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Popular Mechanics Magazine “AN URGENT CALL FOR YOU” HLH, WINDSOR, Founder F111 WINDSOR, dr, Editor and Publisher Long Distance "Please do not ma February, 1943 Vol. 79, No. 2 telephone calls to war-busy centers auless Ht te:venlly necessary!" IN THIS ISSUE WEDOn Tate ing but Hea cu aes New Magic From Test Tubes - = - 1 | atisg't'simary, thi sana “Mummy” Foods for Victory - - 8 | stull rides a shell seronoly undis- aethe™ Cee” S oo turbed by the bang of leaving « Here Come the “Cate’ 19 | Gannon or the impact of plercing Robot Guardians of Billions - - - 28 | battleship'sside, but inside its tare Mustang” Admirals in the Making- 34 | se th TNT buets into a tomady Tough Gays\-\ 40 | Sremade it from coal ta. Nove tt Glass Pinch Hits for the Whole Team 50 | upetoleum ty product” Dr C0. Riding the Fast Mail - - = - - 56 | Dupontcanpeny‘elissmetnter= Jungle Mechanics (Part 1) - - = 66 | ceting sicelighte of this "Tornado ‘Adventures of the Inshore Patrol» 74 | ia « Bombshell” in a March ator 12,000,000 Meals a Day - - - - 82 Piohting That Tired Feeling, - 9a! PILOTS of the Flying For Where-to-Buy-It Index Starts on Next Page call their navigator ers Is just a desk job, but the esk is alongside the bomb rack The fellows up in the cockpit have GPX Flying Fortresses coming home from a job over | plenty of respect for the naviga- the Pacific spotted a flight of 18 Jap Zeros pooling | tur, for every pilot and bombar= of overhead. The big Forts sailed straight on their | ier knows that man with the sex course as the Japs eame down. ‘Then the Yank eun- | tant and map and drift indicator ners let Inose, and 17 Zeros were blasted out of the sky. | Cam guide him to Rabaul or Stutt- ‘The 18th ran for home. That's ono of the tales recount | art and back. Read "Back Seat ed by a U.S. Air Corps officer and flying instructor in | Driver in a Bomber" next month. athrillepacked feature next month, The Japs, he says, don’t carry parachutes; its not honorable to be exp- tured. He tells of planes that dish out 200 bullets per second, flying with wingtips almest touching. JO ONE wants to use potton | 2N ‘as. For one thing, itis pri- ‘a defense weapon, and sand Axis alle want to keep NE-THTRD of the way around the world from | the offensive, But we're ready to Fairbanks, Alasia, lies Buenos Aires; between | use it and fight it if we must. One them, with only a hal dozen gaps in Central Ameciea | defense is 2 “Zoot suit” so airtight ompleted, lies the longest road in the world. The | mon have lost 10 pounds in 30 min- af the 16000-mile Pan-American Highway is an | utes wearing it. News of gas war- epic of hemisphere cooperation, vital to us in a war | fare is told in a March article, ‘of communications. ead it in the March issue. ‘Preparing for the Worst” act ee teh Sa ae Tae Figer Meomne Some pr aro eee Sat Se, a _—a es ‘sibieiareiidi thxe: oe WONDERS OF AWIERIGA | Popular ety Moe WRITTEN SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT FEBRUARY, 1919. 5A, POPULAR MECHANICS