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NOTE: This post was originally written by RAJ VADLAPUDI and Content is based on his exp...

Life @ ILP.. For Novel Lovers :)

By Raj Vadlapudi For people who already know me.. Heyya buddies.. This is Raj.. Lazy to use my complete name everywhere So I made every1 get used to this name.. I Dont use the Tag "Naam Tho sunaa Hogaa" Bcz Ye naam kuch log pehli baar sun rahe honge.. Un logon ke liye ek chota sa Intro.. [For people who are hearing this name for the 1st time.. here's a small intro]

I m Rajesh Vadlapudi.. I Go By Raj.. I m From the City of Pearls,Biryani and Love.. Hyderabad Completed BTech from BVRIT.. Joined TCS Hyd on Dec 5 2k11 Its been A wonderful Experience To be a Part of Clique Freshers.. You can find more experiences of mine in this small Novel :) Never Tried My Hand At Writing Seriously.. But with a hope that this would be useful to friends and juniors who are Gonna Be TCSers.. I am Documenting Some of My Experiences in a mini-novel kind o' Description.. Hope u'll Enjoy it :)

NOTE: *****

This Novel is only for people who have lots and lots of time to read all the content.. TCS would give u Enough Time to read it Ample number of Times ;) :)

Day Zero!! ********* All Facebook Groups have Reviews and Experiences from day1.. So I am Starting with something which u can term as "Day Zero Experience" ;) Too Excited b4 Joining that I couldnt Resist Writing this b4 joining ILP :P :D

I'll Be Joining TCS at 8 am on DEC 5 at Hyd with my Friends.. [Yes its Today and i'm still on fb to post this b4 i leave for TCS :) ]

Donno How God Manages This but.. I m always a part of situations where I m one of the very Few Exceptions.. This Joining in TCS is no Exception for this logic either! :P Might Sound Somewhat Weird to few people but I'll Be joining TCS with an Experience of working for one and half month in TCS already :P :P

For ppl who dont know where the Experience came from.. U can refer the Doc sectionin this group for my experience in TCS-HR team :) In Short I hav already worked for the TCS recruitment 2012 batch campus drives during the Aug-Oct 2k11.. :) Now.. After almost a year's Waiting.. TCS ppl have finally called me in.. Officially.. :) The Dec 17th Offer Letter and Sep 6 JL have finally Made me join TCS on DEC 5..


In All these days.. The sight of this 3 letter abbreviation made me feel Nervous.. Tensed.. Frustrated.. Sad.. Happy.. And Finally now I m Excited to watch the Same :)

Take A peaceful Nap My Dear TCS.. Might be Ur Last Peaceful Sleep.. Coz I m Coming to u 2moro.. ;)

In Fact.. Am Goin to start my Experiments tomoro.. Not takin an affidavit for changes in my father's name in diff docs[pan card n Form 16 has some initials missing] to check the seriousness and the time they give for affidavits and stuff.. other than that Everything is as per their Requirements :)

Would Soon Start an Essay Reading Competition with my Experiences and Test Ur Patience.. For the time being.. use this post for Practice :P :D

Need a small nap of atleast 5 hours.. Was Busy enjoying my last few moments b4 I turn into an official TCSer by attending a Marriage and spent some quality time with family and friends :)

Its a perfect ambivalent situation for me.. Really Excited about the Beginning of New phase in life.. Career in TCS.. and also Would miss being Active[might even have been hyperactive at times ;)] in this cute and lovely group of awesome friends!! :-|

Wil Stay in Touch.. and Keep u updated abt imp happenings.. :) Thanx A ton For the Love And Support from Each and Every Friend Who have Sent me Wishes for the BIG day.. :)

Day ONE!! *********

After Returning From the marriage at almost midnight on the b4 day.. I thought I would have a 5 hour sound sleep.. but I was wrong! May b bcz of the Excitement and Anxiety of being in TCS in few more hours.. I could nt sleep for a long time..! Most of my close circle Know this fact that I sleep Very late[Atleast @ 2-3 am daily] and for me.. 6am is something like midnight! :P

Somehow I managed to Wake up.. In my terms even b4 that Midnight.. @5 am.. Went in2 d balcony and then for a small walk.. The Feeling of Cool Breeze on my Face was like a slap on cheeks which made me Realize what I was missing all these days.. The Beautiful Early morning.. Would be witnessing this Everyday for atleast 3 months from now as many friends and HR said ours would be a 7-2 batch.. :)

Back from walk and wavering thoughts.. As i have to report there by 7:45 am.. I got ready and as it is my 1st day.. Dad said he'll come to drop me.. In this process.. he'll know the precise distance and Route to the office from home and also would be there with me to see me enter the corporate kingdom for the very 1st time as official Employee.. Something like Two birds at a shot.. :P

It was a Quick Journey with dad riding the bike.. 18km in 20 min.. perfect Early morning ride when the snowfall looks almost like a rainfall at some places.. Awesome Experience enough to bring a cheerful smile that can stay for the rest of the day :)

Dad dropped me at Q city and waved me a goodbye with A smile and best wishes.. There I met my Friends and We Entered the place which would be Our Den for the next 3 months after the security ppl checked our Joining letter and Photo id card.. Went to the 7th floor to join 1 more queue.. gave our details.. JL and photo id checked once again b4 they issued a temporary Q city pass :)

Should mention this.. 1st impression.. There's something spl abt this place.. U start feeling good once u get into the ILP center surroundings :)

Went into the auditorium.. Spent sometime checking if any of the friends with me have some missing fields that are to be filled.. and filled 'em up :) One by one.. the HR and other managing committee of ILP hyd have introduced themselves.. and the ILP HR/Contact Person of Hyd is the one of those persons whom I met during the 1 n half month 2012 campus recruitments tour as TCS HR TAG team member :) I'll mention him as TSR from now.. he's called by the same name by his fellow HRs..

The ILP team addressed one after the other.. Rohan.. Co-ordinator sweared that if it requires a hitler to make us do the things in right way.. he wont mind to be the 1 here.. Jaysree dasgupta.. ILP Centre Lead was very impressive and Take my word frnds.. One should be very careful with her.. She has the right mix of confidence.. smiles and strictness.. which leaves and impression.. "not to mess with the rules" TSR and others addressed us regarding the same issues.. Values.. Rules.. etc etc..

TSR noticed me and my gang of friends who were Part of the TCS tours[2012 rec.] sitting in the group of joinees and gave a big smile :)

As I Have Quoted Previously.. The Series of Exceptional Events Continued in my Case after this very moment.. You'll get to know why he smiled when i explain the doc verification process..

Aravind's Session was a good 1.. And here's wat u r all lookin for.. Aspire is NOT MANDATORY.. During the Ppt Aravind asked us whether we've gone through aspire or not .. Almost 90% gave a -ve answer.. It irritated him a bit and made him announce abt PAT on next day.. but he then slowly he got into a good mood and cracked some jokes like "Have u tried to check if the links are working but didnt read 'em..?" :P

Then he Covered many topics from Biryani in mountain climbing to Kolaveri :D Finally he gave a twist saying that we guys have to wear a tie for tomoro.. It seemed to me that it is more like a punishment for not doing ASPIRE seriously.. ;)

Here's The Reason for THAT Smile.. TSR called us on the stage and we Started Helping the HR ppl Distribute the ID cards [smart cards].. After that Something that most of u dont Expect..

Every Recruit of TCS.. on the DOJ would be worrying abt how his docs are verified.. and we 5.. Any Guesses?? We end up on the other side of submission desk.. Checked the order and format of the docs.. Announced the names of whom to report where.. Who can leave for lunch.. who have to stay back.. what to be corrected etc..

It just Seemed to me like one more Day extended from our TCS tour of On campus visits with the workload.. coz I had to skip my lunch for this stuff to come to an end..

Imp points of Doc Verification: --------------------------------*SA,Surety Verification form,surety docs[pancard,form16/ITR],Medical Certi were asked as a set.. HRs were really strict with issues of these docs *Second set were the Educational individual markmemos.. *Make sure that the notarization in affidavits[gap etc].. Attestations of surety docs and Medical officer's stamp on ur pic and 2nd page of MC are present .. they forced some some ppl go and get 'em done on the same day.. * BGC forms need not be submitted at ILP on DOJ.. They are to be updated in TCS internal portals when those ppl ask u to do so.. I later found that even for the prev batch BGC is submitted OL after joining TCS.. *Uploading exact details of smart card with correct format pic would give u the id card on day1 itself :)


*SA and NCA Docs where the blanks are filled by using Type / print [which are not filled with pen] are REJECTED.. and Regarding first pages on Stamp papers.. U can print/type.. No issues with both the Formats :) The docs in which blanks were typed/printed were taken for timebeing but those ppl were intimated to submit a new copy in correct format again with some 2 days given.. *TSR was initially irritated with the OLD SA too.. but as I noticed that many ppl had the old format.. Carried the same issue to him.. he said only this batch was exception for the SA format issue.. coz it would lead to checking of 100+ SA again if those were rejected.. Noticed that Many ppl with SA in Old format Received peircing looks and harsh words out of irritation Mandatory to get SA in new format and fill with pen to prove that U have common sense.. :P

If you ppl remember the experiment of mine.. I submitted the Surety docs where my dad's name had 3 initials missing in PAN xerox.. but they somehow skipped noticing it in a hurry! So there are chances for such incidents in case of minor mistakes.. this might have happened as he jus turned docs at good pace without noticing much bcz i had to check others docs.. But I strictly suggest u to make the affidavit to be on safe side.. and diff of sign etc are big issues even for opening bank acc.

With worries of Shopping for a Tie to wear on the Next day.. I've left the office completely Exhausted.. PAT on next mrng at 7 am.. with losing touch to basics 6 months ago.. learning nothing from ASPIRE.. I thought I am keeping some Experiments in pending for day2 too :P

Made arrangements for the tie..I finally Had to wear a tie for the Next morning.. As long as i remember.. First time in the recent past after i left the school..

Then I posted answers to queries in our cute litl group and some msgs to frnds who were waiting for my experience..

Going to bed with many thoughts running over my mind :)

Day Two!! ********

Donno how but TCS is somehow bringing some discipline to my schedule.. would have hated it earlier but now i m jus lovin it even after all that Weird Day1 that any TCS recruit could never ever dream abt :P

Woke up at similar time like the day b4.. but tried to sleep again and after continuously failing.. got up i n sometime.. No early mrng walks today.. got ready with litl more ease than the 1st day.. I Found myself funny in the Formals and Tie after watching myself in all kinds of informal dresses all these days..

