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# PART A: ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS * Higher Engineering Mathematics, Dr. B. S.

Grewal * Advanced Engineering Mathematics ,Erwin Kreyszig * GATE Engineering Mathematics, Kanodia GATE Electrical Engineering Books Network Analysis: Van Valkenburg Electromagnetic: Willain H. Hayt Electrical Machinery: PS Bhimra Electrical Machines: Nagrath & Kothari Power System Engineering: Nagrath & Kothari Electric Power Systems: CL Wadhwa Automatic Control System: Benjamin C. Kuo Control System Engineering: Nagrath & Gopal Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation: AK Sawhney Integrated Electronics: Milman & Halkias, Millman & Grobel Digital Logic & Computer Design: Morris Mano Power Electronics: PS Bhimra

Books useful for GATE - Electrical Engineering

here is the list of books useful for GATE EE ....hope this might b usefull .... Electrical Machines Electrical Machinery-P.S.Bimbhra Electrical Machines-J.B.Gupta Electrical Machinery (5th Edition) Fitzgerald, Charles Kingsley Electrical Machines (2nd Edition)E.J.Nagrath, D.P.Kothari The Performance And Design Of Alternating Current Machine-M.G.Say Theory Of Alternating Current-Machinery Langsdorf Elements Of Electromagnetics (3rd Edition) -Sadiku Problems In Electrical Engineering (4th Edition)-N.N.Parker Smith Electrical Engineering (Problems & Solutions) -V.C.Natesan The Performance And Design Of Direct Current Machines -A.E.Clayton, N.N.Hancock

Electromechanics - I (Direct Current Machine) -S.Kamakshaiah Synchronous Induction And Special Machines-Sheilac Haren Electrical Technology (Vol - II) B.L.Dheraja, A.K.Dheraja Power Electronics Priniciples Of Electric Machines and Power Electronics (2nd Edition)-P.C.SEN Thyristorised Power Controllers-Dubey, Sinha, Doradla, Joshi Power Electronics (2nd Edition)-Rashid Power Electronics-P.S.Bimbhra Power Electronics (2nd Edition)Mohan/Undeland Power Electronics-P.C.SEN Power Electronics (2nd Edition)-Mohan, Undeland, Robins Power Electronics-Singh, Kanchandani Digital And Microprocessors

Modern Digital Electronics(2nd Edition)Jain Digital Fundamentals (3rd Edition)Floyd Digital Electronics And Microprocessor R.P.Jain Power Systems Power System Stability (Vol - I)Kimbark Power System Stability (Vol - II)Kimbark Power System Engineering Nagrath, Kothari Power Systems - IIY.V.Naidu Power System Production And Switch TheoremBadri Ram, Viswakama Modern Power System Analysis (2nd Edition)Nagrath, Kothari Power System (MillenniumEdition)V.K.Mehta Electrical Power SystemsWadhwa Power System AnalysisHaddi, Scadat Elements Of Power System Analysis (4th Edition)William D, Stevenson

Electrical Power J.B.Gupta Generation, Distribution And Utilization Of Electrical EnergyC.L.Wadawa HDVC Power Transmission SystemPadiyar Electromagnetic Force Electromagnetics (2nd Edition)Administer Analog Electronic Devices And Circuit TheoryBoylestad, Nashelsky Micro Electronics (2nd Edition)Jacob Millman Solid State Electronics (5th Edition)Streetman, Banerjee Electronic DevicesSalivahan, Suresh Kumar, Vallava Raj Electronic Devices And CircuitsMillman, Halkias Pulse Digital And Switching WaveformsMillman, Taub

Integrated ElectronicsMillman, Halkias Electrical Engineering And Basic ElectronicsG.B.Bharadwajan Control Systems Automatic Control Systems (7th Edition)KUO Control Systems (1st Edition)Anagoor, Kani Control Systems EngineeringI.J.Nagrath, M.Gopal Modern Control EngineeringOgata Measurements DC Machines Measurements & Measuring InsrumentsG.B.Bharadhwajan Electrical And Electronic Measurement And InstrumentationA.K.Sawhney Network Theory Network AnalysisVan, Valkenbarg

Network Theory "JNTU"Sudhakar, Shyam Mohan Electronic Devices And Circuits (Problems And Solutions)Experienced Teachers Electric Circuits (3rd Edition)Sudhakar, Shyam Mohan Electronic Devices And Circuits (Problems And Solutions)Experienced Teachers Electric Circuits (3rd Edition)Administer & Nahvi Engineering Circuit Analysis (6th Edition)Hay T, Kemmerly, Durbin

