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6 Name: ____________________

Date: _____________ Mod: _________

Word Art

W.O.W. word: _______________________________

In this assignment, you are to take the word of the week and turn it in to word
art. The goal of this assignment is to draw a picture of the word that somehow
fits the definition. Your drawing MUST meet the following requirements:

(1) I must be able to clearly see each letter of the word.

(2) The word should be spelled correctly.
(3) Your drawing should be large enough to fill an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.
(4) It should contain enough detail so that someone viewing the drawing would
be able to understand the meaning of the word based on your
(5) I must be able to tell that you understand the meaning of the word based
on your drawing.
(6) It should be in color.

For Example:

If the word is trendy, which means stylish and following fashion, you might make
each letter in the word art designed in some sort of pattern, or actually draw
each letter dressed in stylish clothing, wearing a fancy hat, etc.

Be prepared to share and explain your illustration!!