Went to Q city with My friend and after 1 more pleasant Early morning ride We are ready at the Den to Take the PAT which is overhyped in the mails of TCS :)

Regarding the much awaited PAT .. The Questions are from Basics and looked So easy that even a non CS guy/gal can happily answer 'em without much trouble .. It's Just a Evaluation Test, No Results will Be Announced & Considered. But there's a general talk that the score of PAT would be compared to our Performance in ILP to check whether we have been improving in the concepts with the training.. So PAT is Fun! n So.. Final Word abt ASPIRE.. Look at it only if u have time to do it and the zeal to learn the concepts b4hand.. Not mandatory.. but if u have patience It might have loads of useful info that u can go thru.. As per my guess It wil give u a sense of confidence and satisfaction.. :)

PAT was followed by a session from Aravind.. who brushed up the previous concepts and discussed abt ILP..TCS.. was funny at times but due to overstretched session ppl started feeling a bit sleepy.. some guys asked abt the PAT results.. the Answer was as said above.. will not be disclosed :P

Aravind also discussed what we'll have in the course of the day.. After a break.. We were back to Audi and IS security manager addressed us..

IS session is an imp session where we get to know abt Do's and donts regarding Information Security.. Believe me.. there were ppl who couldnt control themselves from laughing without interval.. It was the best Session we had till then followed by a video regarding the Security which was ok ok.. The guy's jus awesome in his session and u'll hav real fun in the stress of ILP for sure :)

Followed by a small break.. Co-ordinator Nikhil told a hi and small speech followed by A Detailed Explanation of Q city and Display of boring videos with a pinch of humor showing wat to do if fire accidents take place etc..

Then the much awaited Stream allocation details.. 5th dec hyd ppl are split into 6 batches.. H85 to H90 85 Java 86 Java 87 Testing 88 BIPM 89 C++ Unix 90 .Net

Was litl Tensed when the Stream allocation started.. but A Smiling TSR called me to come forward and he gave me the sheet of H88.. I fell into BIPM and I announced the List of students in BIPM myself.. I know nothing abt the stream as of now.. Except that A very +ve feedback that it is a very good stream with concepts of Databases [ Data mining,warehousing] etc in it :)

It was followed by a long session by TSR.. might not be a Planned one.. but stretched the length of session as he tried his best to give clarity over the issues of income tax.. Health insurance.. LIC.. Some personal Experiences regarding the same.. As the time got over 6.. every1 was eager to leave.. but TSR continued with his detailed Explanation and Clarification of queries for almost 1 more hour after that..

He Did all this jus bcz he wanted some ppl benifiting from that session.. Whatta man!!

All the data in that session deserves to be posted separately.. useful stuff.. wil do it tomoro.. :)

Finally Reached Home after What seemed to be a fruitful and a better Day!

7 am on 7th.. I would start my Quest to conquer the mysteries of BIPM :)

SOME IMP ISSUES THAT REQUIRE UR ATTENTION ------------------------------------------------------------------*Employees need to be on time to office everyday.. 1 min late to office is half day loss of pay.. more such late arrivals wil make u shift from ILP batch.. Have been hearing this from the time i entered the audi on Day1.. Not gonna Experiment with it though.. bcz it is all recorded thru the smart card biometric access to record the entry and exits of employees. *In hyd.. they are considering the CERTIFICATIONS.. u'll get the same stream if u are a certified professional.. [only standard genuine Certifications like SCJP, Microsoft certification for .net etc.. no use of NIIT and other certi] SCJP gives Java Microsoft .Net Certification -->.Net DB2 --> Oracle.. Wil get chance to work with IBM projects if available.. but keep it only if u r confident enough to answer th queries regarding the technologies

Got to get myself ready for the Quest..! :P

With 2 Days in ILP.. One Feeling is For Sure to be Felt by every1..

Enjoy ur Free time u get b4 ILP.. U wont get it again and again..

3rd Day.. Not a Long Day.. but A Day of many Exciting Events ************************************************* First Two days at Q city.. The Excitement followed by Doc works.. and Boredom filled lectures from mrng to evng makes any1 tired.. May be there wil be some Exceptions like Rajnikanth.. Superman.. Shaktiman! As I m a common Man.. I was litl more than tired..No Wonder That I woke up a bit late on this day.. Being an Insomniac it is actually very very hard to wake up early.. :P :D

But thank god it was well within time that I could hurry myself.. brush.. bath.. get ready and run to the bike in ten minutes..met my friend at JNTU waiting for me and we were off to Q city..The Very Thought of BIPM was driving me crazy.. Every1 says it is a good stream but no1 elaborates wat exactly is there in it.. :) But from the buddies.. the info passed was bench period is comparitively less for prev BIPM batches and that was very refreshing to hear :)

We actually Expected this day to be a similar day like 1st and 2nd.. but TCS had something else to offer! Went straight to Audi where the Co-ordinator Rohan..The Wanna-Be Hitler Of ILP.. was Waiting for us.. :P He gave a small Briefing of the rules discussed on first 2 days.. some ultimatix issues.. We became Familiar with this line bcz of sessions of 1st 2 days.. "Be careful while u login into the ultimatix.. 3 consecutive wrong entries of password blocks ur ultimatix account.."

The Co-ordinator wanted to demonstrate the Ultimatix issues that are to be immediately done after accessing.. the updations of PAN.. timesheet etc..

So he opens the ultimatix portal Casual Entry for 1st time.. Attempt failed! there were some ooooo.. sounds.. Quick but litl cautious entry for 2nd time.. Result is the same.. Some ppl like me started smiling and few laughed :) 3rd time entry.. Very very Careful and Slow.. And Hits the enter with strong Confidence that it is absolutely correct.. The Result.. Failure! which means the account is blocked for the time being and The innocent face rose to watch us as the auditorium started echoing with all our mischievous smiles :P :D then he couldnt stop himself from smiling.. and said "u r not supposed to smile at this okay" and winked at us b4 he rushed to fetch his team mate in co-ordinating team.. With the Credentials of Rohitha.. he finished the planned aspects to be discussed.. Some people like me asked some doubts abt the confusing issues of portal and got the answers.. Then started the Real Issue..

The election of Temporary CRs -----------------------------------Every time he explained some issue regarding the timesheets or attendance or something of that sort.. he said we'll inform the CRs wat to do and they'll guide you.. The instant reaction from us.. No CRs appointed! :P

So after the presentation is done.. Rohan Decided to Pick the temporary CRs for the day.. so that they'll Tc of the day's process b4 Biz Skills teams pick the Actual CRs!

I had a debate on fb after my day 2 that I'll nominate my friend as CR and he said he'll corner me to take the spot.. So i was praying that I should not get any attention now!

Rohan Asked every1 to Stand Batchwise.. All H85 once.. Picked 1 guy and 1 gal as CRs.. Made a note of employee ids then 86.. 87.. Everytime he picked some1.. he took care that the guy is hefty and even cracked a joke at some1 that.. "with this guy as CR.. I dont think any1 wil think of breaking rules" :P then came my batch 88.. and we stood up.. I had an instant big smile on my lips as I understood with his strategy of Hefty guy CRs.. I would be in bottom 10 choices.. and Pity me.. I had to face the surprise of the day at that very moment.. I observed rohan skimming all through the class and was pointing at my side and saying "U!" I thought it should be some other guy in the back row and turned to check that out.. and the immediate response came from the opposite way.. rohan Said " That Guy with Cute smile on his face.. give ur employee id"

I could see every batch member of me either with a pleased smile or winking at me with a mischievous smile.. Anyways I could nt understand what made him pick me.. may be the question i asked in the session! :-| Then he finished the picking of CRs for other batches too and then Every1 was asked to go to the respective classes.. Except the newly appointed CRs! So there we go.. work started instantly.. and then took instructions from 'em on wat is wat abt CR responsibilities and ran to the next session!

Here Aravind was waiting for us to give a small briefing abt the tech skills.. We were clubbed with H87.. the testing stream friends..

This aravind is diff from the Aravind of Day 1 and 2.. Aravind Unnikrishnan-- the deployment manager.. day 1 n 2.. Aravind manne -- Techie who took the techni briefing session on day 3 :) It was a good educating session with techni details and some schedule related issues discussed :)

Should mention this little conversation..

Aravind: So you are all from AP? TCSers: Yes! Aravind: So u all know Telugu? TCSers: Yes! Aravind: [Trying to be smart..] What If I dont know Telugu? TCSers: [smiling..] We Know English :P Aravind: This is What I call Reverse Punch! ;) :P :D

At the end of the session.. my friends started pulling my legs addressing me as Mr. CR.. come here and similar stuff.. It was all light hearted fun :)

I was more eager abt the Next 2 sessions.. Biz skills by Sharada.. Heard from all the prev recruits abt the enjoyment in these sessions.. and guys.. The sessions were absolutely full of life and fun.. they Lived upto the Expectations.. :) Funny remarks.. Sharada has her own skillset with which she can make you feel comfortable and at ease..[may be all her colleagues of Biz skills are similar] :)

The sessions were mainly targetted at the do's and donts in TCS.. some real life examples etc.. and It was not a class where teacher speaks and we listen.. Its a session where every1 will interact with each other :) I was pretty impressed with the very 1st session of Biz skills.. and then the 2nd session(last session of day) had much more exciting stuff.. We made some poster designs with the assigned TCS values and explained it.. working as teams of 5-6 ppl.. It was absolute fun :) Enough Surprises for me from TCS.. and No Surprises from my side in return! Almost At the end of the Day.. I took the chance.. If you remember wat i said earlier.. Its the Biz Skill faculty who have to pick the Actual CRs at the end of the day.. Sharada asked me and my friend who's the Lady CR if we are comfortable with the CR duties..Then I played the Gamble at the right time.. My Instant reply was "no!" and the same from friend of mine.. with both of us stepping down.. Sharada had to pick a new pair as CRs.. more than 1 interesting ppl resulted in an election.. we gathered at the recreation room.. and picked the CRs almost unanimously.. If I dont mention this.. some1 would surely kill me! I forced one of my friends in gals to contest and she got 30/49 and now is the CR.. She still feels that i have made her take an additional responsibility without giving any choice :P After this election almost every1 left and I wanted to get more details abt the social welfare activities of TCS.. how to be a part of it and all.. stayed back and approached to know abt dat..