Best Books list for Electrical DOWNLOADLINKS(GATE AND IES) ELECTRICAL BASICS: Bolystead Circuit analysisLINK: 8b123/Boylestad_Introductory_Circuit_Ana lysis__10th_Edition_.html?s=1 Fundamentals of Electrical and Electro nicsLINK: 4c35/Fundamentals_of _Electrical_Enginee ring_and_Electronics.html?s=1 Principles of Electrical Circuits (Thoma s L floyd )LINK: a8aef/Floyd__Principles_of_Electric_Circuits_CC_8e.htm l?s=1

A. Chakrabarti (Dhanpat Rai) Circuit Analysis and Synthesis(The first ltwo books are awesome to start from scratch butwhatever is left from syllabus point of view in first tow iscovered here)POWER ELECTRONICS: PS Bhimbra is enough. Stick to syllabus,prepare notes for this topi c B. ELECTRICAL MACHINES: PS Bhimbra is the best book to clearall fundas but if you find it difficutl to understand . The otherBest book is Ashfaq Hussain .BL Thereja ( a textbook in electri cal technology)- LINK:( 8b3ef/A_Textbook_of_Electrical_Technolog y_Vol-I-_B_L_THAREJA.html) this is a good book but itcannot compete in anyway with PS bimbra and Ashq hussainA textbook in electrical technology (Volume II) Multicolorededition c7a5d/A_Textbook_of_Electrical_Technolo gy_B_L_THERAJA.html? Electrical Motors and drives(Austin)

%20Drives%20%20Fundamentals,%20Typ es%20and%20Applications.htm

Principle Of electrical Machines (V.K.M ehta) 3594/b04d407a/principles_of_ electrical_m achines__vk_mehta_.html ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THEORY: Follow any standard book.K D Prasad is considered The Bible for this topic of the examElectromagnetics Hayt 2625/f6af87d2/Electromagnetics_6thEditio n_HAYTSolutionsManual.html A students guide to Maxwell equations LINK : xwell%20s%20Equations.htm

MEASUREMENTS: Sawhney is the only book. Solve IES EEpapers for this topics (a must). Ques tions are repeated. POWER SYSTEM AND POWER SYSTEM PROTECTION: Ashfaq hussain and Wadhwa for Power System s. BardriramVishwakarma for PSP. Agai n IES papers are a must.Electrical Power Systems D.Das ( %20Systems%202007 .htm) CONTROL SYSTEMs: Automatic Control system Kuo is goodModern Control Engineering(Ogata) Link : Control Systems Engineering, 4th edition (+Solutions Manual)by Norman NiseLink:,%204 th%20edition%20(%20Solutions%20Manua l).htm DIGITAL ELECTRONICS :I found thomas L Floyd book on digitalfundamentals best one.LINK: 675bd/Digital__Fundamentals__Floyd_.html ?s=1 ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Again Thomas L floyd Books( 52e/Electronic_Devices_cc7e__CD.html

Best sites to Check out Free Engineeri ng books: ( your search words need to be specific ortry to get the ISBN number of the book in search fromAMAZON.COM. It will help) (THIS HAS THE LARGEST COLLECTION OFGOOD BOOKS ) ( Ypu will need to Register here before you cansearch for the books if you feel confused Check this link belowfor a step- by-step tutorial) 0/gigapedia-the-greatest-largest-and-the-

best-website-for-downloading-free-ebooks/ ( Hmm i donot find much useful but still you cangrab some books there as well)All the THOMAS L FLOYD BOOKS I mentioned are in .DJVUFormat so you will need to download DJVU FILE READER fromhere 2798b/DJVU_File_Reader.html?s=1 Do check out all these Books and I donot think there will be anyspace left for correspondence courses. They are the Best booksin my opnion. You can always check the rating of Books onAMAZON .COM before you wish to put in time to

read the booksas wellLast but not the least If you are a begineer or staring after a big gap. It would take at the most 6 months if u invest 13 hours of your time to these books and my suggestion would be to investmore time in basics Books the 4 books I mentioned at the startare awesome and you won't find any book difficult after thatinfact you would love electrical en gineering !!!................................................. ...........Elements of Electromagnetics 11288/_2__Elements_Of_Electromagnetics_ _Sadiku__3rd_ed.html

Some more books

Micorelectonic Circuits Sedra & Smith ( Book with solutionManual) ****************************************** *******************************Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory (7th Edition) by Robert LBoylestad,Download Link:Book: iles/268226104/ele ctronic_devices_and_circuit_th eory_7th_edition.rar OR lectronic_devices_and_circuit_ theory_7th_ edition_rar

***************************************** ********************************Solution Manual: tonic_Devices_Circuit_Theory_Instructor.r ar OR Electonic_Devices_Circuit_Theory_Instruct or_rar ****************************************** *******************************Digital sys tems: RONALD TOCCI (Best recommend ed) e32db/Digital_systems_principles_and_app lications_8ed_Tocci__2001.html?s=1

****************************************** *******************************Integrated Electronics - Jacob Millman & Christos 31239f/ ml?s=1