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"People clung to hope.


Hope is present everywhere, even in the darkest

"This one had a delicate facean incredible sight in their camp."


Hope can be found in the most hopeless places. Hope is an emotion that is found in every human being. As long as you are alive, you have hope that life will get better. If you didn't have hope, where else would you get the energy to live? People need hope to survive, or else they would just give up. Hope provides people with the strength to go on. Hope is the emotion that people cling to in the darkest times. Layout and Design I chose a dark border to support my maxim because it emphasizes the fact that hope is present in dark places. The dark and light background is a symbolism of my thesis. The light represents hope and the darkness represents the horrible situation in which people need hope. The text color also represents hope. I chose the quote, " This one had a delicate face- an incredible sight in this camp," from Elie Wiesel's book, Night, to show that hope was very crucial in the time of the Holocaust. The little boy with the delicate face represented hope for the people in the concentration camp. When the people saw that such beauty could exist in such a horrendous place, they were given the hope that God can make good things happen. Elie Wiesel also said, " People clung to hope," because hope was all they had and all they needed. In desperate times, people need hope to stay sane. In the image with the girl reaching for the heart balloon, the girl has hope in the lonely street. She is in a dark place, but she still has hope. I chose the image with the bird because it is a stereotype of what hope should be. When people talk about hope, they think of a free bird. A bird, or dove, is a symbolism of hope.

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