navy 56 | iit. 'ikinm tie ice Block Depots on Wheels - - + + 62 | ade in the April Jungle Mechanics (Part 2) =» + 66 | ice-brosking Saving the Air Force Rejects’. , 74. | Shwkt besmaabed wean this yeu Playing Hide and Seek for Keeps - 82 Backyard Egg Crop Tornado in a Bombshell - - - - 92 WHAT! No roast beef? Well Where-to-Bu it's too bad we can’t have everything, but there's war on and an army to feed. So why noi grow your own meat? Not beef, perhaps, but certainly you ean produce in a four-by-twelve foot pen all the poultry you need to Keep the family in meat and ees ‘A Backyard Flock Will Solve Your Meat Problom,” says an arti- Index Starts on Next Page Set "Er Down in Your Back Yard GAY what you will, the sisplane is @ very helpless machine when f comes to Tanding and taking of Superb in speed and eargo capacity, it is quite de- pendent on long, smooth runways. What you and I want is a machine that will climb vertically from be~ twreen the cherry trees and wash line inthe back yard gle next roe Tey fall of edice and float gently down to the eurb at the eornor gro- | Sx coctaiee vous Moat factors cery ot the parking lt on the office root. Igor Sikorsky has been cultivating the ides for 35 years and now | [t's Raining Soldiers it’s here. An April article states confidently that your ve ie text ear may be a heliopte JOST few months wgo there J vast a glider in the U.S ‘The Navy's Fighting "Sea Bees” | Army Todey hundreds of ger mits ave coudy to oat cur alte Torne Rangers down tn to Naat vat yank hundreds sore we traning, Paratrooper, sities in yeepeta end ier! make Wp the powerfl ait-borne divisions JNSUNG heroes of the war are tho Navy's “Sea ? Bees," the fighting Construction Battalions that are in there building new bases before the smoke has Cleared from the battle that drove the Japs or Ger- mans out. Their weapons are the tommygun, wrench and hammer. An article next month tells how the Sea Bees take over es fast as the Marines mor up. that spearhead our attacks. ‘Their story is featured In April MARCH, 1943 3A,