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(Ceetcint Citing tices No.4 THE USE AND J cc mae in several CARE OF CRESCENT | 2" "were CUTTING PLIERS ‘tandaclied, Since the aerviee for wich thors twolnare vended ya diferent Hvis meceasary 1 elsify the veoming keen “sume eurvens”. Thie term is ‘med nema’ or leer aitering ening Dlades of the silecutters meet. yet the zipping Jos {ewe thoweandtha Sch des intros lation, hie preona- sketch, Don't of course, hummer the handles oF pe tens ne Sasttesners largerand heavier plier. AUL pliers arehandtoole and are Aosigned to withstand lever tages recut fas the wip ff the haman hand, Don't expect a "sde-catter™ to da the work ofa"bolecipper” “ew DIAGONALS”, Those ars strictly a “eutting” pliers are wed extensively tele Ahey are wot fateaded for heary work, Large ilusten tion abo shows one of these tool Being wsed to “skin” telephone wire, weave osiclly the samme type therefore may be wed CRESCENT TOOLS Give Wings to Work 2a, O0L, NOTES fe. Meinerance semen ‘to —— ‘eof the pm nt Be eat off Prying the pin ‘ont withowt fst ding thin lamage the tock, and After eutting the spread ‘onl hewlett cotter "510 ‘las then gripped and lifted outa shown in sk ‘END CUTTERS”. Also calle “nippors" characteris tically havea generonsleversgeratinand thereloeoare poserfal cutters Theiradvantage inability 0 out elove 1 flat surface The largeran heavier paitecas afford 8 Yeratile tol capable of withering considerable eying ection. Fer example, a commen and perme sible use is withdrawing “headless” fonsh ee ens ing sails tara trim lumber. Carpentersene this method frequently old casings. POPULAR MECHANICS Popular Mechanics Magazine HH. WINDSOR, Founder HLH. WINDSOR, Jr, Editor and Publisher January, 143 IN THIS ISSUE Shorteuts to Victory - - - - - 1 Drafting Our Forests - = - - - 7 The Ears of the Fleet - - + - - 14 U.S. Warbirds on World Frontiers - 19 Maps for the Air Age - + + - 28 “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!”—or Do Ye? - 34 Rough Riders of theQ.M.C.- - - 42 Victory Dams of the TVA - - - 50 Heavyweight Sluggers of the Sea - 58 Recovering Riches From Smoke - 66 Aluminum Goes to War - - = - 72 Heroes of the Tankers + + + + 82 Keeping Underground Rivers Flowing 92 Where-to-Buy-It Index Starts on Next Page 19, Not Here Come the “Cats!” ACK in "89 the Cotalinas were declared obsolete Alter that they began making history, Tt was one of these flying boats that spotted and trailed the Bis~ ‘marek for 27 hours. Navy Patrol Wing 10 was in the Philippines with 42 “Cats” when the Japs hit: three months later two of the origiaal group reached Au tralia, A Catalina knocked four Germans out of raltar’s sky. Another, crossing the Atlantio, reached England with two ailerons, a wing tip and radio miss ing. One of the epics of the wor is the story of the "Cats," scheduled for the February issue. Jungle Mechanics (TO KILL the matsiarch of an elephant herd you ‘hang a poisoned spear, heavily weightod with rocks, to a woak branch of a tree whose leaves are a particu Tar delicacy to elephants. ‘Then you wait, ‘The jungle {folk have their own system of mechanics, of which, Attilio Gattl, noted explorer, tells in a fascinating ‘two-part story beginning nest month, Next Month YOU thourit glass was that fragile stuff that splintered in= to-a thousand pieces whan the kid noxt door slammed his home run through your parlor window, Itis; but itis also the siuif that makes life jackets float, itis the two-ton eye of the battleship North Care- lino, it is the thread with which the surgeon sews your wound. In one dazzling experiment a seien- ‘ist pours molten metal in a glass beaker sat on a eake of foo, The lass takes it without complaint. Reed the February feature, “Glass Pinch-Hits for the Whole Team.” Tough Guys 0 ofthe bos ious toh Sine any, savy and marine faroe an eaied toe Bet tae thot tough ncractortoll them fo Hust ni te cordeuna! Break that spines?” ‘Bat they are lesrae ing tt tts ne Sunday School tld moet thoy'ro wang for ITs waned ey mat be ents fabs alme;a lepers md wig foe ‘How theyre preparing i tod Peppered ete lly Guyeat the Armed Fores” Riding the Fast Mail MERE passenger trans site n= to the nearest sidings when Santa Fe No. 7 comes highballing own the track. I's the Fast Mail, fa 48-hour train from Chieago to Los Angeles, and it stops only whoa the engine is tired or hun ry. If you'd like a fast ride, get faboard—but don’t ask any favors. ‘This train works for Unele Sam. Is story appears in February. i a Re a a ah JANUARY, 1943 cont ree ree a8 Popular Mechanics Magazine WRITTEN 50 YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT JANUARY, 1949 Thr Wentnghowse worker ea ae ee BECAUSE there iss and so tle time to do it, “preduc- tion soldiers"—the mon at the machine, methods and ideas for reducing the time the man in the laboratory and the man in required for testing and assembly exe the engineering shop—are d pouring in by the tens of thousands to ‘management executives of this nation’s : wtetriee lope er regeee pasta Lowe tence dere : Arta Far LL aw OAL Terre, Z