Was happy to leave at 3 after those 2 long days.. I left the Q city with a satisfaction that ILP is truely a place where we get chance to rediscover our skills and nourish 'em to become a true professional.. Positive attitude is what i have and TCS is adding more positive charge.. Waiting for more such things in coming days of ILP :)

To conclude this Really long 3rd day.. This is wat happened b4 I left Q city :)

Hope this clears some Doubts abt why I dropped the responsibility and stood in front of u all as "The 1 Day CR"

I discussed abt some organisations like SAHAYA and Altruists.. which were the initiatives of people in my friend circle.. wanted TCS to aid some programmes of 'em :) Noticing my interest towards the activity.. sharada raised this simple n straight q.. "why did u stepped down as CR" My answer is "I Know I am losing a chance of more interaction with the Faculty people which would result in better ILP grades.. But I have A Greater Responsibility which i promised to fulfill even before joining TCS made to my friends.. To update the Clique Freshers TCS.. A group of friends which is the home for 3600+ TCSers.. Comparing with it.. I think 49 is really a small number.. Anyways.. the New CR is one of my collegemates who's also a good friend of mine and i'll surely help him out in executing the tasks of CR.. In my simple terms.. I prefer being "A productive and if possible the Best Team Player" to "A normal Captain" :)

Day 4: ******** As per Schedule Its a Day with loads of techni funda.. Less scope for Fun.. This inevitably leads to some serious TCS and ILP Stuff..

lemme give a small Description of the day.. wil try to embed fun wherever possible :)

With The Good Experience of day 3.. ;) I managed to wake up a bit early and got ready quickly.. Q city in time.. :) Should mention this here..

On day 3.. when Rohan was showing us what to do.. I somehow managed to have a glimpse on a sheet of paper with details regarding leaves.. where reason against some ppl was "Late entry" Half day Leave for all such cases.. Hyd ILP was liberal at first.. but now things have tightened up and U'll listen this statement atleast 10 times b4 u attend actual sessions "even if you report at 7:01.. U'll be asked to apply for a half day leave which will be a loss of pay"

So plz make sure that u ppl are well within time.. Late Latifs would not be entertained at TCS.. :P

Now coming to the sessions.. 1 Early morning session on Techni aspects by Madan.. App understandability.. where we were explained a ppt on the techni aspects and then.. the happening thing of the day.. the team structure is explained and we were divided into pairs.. 49 ppl.. 24 pairs in which one of 'em is a triplet[3 ppl team.. players of cards will comfortably know what a triplet is ;)] :)

Ppl should be sitting with their pair from the next session was the thing that was told after the division.. Priyanka.. A frnd from my college was picked as my partner.. had not many encounters with her in all those 4 years.. but She's very good at comm skills and I was happy with that Pick.. So.. That was a Lucky lottery for me :)

One point to be made abt TCS strategies here.. TCS is against letting any individual working alone.. In my terms.. U wont have any 1 man army in TCS.. Happy to know that :) A Happy news for the Non CS ppl.. The pairing is done in such a way that As far as possible.. There will be atleast one CS person in the pair..

for H88.. every pair is of "one CS + one Non CS" paired together :) and the team members would help each other in improving their skills :)

Then a small discussion on the schedule followed by announcement that we are supposed to give a presentation with our partner of team on the same ppt we were explained in this session.. Labs in 3rd and 4th sessions ensured that we had time and req. resources for making a ppt ready.. :)

The gap in between the techni sessions was filled by Biz skills session.. Where our written skills were tested.. Dont freak out.. U r not supposed to write a novel like this 1 which u r reading abt.. It would be batchwise topic.. jus like we H88 were asked for a 150 word description on Expectations from ILP.. some other batch got it as a relevant value of TCS from ur life.. etc Then as we had time.. we were asked if there can be an oral skills session.. some ppl had to pick a relevant quality of TCS in their life and talk for sometime.. It was more like getting to know ur frnds in a better way :) There were Some witty answers like..

Sharada:Where would you take ur frnds if they come to ur hometown? A frnd: My Home! :)

Not every1 was given a chance bcz of time constraint.. Priyanka was one of the better performers of that oral skills testing session and I was glad to see her delivering the speech with ease :) some frnds including me would be tested on the same aspect on monday.. :)

Lab sessions in 3 and 4 were completely used to make ppts on the morning sessions.. No MS office here in TCS.. Either use the openoffice or lotus notes.. Me and Priya made a good ppt ready for the next day.. :)

Day 5 ****** This day isnt much diff from Day 4.. In time to our Den..

And if it is different in any aspect.. Yes.. It Lacked the fun elements of day 4.. Complete techni day.. One session of Techni.. Followed by a lab and then the much awaited Presentations..

We were given some aspects on the imp of presentation layers and then in the lab.. we were asked to practice basic html commands.. We used this time in making the ppt a bit more effective.. It was ready on day 4.. but with this lab.. we made some experiments in HTML coding and added jus 2 more slides.. 24 pairs to deliver within a time of around 3 hours..

It was unlikely to happen as every1 wanted to utilize their first ever opportunity to showcase their presentation skills to the most and this resulted in taking more time than what they were expected to take..

Some friends gave a good ppt.. some used their oral skills and some their presentation skills and some were successful with both :) even after those heartful trials from my frnds.. I Felt sleepy.. Was frequently askin my partner to wake me up if i really sleep.. And after a while it was my partner asking me to do the same.. i.e., wake her up if she sleep :P

It was like watching the same story with different screenplay.. :P :D Thank god Either of It didnt happen :) The only thing that helped us to stay awake was the very thought that Our presentation might be the next as Madan called every1 in a random order..

As there was not enough time.. even this ppt of ours is postponed to Monday.. Now.. Thats the end of My 1st week in TCS.. and its an overall Wow! for the experience.. :) Could have been betr if i had any opportunity in the oral skills or the ppt session..

Then the 1st weekend.. Imagine.. 5 working days at Q city followed by 2 and half days as weekend.. Its not like a week in TCS will have 7 and half days.. :P free from the noon of friday.. so it is 2 and half days as weekend ;) So I jus Felt that "Wow! Thats Life.. and thanq TCS for this!" :) In simple terms.. Fun at Workplace.. followed by fun outside the workplace.. :P :D

If there are no copyright issues.. I'll be glad to use the Mc D's Tagline here.. I m Lovin' It :)

This Monday.. The very 1st monday as TCSer..

I will be giving an oral presentation in 1st session and also a ppt with team in any of the next 3 sessions.. Really Exciting :) Keepin the announcements regarding the doc verification etc on day1 aside.. I Have nt got much chance to speak in front of my friends.. So.. The next week might very well begin with a bang..

some useful info b4 goin to the Experiences of week-2..

Route to Hyd ILP ------------------This is specific to "gonna be trainees in Hyd ILP" As most of the people opt for trains.. get the reservation done to Secunderabad Station.. U'll have number of buses from there which bring u close to the location of Q city.. Note the bus route as 10H.. The bus stop is jus a 1 min walk from secbad rlw station..

From the Bus getting down at "Hi tech city" or "kothaguda" you can take an auto and reach Q city.. You'll find number of Sharing autos and cabs in the route..

for the autowala.. the route is "hitech city-->kothaguda x roads-->gachibowli -->DLF--> wipro" and turning right at wipro u'll reach the White and Blue Glass Maze structure with the letter "Q" on it .. its the "Q city".. Hyd ILP center :)

You Can choose to travel in a local MMTS which u can board at Secbad station and get down at Hi-tech city MMTS station too.. but it makes the travel little hectic as u need to take an auto from there to reach the actual route of Hi-tech city or kothaguda to go to Q-City One more issue is that u'll find it difficult to trace out the ticket issuing counter and the exact station to get down if u r coming to hyd for the first time..

U can even call a cab to pick u up from Secbad station.. Google abt hyd local Cabs for more info :)

Streams.. Streams.. Streams.. -----------------------------------Every1's a bit scared abt which stream one gets into in the ILP.. But this is only until u get into ILP and spend a week @ TCS :) After that u'll get to know that Nothing's so scary And with some exceptions.. almost every batch has some kind o' common sessions which might be as long as 30-35 days in the 60 days and then the batch specialization comes into the scenario :)

The major streams at Hyd ILP are *Java *.Net *BIPM *Java-Testing *C++/Unix 5th dec batch had 6 sub batches.. 2 for Java and 1 each of other 4.. If there's some requirements.. There are chances for mainframes and any other streams that i have left out too :)

Now Coming to the stream allocation.. As u all must have known by now.. Its Purely a random allocation.. CS-Non CS.. Does nt matter here.. the only thing that can rescue you is ur certifications.. I cannot assure you about happenings in other ILPs but at Hyd ILP.. They asked data about the Certifications of recruits b4 stream allocation.. U'll be allocated the stream of ur choice if u r certified in that stream and like to get into it :) Only standard certifications are considered in TCS.. Microsoft certification for .Net.. SCJP for Java.. IBM DB2 for oracle.. All those who have done these certifications should carry the proof of certification with you.. you are supposed to submit a xerox copy of that on either day1/day2 b4 allocation of streams.. :) If you have an SCJP and dont want to get into Java.. Jus dont produce the Certificate and wait for the results of the lottery :P

There is no such thing called Good stream/Bad stream.. A little elaboration on the things i came across..

BIPM[Business Intelligence and Performance Management] ************************************************ As there's very little info on this stream.. I thought i should give some detailed info on it :)

*Until I got into the stream.. BIPM is an alien word for me too.. The stream has sessions on ->HTML

->Javascript ->Java ->PL/SQL ->Datamining and data warehousing ->Then comes into the scene the specific BIPM tools.. ETL tools like Informatica and Reporting tools [ETL-->Extraction Transformation and Layering]

*recently tcs has started allocating a new stream-BIPM..It stands for business intelligence and performance management..though it has been existing since 2008 in ilps..but now more number of students are getng this in ilp.

*Already hyderabad and kolkata ilp centres have started this..its a new domain in the corporate its growing steadily and gives you loads of opportunities to excel and prosper.. lets have some ideas about it..

