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Linear Interpolation Tool

Use: In a linear table of values, discreet values are listed in rows and columns. In using such a table, you might find that the value you're looking for falls between the discreet values listed in the table. If the table of values is indeed linear, you can use linear interpolation to determine an "in-between" value from the table. To find the "in-between" unknown value of Y, given the "in-between" value of X, enter (from the linear table of values), X1, X2, Y1, Y2, and enter the value of X that you wish to find the corresponding Y value for.

X1 (known)= X (known)= X2 (known)=

95.00 104.00 119.00

Y1 (known)= Y (unknown)= Y2 (known)=

4.00 4.38 5.00