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_ Flow of Fluids FLOW OF FLUIDS THROUGH VALVES, FITTINGS, AND PIPE METRIC EDITION — SI UNITS CRANE {All rights reserved. This publication is fully protected by copyright and nothing that appears in it may be re printed, either wholly or in part, without special per rission. Crane Co. specifically excludes warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the data and other information set forth in this publication and dees not assume liability for any losses o damage resulting from the use of the materials or application of the data discussed in this publication, CRANE CO. 200 Park Avenue Now York, N.¥, 10022 © 1982—CRA Price $8.00 Price Outside U.S.A, $10.00 CRANE Bibliography *R. A. Dodge & M. J. Thompson, "Fluid. Mechanics NeGiaw tl Book Company, ne 1997; pass 193,286 *H, Rowe, “Elementary Mochancs of Fluids"; John Wiley Sons fie, New Vouk, 1586 °F. Grizz, “Simplification of Gay Flow Culeulations by Meni of Now Spacil Sige Rule"; Perolown Bnginoor, Sepember, 205 *H. Kuchbach, “Lose of Energy in Miter Bends"; Trane actions of the Munich Hydraake Inttue, Balen No 3, faptin Solty"or Mechanical Enact, New York, is *“Dowthem, Handbook”; Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Michigan, 1984; pape 1. "RJ, S, Pigott, “Pressure Lovet in Tubing, Pipe, and Ftc lungs"; Tramsctions of the American Socley of Mechanicel Brginers, Volume 72, 1950; pages 679 10 688. ‘Steam Tables 1964” * Nation Engineering, Laboratory, MSO Eainbargh, UK *R.P, Stgamns, R. M. Jackson, RR. fobason, and C. A. Larson, Flow) Measurement with Orifice Mote” D. Van ‘Nostrand Compary, Ine, New York, 198), * setuid Meters”; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, art T~61h Eaton, New York, 1991 *R. G._Cunninghap, “Osco Meters with Supereritia! Compressile Flow"y ASME Paper No. S0-4-45 Ale Congoning Retienting aes Book Deg” _Amercan Sockty of Regering Engines, Sth Editon, Sow York 1338 See W. L. Nelson, “Poucleum Refinery Bnglncering"; McCrae: iat Book Co, New York 1a * Lional Marks, “Meshagical Engineers Handbook’ MoGrawtiat Hook Co, New Vere, 981 "YR. Mayhew & G. F.C Ropers, “Theemodyonmic sid Tiangpor? Properties of Fields" Bas lark, Ontord. UR DT2 1. B Mpxwell, “Data Book on fiyérocarbons"s D. Ven Nostrand Company. tne. New York, 1980, 1. Cop and BO. Rute “Loss of Head i Yates an Gf Onell to Twelve Inches Damier Lnvrersts of tuconsin Experimental Station Fealetin, Volume 9B 92s "GL. tuve and RE. Sprenle, “Orifice Discharge Cost ‘ian fr Viscous Liguiee"-Insraiments, November. 1a page 201 "LF. Moody, “Friction Factors for Pipe Haw” Tre sgtions of the American Society 0f Mecha! Emenee ‘Yotume'@6, November 1944; pages 71 Wo 8 MA. H. Shapico, “The Dynamics and Thermedynuna of Compressible Fluid Flow": The Konald Frew Compr 1955) Chapter 6 % ASME Steam Tables, 1967 °K. Hi ue), “Presute Loves for Fluid Flow in 90 Deptee Pipe Bends": Journal of Reveoreh of the National Barsot of Standards, Volume 2, uly 1938 Honfarke’ Standard Handbook for Mechonigol Liner Seventh Edition 1966, MeGraw-flt Book Ca, New Singha, EC. and Jaskion, RF, Burau of Sond Buen 14; pages 38 1 86 (S298. August. 19% ats) *T. R. Weymouth, Trnsations of the america Sets Mechanical Engrs, Voluoie 34,1912 pane 19 YR 1S, Pigott, “the Few of Fide in Chesed Combis” ‘Mechanical Engineering, Volume 82,6. Suo 13 paseo? “Emory Kemer, “A Study of Data on the Flow of Puids In Pipes,” Tragetins of the American Soctet) of Mecha. Eel Brgincers, Nol. 38,1935, 55 jandbook of Chemistry and, Physics,” 44:h Edition, 196251963 Chena Rubber Publishing Co, Cleland V1 Suetes, “Fluid Mechanles", Ist Eaton, 1951 Standards of Hydnalic Insitute", Eighth Eton, 1947, luernatonal Gas Union, Appendix 1 of sepost "Probes ising fom snterchangeabisty of scone amy ater" ay 9%6