** now there are two terms -one is business intelligence(BI) and the other is performance management(PM)..

** these two terms serve following purposes togetherly::

1.proactive monitoring and management to maximize business performance 2.continuous data work-flows for real time business intelligence 3.information integration for an enterprise view

4.BI and PM mainly look after the potential customers.. it counts the factors such as usability, manageability, reliability, functionality, adaptability, supplier validation, the business case for return on investment (ROI) and the total cost of ownership (TCO)

**Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions.

* BI applications include the activities of decision support systems, query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical analysis, forecasting,data mining. process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining and predictive analytics

*Business Intelligence can be applied to the following business purposes (MARCKM), in order to drive business value1.Measurement program that creates a hierarchy of performance metrics and Benchmarking that informs business leaders about progress towards Business process management

2.Analytics program that builds quantitative processes for a business to arrive at optimal decisions and to perform Business Knowledge Discovery. Frequently involves: data mining, process mining, statistical analysis, Predictive analytics, Predictive modeling, Business process modeling, complex event processing.

3.Reporting/Enterprise Reporting program that builds infrastructure for Strategic Reporting to serve the Strategic management of a business, NOT Operational Reporting. Frequently involves: Data visualization, Executive information system, OLAP

4.Collaboration/Collaboration platform program that gets different areas (both inside and outside the business) to work together through Data sharing and Electronic Data Interchange.

5.Knowledge Management program to make the company data driven through strategies and practices to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences that are true business knowledge. Knowledge Management leads to Learning Management and Regulatory compliance/Compliance.

**each and every prjct now-a-days needs BIPM..tcs has recruited and allotted many guys in dt departmnt aftr training..some of the prjcts like-ALCOA,BRITISH TELECOMM,PWC,EXPERIAN,GENERAL MOTORS are directly linked and controlled by BIPM

*As i have mentioned earlier.. the stream is no diff from Java and other streams for more than 30-35 days and the only difference would be the "areas concentrated.." Java streams spend more time on Java sessions.. while other streams dont.. U'll have common sessions on project delivery.. interfaces.. app understanding etc..

*Apart from this very similarity in Core skills.. the Biz skills are common for all streams throughout ILP..

Be Perfect in whatever you get and u'll find enough opportunities later on purely on the basis of ur merit and skills \m/

Health Insurance Scheme [HIS] from TCS.. *********************************** As u ppl have already Checked it from ur offer Letter.. TCS deducts 2k from our package of 3.16 p.a. on an annual basis to provide us an insurance The coverage of the insurance is.. 50k hospital coverage and 15L accident policy

Here's Something u all have to note.. This coverage is only for the employee.. and this 2k per year is shown in salary as HIS amount and will not be paid to u.. 50k is a very little amount when compared to the possible bills if we are really hospitalized and many people want their parents to avail the coverage for insurance too.. Considering this.. TCS offers a scheme by name "umbrella" In this scheme.. Employee has to pay rs.2500/- and the additional benifits you get bcz of this are: *coverage increases to 5L p.a. *non-hospitalized bills : 5k p.a. [the actual 50k coverage can be claimed only on admission into hospital as in-patient but this non-hospitalized bills of 5k can be availed without all that and jus by submitting the bills from doctors even as out-patient.. simple cases like doc consultation fee]

then.. Parents can be included in the umbrella scheme.. For including a parent.. the amount p.a. is rs.6600/- per person.. i.e.

rs.6600/- for dad & rs.6600/- for mom

The coverage would be same as of the employee. i.e., 5L hospitalization coverage per person and 5k for non-hospitalized bills.

This insurance policy is valid for a financial year.. 1st April to 31st March every year For the recent batches joining from Dec.. as the benefit is only for 3-4 months.. TCS has talked to the corresponding company and the deal is..

rs.1750/- for the employee to get into umbrella scheme and however the coverage would be for the complete 5L amount.. No discounts for the parents coverage..

Acc to HR at Hyd.. the umbrella scheme proved to be pretty useful for some TCSers.. Very Handy when some unexpected illness found or when some surgeries were to be done to the employees or their family members.. Pick according to ur choice :) There are people who already have some coverage for health.. A point for 'em.. This is not mandatory.. only the 2k in 3.16 is deducted by TCS.. the 2.5 k for self and 6600 per dependent[parent] is optional.. :)

And To finish it off.. A point of interest for many.. The Amount You Spend for the insurance comes under Tax exemptions for Income tax :)

WEEK 2 ******** Enough of Info w.r.t. TCS streams,routes,HIS... this is all about "what did I do in TCS and Wat did TCS do to me in the 2nd week.."

If u have a habit of watching old movies.. jus imagine a round coil like thingy rotating in front of ur eyes.. Here We go :P

2nd week at TCS.. This was one of the most happening set of "5 days" in my life.. Smiles.. surprises..Irritated.. bitter.. tensed moments.. What not.. Its a mixture of almost everything that can happen in a week :)

Starting with the Monday Mania.. Donno if this will ever happen in my professional career.. but I was pretty excited on the very thought of monday approaching.. 1st week@TCS has given me many surprises and experiences but not a single opportunity to speak about myself/present anything in front of my friends.. Now.. the new week gives me this opportunity to make a 1st impression..

Eventhough it is a tech ppt to be presented.. Biz skills faculty was supposed to be there to evaluate our presentation skills.. but as sharada was on leave.. only madan was left to evaluate.. most of the friends completed their ppt last week n my team finally got the chance this week :) Ppt on the topics of Application Understanding and architecture along with 'enhancements to a demo bank portal given'

Imagine urself sitting in the class and watching 20+ teams presenting ppt on the same topic one after the other..Thats the reason why we felt sleepy in the last week.. We were ready anyways.. We actually planned accordingly.. expecting ours to be one among those 20+ movies in a row to be presented last week..

Some glimpses of how my ppt went.. Introduction slide with a paper filled with pen by hand: The old and only Application which we knew before starting the use of computer :P :P some definitions and architecture explained by team mate.. Then the Enhancements to the banking app. There was no confirmation taken when a record of customer is deleted and no validations for email etc and many other bugs... we wanted to give it in a more effective way filled with a bit of humor.. The Clique freshers' way :P

So what we have Done is.. A serial order of slides.. Slide showing details of a big number of customers.. Slide for addition of new customer.. Add a Record for the customer by name "Rajnikanth" with id as contact as a fancy number.. all zeros :P and after addition.. Slide with all the records except that of "Rajnikanth" were deleted.. All customers didnt ran away in fear of Rajnikanth.. :P Then explaining the importance of confirm button there.. We even included screenshots where we actually implemented those enhancements :) It was an overall above avg ppt. and we were glad with the smiles we received as response.. It Might not be the Best but we were confident that it was a good 1 :)

Most of the week had Me Woring on the Techni funda.. but what made some beautiful moments of the week were the Biz skills sessions as usual.. We even had to take some extended sessions of Bizskills this week as we missed some of 'em in the last week when Sharada couldnt make it to our batch bcz of various reasons.. We were happy to have 'em as there was life in those sessions.. Who can say no to 'em when they are the most interesting sessions of ILP :P

This week has also given me a situation where I spoke in front of my batch of friends.. Not abt an app like the above case.. but abt a bigger aspect.. I had to choose between a dream app (or) an experience from life that taught me a lesson.. I was Actually late for the session by some 2 minutes or so as we were giving some finishing touches to our technical work.. Guess The punishment..

A song in English.. If you donno any english song then.. Sing a Rhyme with the tune.. like a song.. I have Chosen to hum a Few lines from "Somebody's me" from Insomniac :P Some friends sang rhymes too.. This is why I call Bizskills an entertaining session in ILP :) I picked the second option as I had no dream apps ready in mind Except the Digital watch kind o' device with a memory slot and small projector that could be of multiple uses.. a portable projector for entertainment.. which can be used by Students as a helping(cheating) aid.. It would be a litl too much to describe and discuss in front of every1 :P

So.. I explained some terrible situations that one can face in life.. where one have to adjust with life and move on.. Also explained Btech Terminology: The diff between "bisket" and "Cream bisket" Bisket: An unexpected blow.. Coming down from 95+% in inter to 60's in 1st year of BTech :P Cream Bisket: A double blow.. Along with that drastic change in %.. Flunking for the 1st time in ur life.. A backlog as Bonus for the 30% change in %.. :P

Then I shared The lesson that life kept teaching me all throughout my life.. Dont get stuck and Move on In life.. and finished my 1st ever oral presentation at TCS with a good conclusion.. :)

Apart from Hectic Technical sessions.. We also had sessions on the dressing styles.. the daily shave for boys rule.. etc.. And then in the week also came a situation that reminded me.. "Buddy! This is life.. not a fairytale where Everything goes pretty smooth"

We had an evaluation which we supposed to be like Madan coming to individual systems of Teams and checking the work we did.. but the communication gap resulted in a situation where everyteam had to present a demo infront of the class and Sharada and madan asked us queries during the demo.. I have literally made a mess of it.. My grades in that evaluation can even go into the -ve scale if there's any chance to do it dat way.. :-|

I Just failed to convince the faculty with the reasons behind the drawbacks they pointed out.. It was like a nightmare in daydream.. Failing at the first evaluation where everything including the impression till date goes into mud!

With very Few Exceptions almost everyteam had those drawbacks and most of 'em had a bad experience.. but what we had was even worse.. Jus getting stuck at that place would have been terrible.. We made a note of all the mistakes we did and we have already started working on 'em so that we wont let such unpleasant experiences repeat..

Should seriously mention this.. I m Very thankful to My buddy Sai.. jus after our demo made the atmosphere a bit serious.. he did an awesome hilarious presentation which made everyone feel much much better.. It went like this..

Why isnt the validation working..? one of the files missing.. the reason for missing a html file..? I think the file is missing bcz I accidentally deleted it.. Accidentally.. cant u simply restore it from recycle bin..? Not possible.. I used Shift+delete :P

Then we talked with the faculty.. analyzing what can be done to improve the performance by next evaluation.. and moving on with a smile..

I jus loved the day bcz.. the day started with anxious moments of getting ready for the work checking turned out as unexpected demo for evaluation.. some bad experiences which taught us a good lesson to be very careful and after the educating session.. The day ended with a biz skills session on intonation and stress on words.. where all of us were not jus saying but singing.. Meeowww.. meoowwww.. :P :D One simple smile is all it takes..

