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BCT ca Olore) s “TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF contents Introduction .. 3 Preparation: 7 a Running the Adventure. Catalan 3 4 Previous Pay in the Temple. Sze and Scove. Thariedun)The Dark God) The Elder Elemental Eye.. History The Course of the Adventur. Character Hooks Part 1: Hommlet and Environs... History ‘Where to Go and What to Do. Chapter 1: The Town of Hommiet Using Homme The Hidden Cult The Town in Danger... NPCs about Town Key to Hommiet On the Way to the Mosthouse ssnsenocnrecoeesl9 Events Development... - Moathouse Key... Chapt 3: Chat Town and Ruined Tope Nlb.. - : lb Key The Ruined Temple Temple Key Part 2: The Temple of All-Consumption. (Organization of the Temple. 38 (Outdoor Random Encounters nen. Chapter 4: The Hamlet of Rastor The Temple's Influence in Town. Nearby Ore Camp. Chapter 5: The Crater History and Geology ‘The Temples: Dungeon in Circle Underdark Entrances Random Encounters Key 10 the Mines, ige Mines Chapter 6: The Inner and Outer Fanes Outside the Outer Fane The Outer Fane The inner Fane The Black Spike Part 3: The Rebirth of Elemental Evil The Triad’s Plan. Allies from Hommlet.. Enemies from Nulb Chapter 7: The Recovered Temple. Security Organization wna Outer Entrance vnnrwann The Dungeons nonce Chapter 8: The Fire Node... Conditions within the Node 18) Travel to and from the Node Security/ Organization... Fire Node Key. Further Encounters. Appendix |: New Magic Items ‘and Monsters New Magic tes... New Minor Anifacs New Major Arifaets.. New Monsters ae New Template Half lemertal 160 Appendix 2: The Worship of Tharizdun ...161 “inariadun and the Elder Elemental ye. Glerics ofthe Datk God nnn Te insanity Score. fae The Madnets Domaia The Foree Goma _ New Prestige less: Doon atpatzn Appendix 3: NPC Statistics. ‘The Town of Hommlet... The Meathouse Ghost own and ined Temple. The Crater Ridge Mines. Te inner and Outer Fanes. she Recovered Tempe. The Fire Node.. Appendix 4: Player Handouts Txcerpts fom the Journal of Geynar Ton 189 Excerpts from the Journal of Hedrack 190 Sidebar Town of Hommlet A Side Adventure... ‘The Dynamic Dungeon. The KEYS vere Hamlet of Rastor Designing Side Treks. Operating an Ore Cat Foreshadowing Alternate Climaxes Drawbacks to Oemonic Additions .. Using Varachan Diffcully ofthe inner Fane Sleeping in the Inner Fane.. The Ted The Origin of the Grand Altar Lateth en The Elemental Plane of Fire. IDTRODUCTION The might growe whole again. The shadow we Gato beneath a greater shadow’ wing. (Clark Ashton Smith, "The Eldritch Dak” ‘One of the best, most fondly remembered DUNcEONs & Dracows® adventures is The Temple of Elemental Evil In 1979, The Village of Hamlet wes published and was wildly popular Tens of chousands of playing groupe gor to know the people of Hommlet and explored the ruined moat- house that ay nearby They were Soon hungry for more for the moathouse was merely a foreshadowing of a much sreater challenge: the Temple of Eemenval Evil Fall, in 1965, to gamers delight, the adventure module Tt The “emple of Elomental Evil was cleaved, ncosporating the original Village of Hommlet adventure and decaling the entire, massive temple that everyone had clamored for. ‘Now evil tis once agnn, and anew band of sdventurers must se tothe challenge They must decover the secret rower behind te originl temple and overcome i before is plans come (o fruition and unleash evil and destruction Unlike anyching seen before. ‘etrn fete Temple Blenental Ei builds upon the adven- tures in the original Village of Hommle! nd Temple of Elemental Flax well G3 Hall ofthe Fie Cit King, and W4 The TorgtenTampleof Thar Enjoy You, the Dungeon Master (DM), need a copy of the Players Handbook; the Duncron Masten’ Guide, and the Monster ‘Manual 0 use thisadventute Text that appears in shaded boxes is player information, ‘which you may read aloud or paraphrase when appropriate, Sidebars convain important information for you, including special rules or instructions. Monster and sonplayer char acter (NPC) statistics ate provided with each encounter