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Painting 1

Mrs. Stacey Paulsen Woodward-Granger Phone: 515.438.4263 Email- Course Description- Course Description: Introduction to Drawing and Painting 1 will develop an understanding and appreciation of art through the study of the elements and principles of design. Students will: (1) develop skills in drawing, painting and design, (2) reflect upon the outcomes of their work, (3) explore historical connections, (4) work individually and in groups, (5) find direct correlation to other disciplines. The elements we will be studying include: * Line * Shape * Form * Space * Value * Color * Texture These elements of art are applied to an artwork using the principles of design, which include: * Balance * Variety * Emphasis * Rhythm * Proportion * Unity

The vocabulary of the elements and principles of design is important to understand and use to speak Art with other artists about art. Assignments- Sketchbook Assignments-pages must contain either sketchbook assignments, artwork, artwork pre-planning, doodles, written ideas, and/or any other content. (Sketchbook Assignments=25 points each). Most projects are worth 100 points and have due dates. You can expect to lose 20% of the points for each week an assignment is late. You are required to bring a sketchbook and pencil to class each day, along with creativity, style, and a good attitude. Educational Philosophy- Creativity and effort are more important in my classroom that talent. It will be apparent if effort is not present in your work. I believe that naturally talented artists are very rare; instead, I believe art can be learned by anyone who has the desire.

Classroom Rules and Procedures

Along with the rules and policies in the Student Handbook, students are expected to:

Be Prompt and Prepared for Class Students must come to class ready with their materials and assignments. Students that are tardy will not be allowed to enter the art studio without a pass. Be Respectful of Others and the Art Room A courteous studio environment maximizes the opportunity for learning art. Work Everyday There is always something that can be accomplished in the studio, and idle time will not be tolerated. Clean Up Students are responsible for returning their materials, storing work, and wiping down work surfaces. FLIP OVER

Not following these rules will result in the following disciplinary action: 1st offense Student/Teacher conference 2nd offense Parent/Teacher communication 3rd offense Detention and referral to the administration. Passes out of class The administration at Woodward-Granger does not want students in the hallways after the bell. This includes students with passes out to use the restroom. I will allow students with emergency situations to use the restroom. Please do not ask to use the restroom except for emergencies. Attendance Since most work for this class is done in the studio, missed work can be extremely difficult to make up. Excessive absences will affect your performance. It is the students responsibility to check with the teacher to see what work needs to be made up. (5 daily participation points are to be given daily)

Grading Criteria Grading Scale A AB+ B BC+ C CD+ D DF 94-100 90-93 87-89 84-86 80-83 77-79 74-76 70-73 67-69 64-66 60-63 59-0 Grading Criteria Project grades will be determined based on the following. Preparation * Do you enter class on time with your materials ready? * Do you hand in projects on time? Quality * Do you complete projects to the best of your creative and technical abilities? Time on Task * Do you use all the time available for the assigned project? Clean-up * Do you clean up tools you got dirty? * Do you put away materials you got out? * Do you leave your work area cleaner that you found it?