The end of the week.. Friday.. Dressing in semi formals.. A cotton Jeans and Semi formal Shirt would be a better option as U Should tuck in.. A Collared t-shirt tucked in and Jeans would easily resemble us to some employees of pizza delivery shops :P the day was pretty ordinary with techni sessions.. labs and an entertaining bizskills session.. But the end of the day gave me the most tensed moments of the week.. not during the sessions.. but strangely after I left the office.. :P Forgot to fill the feedback of a completed session.. the links would be open only for a limited time.. those links can be accessed only from tcs systems.. mandatory to submit feedback.. failing which one would be asked to re-attend the same session again.. Spent almost the complete day in labs in front of system.. but somehow missed doing it.. thanx to my lovely friends.. after some tensed moments for an hour or so.. finally got it done thru one of my batchmates.. Thank god and Thank him.. I wont be attending that techni session again :)

I jus had a gut feeling that the sentences Which I gave as a conclusion of my Speaking skills session would be a better conclusion of this week's experience :)

"If you face something in life which you cannot change however hard u try.. Then please Dont get stuck in those moments of Past.. You are Supposed to adjust with it and move-on.. I dont say You have to do it in style.. But take care that You Do it With a Smile.. Smile and make people around u smile.. Nothing in the world seem big after that.. Start loving what you are given in the present.. See that U make the most from the things you have now and You'll definitely Love what life offers you in ur future as a result of ur +ve attitude And finally.. Ur aim in life should not be 'Being Rich' It Should be 'Being HAPPY'.. Thank You Every1 "

Informative Posts during Weeks 3&4 ****************************** Adding some Info after Watching Some Friends in Testing.. Scared about their stream bcz they dont have the Basic idea of how good the stream is :)

This is for all the people who are Scared of One Specific Stream.. TESTING.. Believe me.. It is 1 Awesome Stream.. The Major Advantage the Testing Stream People has is..

Testing Stream people can do the Development projects without much trouble.. Can go through the required training in a very short span.. But vice versa is tough.. and The most important thing that even they themselves are not aware of until they get into a project is.. "Testing stream people on getting into testing phase of project generally have the option to play with the life of developers.. but the Programmers dont avail such facilities" :P find a bug in the code from a programmer during the end of week or jus b4 he applies a leave.. and Imagine what's gonna happen .. ;)

So Dont ever be Down if u get into Testing and dont go by Rumors that the growth is less.. The hikes will be on par with Development streams..

This Line can be Generalized to every1 here..

For Growth in Career.. Let it be any stream that you are into.. You have to give ur best to become "The Best" w.r.t. ur stream.. and to make it possibe.. all it needs is "Love your stream.." \m/ :)

Corporate Dressing and Habits: ************************* Most of the Friends here Know abt this.. Jus helping some people who still have time to Shop for the dresses to wear @ TCS ILP and also get used to what we are supposed to undergo at ILP :)

Starting with Guys.. Gals wearing shirts and Trousers have to follow the same :)

MONDAY to THURSDAY: --------------------------Weekdays--> Dresses Should Resemble more like an uncle and more Formal than the Faculty of ur college :P

*Shirts With Full Sleeves are mandatory and no folding of sleeves.. cuffs to be buttoned. *You Should always have the shirt "Tucked in" *You are supposed to be in formal clothing from Monday through Thursday which meant - A formal shirt with formal trousers, with tie, belt and shoes *You will be told in detail about the dress code in the first class of Professional Grooming and Etiquette course. *The whole class will be about the ways of dressing for guys and girls

*It seems it is better to wear light colored shirts, preferably plain as formals. *Some other things - which most of you would be knowing: -->The belt and the shoe should be of the same color -->The socks should match the color of the trousers -->The Brown shoes are generally not considered formal.. They are Semi Formals.. Black Will be the Best Pick for Formal Shoes *Avoid Dark colors *No Designs / patterns on shirts[flowers etc :P] *Button-down collars are semi-formals.. A definite NO on the Day when u are supposed to wear a tie! *Checks Shirts are Semi-formals and shirts with big Checks are considered as informal *Stripes are formal unless they are too flashy.. *White Socks are meant only for Sports wear and drag attention.. they are a definite NO for Formal dressing :)

*****Fridays are the days that make u remember that you are not an old man.. but with some.. may be many restrictions :P

*Half Sleeve shirts are allowed *Collared T shirts are also allowed *Jeans Pants are allowed *Sports Shoe are also allowed[w.r.t. Hyd ILP] *If you are wearing Full Sleeve Shirts.. U can roll up the Sleeves on a Friday *All those shirts and shoes which we discussed as semi formals are allowed on friday

Looks like "Wow.. Friday!!"?? Now Lets Discuss the Things to be underlined :P *Whatever dress you wear.. You are supposed to "Tuck In" No matter if u look like a pizza delivery boy with a T shirt tucked into ur Jeans.. :P *No slogans and Text on the T shirts and Shirts on friday *No Flashy Colors in Dresses *No striking patterns and Metal hanging sort of things :P *No Designs.. Logos.. Captions.. Names.. Numbers.. What not.. Anything that makes the dress look informal :P

My sincere Suggestion to guys here.. for the 12 fridays.. better to wear a semi formal shirt with a cotton jeans on! :)

Then coming to Tie.. Tie is mandatory for only one Day in a week.. other days.. It is optional [It is Wednesday to our Batch at Hyd]

If you have Presentations/seminars let it be on a friday.. You are supposed to be in complete and perfect formals [includes tie too] by default

Long Hair[Dhoni style :P] It is ok until u maintain ur hair well without it pointing all over the face :P Dont run ur hand in the hair frequently or else u might be requested[read as ordered] to get ur hair trimmed :P

Now Some Girl Spls *************** Better if some gal gives u the data w.r.t. ur dressing.. Wil mention some stuff from that session.. No further queries abt the ladies stuff plz :P

Loose Hair For gals has the same condition.. If ur hair is well maintained.. U can let ur hair loose too :) :)

Dresses and Footwear for gals.. *Cotton dresses are perfect formals and u can use some mixed materials too *No Dazzles or designs *No Barbie/hello kitty or other symbols *No striking colors including some shades of pink *No Heavy patterns on dresses/bags/footwear *TC that the footwear should nt expose much of the leg.. *Leggings not allowed *Ear rings should be like Ear rings.. not like some kind o' mini chandeliers hanging :P

Some common things to end the post.. ***************************** * Applying oil.. it is ok.. but it should be very light..

bcz very oily hair is considered as informal in corporate life * Body Deo should be light and fresh.. Strong sprays are a definite NO! limit the quantity u spray.. People should not Identify ur presence felt through the perfume u use :P

Daily Shave is a kind o' mandatory thing for Guys..

some1 from Bizskills team or related persons might catch u without a clean shave.. [there wil be language monitors and dressing monitors for some batches in some ILPs] In such cases.. the punishments would be funny+terrible :P -->Wear a tie till the End of ILP is one of 'em

As the ILP is a place where you get to know how to behave in corporate life and the looks and behavior of urs make an impression which is crucial for a good grade in Bizskills evaluation.. Tc of the Language,Dressing and the behavior at ILP..

This following info is for all those People Who think that TCS ILP is a place where you are only supposed to study for a complete span of 60 working days..

TCS-Maitree.. ************ A Dept of TCS which is very very unique in its own way.. :) Initiated in 2002.. With primary objective of conducting activities for bonding associates and their families.. Other than improving the Employee-Family and Employee-Employee Relations..

Social Responsibility of the corporate Employees is made known to TCSers through various activities.. Very Active through out the country.. Apart from the Fun related and stress buster competitions for the employees.. Some Major events organized by Maitree include Walks.. 5K run.. Blood donation camps.. Assisting NGOs.. and many more If Associates are interested in activities like Visits to orphanages etc.. They can put forward their point to the concerned people there :)

We joined in this very month of December and witnessed a Blood donation Camp organised at ILP hyd by the Maitree team in the same month..

Jus Received a mail abt some events of maitree scheduled for ILP @ Hyd.. :) A glance at the mail and u would stop at this part of it :P These are the various events related to Maitree and interested associates can enroll to Participate..

*Poster making - drawing and painting *collage competition *flower decoration - Ikebana *Photography *Essay writing *Creative writing *Story telling *Drama and Skit *Dumb Charades

*Rangoli *Zone decoration *balloons blowing competition..

Nice Platform for masti and also to interact with Fellow TCSers.. Aint it?? :)

3rd & 4th weeks @ILP + a review of 2011 ***************************************** This being my 1st ever experience in the new year.."2012",A Promising year.. in which the very first day is a SUNDAY.. :P :) It Should have Some Special content,which my friends love to read..

Any Guesses abt what this is upto? Yup.. Ur Guess is right.. We are Gonna Kickstart Our Virtual tour of Life@TCS ILP which came to a Halt 2 weeks ago.. :)

Let me Start with wishing all my Lovely Friends here.. A Very Very Happy,Joyous,Prosperous,Healthy And What Not.. I wish u all that this 2012 should be The Year where All your Dreams and Fantasies Come True \m/ :) Now After this Formal Wishes..[TCS ILP finally showing its impact on my posts too ;)]..

Fix your Seat Belts tight.. Lets begin The Roller Coaster Ride from wonderful Present to the beautiful Past..

I somehow am still confused about how things change with time.. On the last sunday which marked the end of 3rd week @ ILP.. I could gather almost nothing to share.. and now I have Loads of memories that I am finding it hard to recollect and adjust in a single post :P :) After all those Wonderful moments.. It is just pretty hard to stop yourself from sharing 'em with friends here.. :)

AUDITORIUM.. Sleep n Smile ********************** As i have already explained.. During the 3rd week..There were not many incidents worth mentioning Except litl sprinkles of fun here and there..

The week was filled with loads of tech sessions and some very less bizskills sessions.. Apart from these.. there were 2 sessions in Audi.. in which one session brought some smiles and the other brought boredom and sleep together.. :P The one which was sleepy was the 1st in those 2.. a demo on knowledge management where the person literally read the content of the ppt like a professional newsreader ;) But It suited him well bcz whenever he tried to speak off the content.. It Resulted in a very poor joke.. We smiled not to his joke but bcz of the way it failed to bring smiles :P

Then the other session in Audi that week was jus b4 the Christmas eve.. Some friends even ended up with Chocolates in hands as rewards for answering some questions :)

The only way we people can manage avoiding sleep would be raising some silly doubts.. But the problem is that u wont be getting doubts unless u listen to 'em which can be a more effective Anaesthesia than your college lectures in putting you to sleep :P

ASSESSMENTS,EVALUATIONS,RESULTS: ******************************* BIZSKILLS: ******** Even the Bizskills sessions during these 2 weeks had a bit more seriousness added to 'em.. The Results of Writing skills and Speaking skills were mailed..