in abbreviated form, but common monsters list the Monster Manual page reference (or the DUNGEON Masten’ Guide page reference for common NPCs). Full statisties for special monsters and significant NPCs appear in Appendix 3 (ese below for more information). Encounter Levels ‘Return tothe Temple ef Elemental Ev is an adventure suitable fora party of éth-level player characters (PCs) although char- acters as low as 3rd level should be able to handle the early encounters, (They will need to rest more often, though, and face a serious tisk of death.) By the time they finish the adventure, the characters ae likely o be t4th level Individual encounters possess an overall rating called the Encounter Level (EL), if appropriate. which sums up the Challenge Ratings (CR) of the individual encounter ele ments. The EL helps you gauge how diflicult o easy any _given encounter willbe for your players. RUNNING TH “An adventure chs ze & challenging to ran. To do properly, you have to master the material. That means not only being familiar with the encounter ares that the BCs are currently in, burin those around it as well. In organized complexes INTRODUCTION such as those detailed here, very often creatares and NPCs move around, Play the foes as intelligently as possible— grand challenges are always more memorable than adven. tres that are pushovers. NPCs and Monsters Three types of NPCs and monsters are included in this adven- ture. The fist are noncombatants. These are people with no game siatsticeor references other than toa class and level. In| dangerous seas, noncombatants are metked as such, tthe second type is the typical sort of NPCs or monsters, ‘Their statistics include page references for the Monster ‘Mantua! ot the Dusnctow Maser Guide, and they conform exactly to those books. You can equip NPCs with the stan: dard gear assigned them in Chapter 2: Characters in the Dunston Masien’ Gwide (pages 47-58), or customize them as desired, but do not introduce treasure other than what is already presented in the adventure Sometimes, typical opponents are altered slightly, either because they have equipment not mentioned in the Menster Manual or because they have been advanced. In this case, all the work has been done for you. if creatures Strength has ‘been improved, for example, you dont have to worry about figuring out new attack and damage honuses—the creatures statistics already includes those modifications ‘The third type is specific NPCs and monsters. Complete statistics for these individuals are preserted in Appendix 5, and the text refers you to that appendix. Difficulty Encounter Levels reflect what level four average PCs should be «9 handle the encounter without undue diffi culty, You'll have to decide how this ranking stacks aguinst your specific party, but encounters ofthe sme EL should always be the same challenge. For example, if your group of PCs usually handles encounters of one EL above their level without a problem, ther that should he crue of most ocher such encounters as well. Of course, you can alviays tinker with an encounter, ding more creatures ortaking some away, changing levels of NPCS, or adding equipment a8 you see ft Experience Points Of course, no one can predict the onder in which a party encounters the challenges If a group of 13th level charac ters faces eight ogres each having four levels of warrior (making them each CR $), no experience point award ie listed in Table 7-4 in the Doweow Masros Guide ta his «ey cxtrapoare she results downward—rake the lowest CR that ves an award and divide by 15 t get the appropriate sand forthe next lower award. ‘Asa varia rule you are encouraged to award experience points for prisoner fved and rrurned sally home The XP {snard should be equal woth for defeating the priser in an tncounter (with a minimum of 100 XP) Never use this fo ‘seard an unduly hgh amount Freeing an t8thslevel NEC held prisoner by a group of orcs, for example, is not a situa- sion worthy of wicha ead —__ INTHE AY This adventure awsumes that the adventurers who asculted the Temple fifteen years ago undertook certain actions,