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Adolf Hitler

By Estefania Brito
• Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in
Braunau, Austria, a small town in
• In 1907, Hitler went to Vienna Austria. In
an attempt to fulfill his dream of becoming
an artist, but he failed the entrance exam
to the Academy of Fine Arts.
• Hitler's mother died in 1907.
• In 1914, he volunteered for service in the
German army.
• In 1920, Hitler joined the National Socialist
German Workers Party known as the
Nazis. The Nazis called for all Germans,
even those in other countries, to unite into
one nation;Hitler became leader of the
Nazi party because of his powerful
speaking ability.
• Hitler organized an army for the Nazi party
called the Storm Troopers.
• In July, 1932, the Nazis received about
40% of the vote and became the strongest
party in Germany so Hitler took control of
• Under Hitler's government, there was no
place for freedom.
• World War II began in 1939 when Hitler
invaded Poland to begin his unification of
all German. By this time extermination
camps were being established through out
Germany, Poland, and Russia.
• Before Hitler was stopped in 1945 by the
Allied countries, he had caused the
extermination over 12 million people. Hitler
committed suicide in his bunker on April
30,1945 and seven days later, Germany
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