There are 4 grades for these Bizskills evaluations.. *LL0[least] *LL1 *RL1 *RL2[best] RL1 is the minimum grade to be achieved in the final evaluation to clear ILP Bizskills Track.. Faring an RL2 in the very first assessment would leave you with not much scope to portray ur improvement.. N now coming to my results of 1st assessment.. Guess what.. *My Oral Skills Got a RL1 :) *My Written Skills.. It is LL1 :P The Grade must be because of my style was way too informal.. Thereby I can confidently say that i have a proof that shows i can make the content for the most formal situation look damn informal.. jus like this novel which u r reading now :P

Some Funny Snippets from the Bizskills: ---------------------------------------------*I m not gonna give u the details of most funny incidents and approaches in explanation.. Go enjoy it at ILP *We had Roleplay for more than 2 times.. We were ready with content every time but before Our Team got a chance.. the session used to be called off bcz of time constraint :P *These sessions were thoroughly entertaining.. Thanks to my friends [the BIPMers of H88] who displayed their unique styles of dealing situations.. They made it impossible for others to be silent[without smiling].. not even for a span of few seconds <3 :) ->A Top business Secret: Try Persuading the Kids of age less than 5 near ur home.. It'll be the best practice to tackle sticky situations in corporate life :)

->This one was from a situation where Sharada plays role of an angry customer and a team had to persuade her and show a solution *Sharada in frustration starts acting like losing temper A frnd comes in middle:[with attitude] Hey.. Whats Your Problem? :P

-> Sharada uses proxy and some team had to convince her not to use it *A frnd: Why are u using the proxy for fb in TCS? *Sharada: [with childish face] That is what the proxy meant for. .is nt it? :P

JAVA.. We r Gonna Miss u ;) :P ***********************

*Coming to the Tech skills.. We have successfully finished the user interfaces where HTML and Javascript were employed to finish the tasks, Kind o' Completed a bit of Case study and moved to Java.. and Somehow finished it too :P

*Even the Non CS people would feel comfortable with the way the Faculty in ILP teach u the programming languages

*I have found Some People Despite being from the Non CS background..are doing better than the CS people in Java programming.

*We use Eclipse Workbench here.. Get used to it.. P.s. A workbench is a place which not only shows the coding errors dynamically but also offers multiple ways to resolve them.. It looks as if it spoon feeds you w.r.t. coding :)

It looks weird even to me when I type this Line "We are goin to Miss Java" bcz it has been very entertaining to spend lab sessions of Java.. *Most of the times playing with the code trying different exceptions and encountering situations where you simply dont find visible errors but anyways the output is a blank screen or stuff like that :P

The most Dreaded ASSESSMENT TEST on Java: ************************************** *With Some Batches having their assessment tests well b4 ur test and feedback from frnds in those batches.. some people might get tensed abt the seriousness of the Assessment Test.. *But after attempting it.. U'll know how easy it can be.. You just need to be careful with the case study and exercises given to u :)

*Believe me.. The major part of trouble for all of us [at least most of us] was not the coding part.. We were litl bit more than worried abt the documentation part of the test. *We are supposed to start the documentation part, then code for the problem given, finish the documentation by filling the test cases and then submit the code and documentation at a given link. All this has to be done within 90 minutes.. Imagine the ease you'll get by the end of any core skills module.. Almost every1 have completed the coding part well except that the documentation of it was incomplete.

-->A Tip W.r.t. Java books to CS and NCS frnds: *Refer either "Head First Java : by Kathy Sierra" (or) "Core Java: An Integrated Approach : by RNR"

This JAVA assessment test took place on the thursday.. Friday was the last official working day :)

We have already Started doing the Databases related problems from 2-3 days.. glad to have Madan as Tech lead.. Very very Friendly and Pretty talented w.r.t. Core Skills :)

Some Very Special moments of our Batch included the Advance New Year Party on friday which was planned as Team lunch, where we invited our Tech Lead.. And he turned out to be One Cool Person who's more like a frnd than a mentor

A small Suggestion: *Plan As many team outings as possible, Bcz U'll all have a Lovely time together \m/

The Weekend/Month-end/Year-end Surprise: ************************************** Finallyyyyyy.. NEW YEAR BUMPER BONANZA for me from TCS...

A sweet surprise early in the morning of the last working day.. My Payroll dispatched to TCS mail and 15k deposited by noon..

FIRST SALARY.. Very very spl :) Spent the evng @ Mc D and another party with Family in the night.. If you ask how it feels to have the 1st salary in hand.. Eventhough we have Many words of appreciation.. I term it as "Stupendo fantabulous!"

TCS.. You have made my Day. In fact .. You have made my year.. u! :)

To Conclude this Welcome Note for 2012.. I would love to analyze the memories of 2011 in brief.. A year which witnessed every emotion in human life that one can think of! A Wonderful Last Month in the 2011 has been the icing on the cake..

The Most Precious and memorable moments were.. *Finishing Graduation.. *Leaving College which has been my home for Four years :(

*Unique Experience of Working for TCS Campus Recruitment team for 1 and half month even b4 joining TCS officially :P *First Day @ job :) *First Salary :)

But the Best of the moments is: *The moment I started a full time job @ Clique Freshers TCS b4 joining the ILP at TCS which started with @ Would Cherish this moment forever.. It brought me a sweet pain.. A Huge list of TCSers.. I am unable to pick the best whom i can tag personally bcz each and every person is special .. who made this little try from me a Spectacular success.. But I can say this confidently.. Each of u who are reading this post are one of the most special reasons that made me smile <3 :)

2011 Brought in Some Changes.. and few things remained the same :) 2011 beginning =>2012 beginning ---------------------------------------College Student=>Corporate Employee B.V.R.I.T.=>T.C.S. Pocket Money => Salary Friends=>More Friends


Happy=>Happy :D Hyderabad=>Hyderabad

The Lesson that 2011 taught me.. :)

"End of Something Sweet would Always Result in Beginning of Something Great"

1st half of 2011 marked the end of My Beautiful College Life in BVRIT.. :( 2nd half of 2011 marked the beginning of a wonderful corporate Life in TCS :)

KEEP SMILING Guys.. Smile is a Lovely infection that Spreads quicker than any other creation of the Almighty and makes our life a very Beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable Experience <3 <3

Every Story has A beautiful Ending.. If it is not Beautiful.. Then Understand that It is not the End <3 :)

Life without Surprises and Twists is like a Sentence without pauses.. Very very boring! God Might Keep a dot[.] sometimes while writing ur story. It means he's Asking you to add one more dot and make it a continuation[..] just to make sure that ur life is interesting :) In such cases Jus pass the message to the almighty that.. "Picture abhi baaki hai mere dosth!" ;) :) <3 <3 [Movie is nt yet completed my dear friend] ;)

Week 5.. A New Beginning in 2012: **************************** New Year.. New Aspirations.. New Experiences.. Donno y.. But I Thought this Year would bring in more Work and Assessments.. Somehow TCS had Something else for me in its vault :P

A Week Without Assessments.. Without Stress.. And Even Without Work :P :D Ya buddy.. U r Sure to Experience Some Week[may be Weeks] in ur ILP this way :)

Coming to the Week in ILP.. It Started with a monday where we had all the 4 sessions spent in a lab.. By the end of 4 weeks.. TCS has almost allocated a lab to each batch.. 8L4 is a kind o' Den or Adda for the BIPMers now :D Now we almost can go to the lab without even checking the Schedule :P

Tuesday had some Interesting happenings.. The Bizskills sessions which add life to ILP is back with a bang in the new year.. After an almost serious session coming to an end.. Sharada found 2 guys speakin to each other in regional language.. And Instant Reaction.. English Songs to be sung in the class.. One of 'em offered chocolates to whole class instead of English song :P

The Other One managed to sing a bit of song.. the guy who offered chocolates now had no other option than to sing.. Guess what's Next.. My friend has finished the session Singing a Rhyme in English..

So Plz Tc of the Language constraint and get used to it in order to avoid such incidents in ur ILP :)

Wednesday.. one more day with all Labs and We had loads of fun in "our Den".. There were troubles with the Sql server.. So we started some silly discussions on what to be done for the weekend :P :D

Thursday.. My longest ever day in ILP.. Started at 7 am.. Came to an end at 6:15 pm All due to an Extra slot.. D+ Slot we call it. **morning batch has A-,A,B,C slots.. D slot was given for lunch and an extra session in D+ was planned for that day :-| Lots of Happenings.. 2 Sessions in Audi.. These sessions are very different from the regular ones..

The 1st Audi Session: -------------------------It was a different experience because the faculty was given wrong info abt what was to be completed during the session.. :P She was prepared for a session which we have already completed..

So she came up with a Clever idea.. picked up Some1.. Asked him to entertain the audience :P

Singing song was ok but with a condition that it is not "JANA GANA MANA" :P The fun from the guy and his friends on the stage made ppl like me who were abt to sleep wake up and laugh :D She almost wasted 30+ minutes with the guy and his friends.. then finished the ppt :)

then we returned to our Den.. Discussed abt the need of the extended slot and the lunch in between..

*************************************** * The 2nd Audi Session and 1 n only "KRISHNA" * *************************************** This Session made my Day.. And For Some People It might be a Turning point in their approach and Attitude towards life

We never paid much attention towards who's gonna take the Session in audi.. bcz they were almost like drowsy lectures in the College life :P

On seeing the name "Krishna" I recollected the things that I heard during my Campus visits abt this amazing person .. :)

He's the person who came to my college when I was Recruited.. For the Preplacement talk.. Took the interview.. He has his own magical way to make any1 feel comfortable.. Krishna Even attended one of the colleges as part of interview panel when i was working for the HR team in 2012 batch TCS recruitment :)

Imagine the Importance of session.. He Took similar session to any other batch jus once.. 2 Years Back..

Krishna's a Senior Employee with 14+ years of Experience in TCS.. An Equivalent to Rajanna.. Head of Hyd TCS Have Special Close Relationships with Arup.. TCS head of North America, our Present CEO Chandra and almost every imp person in TCS :)

His Session was magical for some and Was jus an interesting session for some.. Jus like the novel you are now reading.. It has its own special impact on people who's paying attention to the content :)

It was a virtual Tour of His Personal Life.. Which will be Inspirational to Every1 who have the luck to hear that :) He Can Even make An Infoscian feel that TCS is the Best place to work :)

Imagine *Getting to know that u are a patient of CANCER in Advanced stage when u r working as Global head of TCS in the domain related to Health Sciences.. *having "a very less chance to survive" type Major surgeries twice.. *A lung taken off your body.. *A voice which was like a loudspeaker turns to a range which is less audible than a whisper in the ears.. *Sudden Desmise of mother and then ur younger brother because of their Worries on ur Health condition *Boarding a Flight which would result in a situation where you have no guarantee that you'll get down alive *Declared That U r no more.. Receive mails from all ur Colleagues with memories with u being recollected

*Living in a situation where your present moment in life can turn out to be your last moment of the life

Krishna Faced All these Things in life.. And to give a more important detail of His Life.. He's from a Lower middle class family from a rural Area in AP.. Completed his education only in the Govt Schools and open universities.. Had BIG DREAMS and Worked His Best to Realize them.. He Was Offered Bigger posts in TCS but he softly declined the offers because he felt that he might not justify the responsibilities due to his health

Inspite of all this tragic incidents in life.. He managed to maintain Humor and interest Throughout the seminar :-|

He had a bit of Luck too.. But always Remember.. Luck favors only those ppl who keep trying to make impossible things possible.. With such a moderate background and Hazardous Health conditions that had huge impact on his economic and Family conditions.. He managed to Work Wonders..

With jus 1 lung in working condition.. Krishna's Daily Schedule Starts at 2:30 to 3 am everyday and he does a 1000 skips everyday.. followed by toughest Yoga postures called "Hatha yoga"

His Conclusion to us was.. If he Can make People Smile and Make impossible tasks possible with his limited energy.. Celebrating every moment of life..

We can make Wonders if we can use the unlimited potential in us in a positive way :)

My Special Interest was bcz.. I have many common qualities with Krishna regarding the approach towards life.. and it was lovely to watch someone with such a unique experience deliver some feelings that are close to ur heart.. :)

Lovely Session Ends on A high Positive note.. Celebrate Every Moment because you are alive and Add Value to mark ur Existence :)

Friday.. 3 tech sessions.. 2 in our Den and 1 in classroom.. Assessment postponed to monday :) And 1 Bizskills Session :) Finally the week ended with an interactive last weekday.. Finalized the plan.. :) We BIPMers have almost made an impact on every other parallel batch.. With info that we are spending more time together.. other batches started planning team outings too :)

Personal Life With A TCSer Tag Added :) ******************************** Never Mentioned abt My Off ILP Life till date.. Even this has changed and Clearly has A TCS impact on it :P All Credits to the Clique Freshers.. Posting Answers to Queries etc was a part of my schedule which made me INSOMNIAC all these days.. I m still Finding it difficult to start by 6 am to reach Q city by 6:45 so that I can be in the session by 7.. :P But it is somewhat less difficult compared to earlier days.. :)

Somehow I have managed for more than a month to start at Midnight 6 to reach ILP on time..[Ya it is still midnight 6 for me.. need time to make it 6 am ;)]

Typing this last line.. I have just realized that its been a month in ILP.. Its been jus Wow! An Experience in which we Cherish Every Single moment.. Got used to the S/w Engineer's Life in one Specific thing.. Passing time [Read as Working ;)] in Office for 5 days.. waiting everyday for the 2 days in weekend to rollback to my old Schedule :)

Coming to my Batch in ILP.. Group activities didnt took only after a 3 week span.. 2011's End Was Marked with the BIPMers[our Batch H88] goin for a group lunch with tech lead to celebrate advance New Year Celebrations.. The New Year promises more memories with the very 1st weekend spent for a trip to Golkonda Fort in Hyd.. Trecking.. Dumb charades.. Awesome Fun :) Now I can Confidently say that By the End of ILP.. Every 1 in the batch will have some everlasting lifelong memories <3 :)

Week 6.. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - 5 :P :P ******************************* If u r in a hurry.. Here's my 6th week in a glimpse.. assessment,teams,project start and Project end by weekend :P

If you have time.. Lets go for the next trip of your virtual tour.. :)

Masth Masth Monday!! ******************

People say that the very Thought of "MONDAY" will scare S/w Engineers.. May be i have not yet realized that i fall into the same genre of weekend waiting Human beings ;) Its One more Eventful week which kickstarted with Monday Mania yet again :P

After a complete week which passed without any assessments tests and viva.. This week the very 1st session had an assessment on SQL waiting for us :)

Thank god there were no half page queries to be written but more queries in less time..It was a very simple test which every1 completed with ease..

Done with the assessment and then we were ready for a much awaited event.. the division of Technical teams.. Spending loads of time on the student capabilities.. Madan divided our H88 into 3 teams with 3 sub teams.. total of 9 groups.. in which a group has 2 r 3 pairs each.. CS NCS factor was still there but it after 5 weeks in ILP, one finds not much difference between them.. Every1 is under a single group named TCS :) Team1:ABC Team2:DEF Team3:GHI Now ABC work on complete project.. which is split into modules between A B and C Team 2,Team 3 are also the same My group is B which has 5 members and i fall into a triplet with 2 other friends who'll work on same module and interact with other members in group and team for the project

Group B interacts with A,C for project team sync and E,H for code copying :P

Tuesday had an orientation on Project in java.. the analysis and design orientation were discussed..After working on it for a day we did the Use case diagrams :) Wednesday.. Some more diagrams.. by the end of the day.. We were almost confident that this week will have a review on the design of the project[only the diagrams] the end of the day had 1 extra slot and Audi was the place..

One More SESSAN in audi: ******************** Last week Audi Session with Krishna changed our view on Audi sessions to a great extent.. but this meet the mentor session brought us back the truth "Everyday is not a sunday" :P After giving papers to technical group representatives to make a ppt on some random case studies..This Session introduced a person with funny accent and A Laugh that can wake u up even from deep sleep.. We kept ourselves Busy laughing,gossiping and playing some Games like Bingo SOS etc :P People Found Fun in the boring session with The way he pronounced certain words.. Session turns to Sessan.. Trends to Trainds.. Gurgaon to Gudhgaaon and most importantly the laugh which sounds like "Hehehahahaha" :D No wonder whenever he laughed it was followed by a mass LOL where some frnds even tried imitating the same laugh :D

TWISTS.. Suspense Thriller Started:

***************************** After Fun on Wednesday.. Things Changed at unexpected pace..

I have earlier mentioned that "Java.. We r Gonna Miss u ;) :P" Seems that the Almighty looked at it as if java n me were some inseparable pair which he separated by mistake.. He brought in JAVA Again and this time with a BANG! We were intimated that we'll be not giving any demo ppt on Design.. but we'll be submitting the project on Java by the weekend as the BIPM stream specific training starts on next Monday :-| So it is like 2 days for the project to be done.. We were asked to work on out individual modules as we had less time and as a result.. It was 2 complete days in which we had less talks and more work..

I went to A Walk with A Blackdog in the Morning: *************************************** Bizskills session was a life saver under the stress.. but the way gals and guys sitting separately could nt go unnoticed and Sharada was a bit more than irritated at rule that tech teams should sit together not being followed.. :-|

After some serious talk.. As she was not in a mood to go as per schedule.. We were asked to play a game.. where we stand as a team and the 1st person wil be given a message and it should be passed to the next member of team in a low tone

No repetitions of the content.. After the message is passed till the end of the row.. The last person was asked to write the message down on the paper..

and then the 3 answers were read along with the original.. Our team was really close to the original.. We didnt expect that we'll laugh like that after the outputs heard

The Funniest of the three was the One which was somewhat like "I saw a black dog in the park,but It is not a dog.. It is a cat"

The actual message was " I went to a walk in the morning with a Black dog to a park while it was raining Cats and Dogs" :P :D

Climax of the Nailbiting Suspense thriller: ********************************* Then came the Freaking Friday.. The day on which we were supposed to submit our modules to madan..

The target in front of us was crystal clear.. We are supposed to finish working and implementing a module which was supposed to take MORE THAN A WEEK.. in Just THREE SESSIONS!! As we have got nothing done till that day.. We sat glued to our Seats.. We have even skipped our breaks.. Took help of Madan Every now and then.. I have got an awesome team i should admit.. We made the Mission impossible.. Possible :) \m/ Happies Endings to the So called Java Project.. :)

With more of the concentration on the Java project.. We did not pay much attention to other happenings in the week.. but the week's end brought the confirmation of the news that Madan would no more be our Tech lead.. We were actually very hopeful about convincing madan to stay back for few more days till we finish ILP.. but he had his reasons which were solid.. His ILP allocation was only till jan 31 and apart from trainings he has no previous hands on experience on BIPM tools.. so he felt he would not justify the role.. It is then that we realized how much we got used to his teaching funda.. even the Non CS frnds gained confidence and overcame fears on programming stuff.. Only soother was that He'll stay in ILP.. coaching a java batch on Java concepts till jan 31st.. With age gap of hardly 3-4 years.. He's more like a friend than a faculty.. We'll miss him badly!

Now to our friends.. what's Ahead is looking more like a Horror flick than a Suspense Thriller! A new Tech lead.. Babita.. Acc to Madan.. Assuming the seniority from the employee id.. she should have at least an experience of 8-9 years.. So it'll not be like learning from a frnd.. BIPM Stream specific training in which we'll work on tools which are completely alien to us.. New Challenges coming up where we get limited guidance as there are not many ppl working on this stream/tools.

To relieve from the weekday stress.. Watched Back 2 Back movies on Saturday.. Getting Ready for The real BIPM.. Hoping that the experience of our new tech lead would wash away the fears and make our ILP move on a smooth path.. Be Positive.. Spread the smile..

Finishing this week's Experience with Warm Wishes on this cool day.. HAPPY SANKRANTHI to u and ur family.. May this festival brings in health and happiness for you all :) And A Day to remember our Real Heroes..64th anniversary of The Indian Army Day.. :)

"For Our Tomorrow, They Give Their Today.." 1 word to Our Great Indian Army.. RESPECT! :)

REPUBLIC DAY SPECIAL: ******************* Here's Something that Adds to the Flavor of Republic day :) My Life @ ILP had one more swift journey glancing at some events during the last 10 days :)

Week 7 and Week 7 1/2 :P ********************* After Successful completion of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE in Week 6.. Change of Tech lead.. Start of BIPM stream Specific training.. These last few days had a lot to offer :)

As I have mentioned in my prev week's post.. I Had an Awesome Weekend b4 the start with the movies and fun stuff with friends and family.. After it is Festival time :) And after the Sankranthi Festival.. It was All Set for the BIPM festival at ILP.. ;)

Hi Babitha.. Bye Babitha :P ********************* This Week Introduced us one of those persons who had Hands On Experience With the BIPM stream.. She Had this special way of teaching the TCSers in which she makes us feel comfortable first before giving us the valuable lessons.. :) With around 8 years of Industry experience.. She has got a perfect mixture of knowledge of "what industry wants" and "How to make people learn and understand" :)

Apart from the Refreshing Bizskills Sessions.. The tech sessions were also fun :)

We were made to revise the Database and SQL concepts b4 the BIPM concepts were discussed.. Tools that are going to be taught as a part of curriculum are Informatica and BO..

This week has another farewell :-| Babitha whom we expected to finish things off for BIPMers turned out to be a visiting faculty for a week..And hearing this we were little Depressed.. Who would want to lose a Tech lead who asks us to talk to each other for 45 min in class just because we looked drowsy.. ? She shared some very important aspects of stream before she bid goodbye :)

Babitha's now replaced with Suma who's equally skilled w.r.t. the stream knowledge..And we are now getting to understand how to use these tools in handling huge amounts of data :)

People Who feel ILP is a place where Tech Leads are ur Boss And U'll be like an employee in their office when they are in ur ILP class.. Buddies.. Chillax.. It is entirely wrong assumption :) Both my tech leads.. Madan and Babitha were like True Friends who mingled with the employees.. Cleared off the fears and make us Industry ready in every aspect :)

My Maggi PPT [2 minutes presentation]: ********************************* Tuesday looked more scary than monday bcz of this session.. PPTs using Ultimatix content! Many rules like.. *Use only ultimatix content *Presentation to be finished in 4 minutes Flat

PPT without Google and other external content.. Very very tough! We had no content to present even on the start of the day.. So what we did was take ppts from previous batches.. ctrl+c.. ctrl+v.. Edit.. give some spl touches and present it :) Fortunately our PPT was the 2nd that day.. we had fears that other batches might have followed what we have done and get similar slides :P Every1 was worrying whether 4 minutes would be enough to present the ppt on some case study within 4 minutes and what I did was completely the opposite.. :P My PPT ended faster than the most famous Maggi noodles.. in just 2 minutes :)

We presented these PPTs in front of SURYA.. one of the most senior employees in TCS.. "21 years in TCS".. Thats something worth saying Wow!

Some funny glimpses of the ppts were:

*PPT goes on.. Surya says "your 4 minutes is completed" and the person gives a funny look and carries on just to conclude it :P

*whenever there's 1 minute left.. he used to say.. 1 minute.. and some ppl giving PPT stopped as if he asked for a break for 1 minute

*One team started PPT by this unusual beginning.. "Sorry.. But 1 of the teams has already presented a PPT with our slides" :P

*A person giving Presentation says Next slide please for every slide.. Seriously repeats it for one slide and then Comes a Slide with "THANK YOU"..

He gives a puzzled expression and says thanq.. smiles all around :D

2 Audi Sessions in which I Didnt sleep :) ********************************* After the Krishna's Most memorable Session longback.. Audi Sessions were again like sleeping periods.. But Thank God.. This week had witnessed 2 Brilliant sessions in Audi..!

1st of them was from Dheerendra.. The ISU Man! :P He has the magnificent skill of bringing humor into the serious security issues that he discusses :) For example.. Acc to him.. The assets we safeguard at our home with the lock includes Brush.. Paste.. Tongue cleaners etc :P The session was full of smiles and imp info on Information security measures at TCS :)

NIMESH.. The Backbencher :P ************************ The 2nd session was on Friday.. Once again a brilliant finish to a week.. It was supposed to be taken by TCS Hyd HR head.. But Surprisingly it was taken by Nimesh.. the Hyderabad Maitree Lead!

And Man! What a Session it was.. :D

We had a deep look into the TCS MAITREE and its activities.. And Buddies.. Trust me.. Maitree is the Best thing that can happen for a TCSer :)

All the clubs at TCS offices have their own impact.. Along with the TCSers helping out each other.. It also concentrated on Building up good relationship amongst them and their families and embed social responsibility in every TCSer.. :)

Nimesh Rocked with his Sharp n Spontaneous Intelligent one liners like:

*I was a Notorious Last Bencher in my college days..

*I know What is Happening at that last row.. Sorry.. I m not going to let u sleep today..

* Dont Use TATA Logo everywhere.. I saw a TCSer using our Logo in his Marriage Banners :P

The Best of 'em is.. In a Discussion on "The Speciality of Tata Indica" He asked if any1 here is a Mech Engineer.. He looked at some hands rising and then posed a Q on Indica's Engine.. Then A guy raised his hand.. Nimesh pointed at him for the answer and the guy looks at nimesh with a puzzled look.. On asking.. The guy says he lifted the hand because he's From MECH :D

Nimesh: "Mr.Mechanical Engineer.. Good Morning!!" Every1 laughed on hearing this and Nimesh Instantly Asked him a Q which we least expected.. and every1 including the Mech guy could nt stop Laughing Harder..

"Please Tell Me How Does An Induction Motor Starts!" :P :D

[For those Who didnt understand this.. plz Refer Audi Scene in 3-Idiots/Nanban]

The week thus Ends on a Very High Note.. We actually Expected the week to have the Saturday as Working day and the friday after republic day as holiday.. But Mumbai corporate team didnt accept ILP hyd people's proposal.. Some of the faculty had to cancel their adv. Reservations too :P

The Lilliput Week :P ***************** I called This week after my 7th week @ TCS as "a lilliput week" because u have a 3 working days followed by a holiday and then a Freaking Friday followed by weekend :D Even the Experience would be as short as the week is ;)

We stepped into more Serious BIPM stuff.. Started working on the tools.. Surprisingly.. It is Drag and Drop of almost everyting .. :P

All u have to do is to use ur Little brain only for sometime.. Finish the task in a fairly less time and take rest or chat for the rest of the session :)

There were 2 Audi Sessions from the Experienced Surya too..but these were not as effective as the Sessions in the week 7.. They were like a School headmaster giving speeches to the school kids :P Strict through out.. Wanted Pin Drop silence..

More Concentration on Content.. Even the Content was filled with the TATA's values and their business excellence..

What else can we expect from a person who joined TCS before some of us were born :D

Anyhow these sessions were impressive too.. We Came to know that He's the person who did the website for The Famous South Indian temple of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala Tiruapati.. on Behalf of our TCS.. "FOR FREE" :)

He also cited Examples of How TATA Brand is mixed with our Daily life and how our Day doesnt end without having a Glance at the TATA logo :D

He mentioned many Fields in which TATAs are not only the leaders.. But also the Pioneers.. We lead the Change.. The reasons behind the start of Some TATA industreis were Billiant :) Some Inspiring examples of TCSers completing project in Kashmir for the Govt. under Extreme conditions.. etc were awesome and they make us feel wonderful of being in the same reputed and trustworthy organization :)

U'll Come Out of the audi with many more reasons that make u a Proud of being called a TCSer :)

One More day.. The most awaited Friday to be Added to the Lilliput week.. and then Its one more weekend :D

Wish u all a Happy Republic Day!

Finishing it off with a simple tag..

"Proud to be An INDIAN.. Proud to be A TCSer..!" \m/ \m/ :)

Freaking Friday of the Lilliput Week: ***************************** Donno How So much could Happen on A Single Day.. I jus mentioned it casually as "A Freaking Friday" in my REPUBLIC DAY SPECIAL post.. but Surprisingly it stood to the name i Gave it!

Nothing was Acc to plan on Friday..

The Pleasant Surprise ****************** The 1st thing that Friday offered the ILP trainees at hyd is an unusual option..

It changes the view that most of us have "If TCS makes a decision About ur location.. Its Final n u cannot change it" No Such Filmy dialogues.. Not any more :P

As U all Know by now.. I m in a Batch which is pre mapped to Hyd.. Most of us tend to check our TCS mails only on working days and that too when we are feeling bore in office.. so all the mails which hit our inbox after we leave the office are only seen when we go back to office ;)

One such mail came with a Pleasant Surprise on 25th from TCS to the trainees about a new Choice on our Post ILP location which is as follows:

People who want to change the location to KOCHIN.. Can inform the ILP co-ordinators through their CRs by end of Friday and the location change will be taken care of! :P

Saw Some people asking their friends abt Kochi.. Some friends took an advance step and started a poll on which would be better.. Hyd / Kochi :P

All this happened bcz the tools which we were supposed to work on did nt open bcz of licence expiry and as BIPM training is very specific on the tools to work with.. We had nothing to do.. So What all We did was Writing some test cases and passing time Chitchatting and Using JustAsk from Ultimatix :)

For people who have nt used JustAsk.. It is much like the FB chat threads in ultimatix where u can pose a Question and get the related answer.. But the major diff is that the TCS officials can track all the history of questions and answers and comments of any person in JustAsk And one more Serious thing is that the Content.. Q r Answer r Comment posted in JustAsk has no undo or delete option All this has not stop the TCSers from asking Silly Questions and giving witty answers.. :D

Along with Genuine TCS stuff You can find questions and answers like..

"Is it a big crime to stay Single????? Y people are forced for marriage??"

*Happiness is not the only thing in life..! :P

The Unexpected Shock ******************** During the Tech session.. We planned our Time pass in JustAsk and Chatting along with the Given Test cases but The Freaking Friday Strikes Hard.. Our Tech lead had a different plan.. She Thought that this was the perfect time for her to do something that we least expected :-|

She started calling the Groups in our batch one by one.. [Group=> 5-6 member teams assigned with some module in project] The First one was Group A.. From what all I could hear.. I made it out that she was picking some1 from the group as The Group lead.. Within a minute it is my Group[Group-B] called for the same.. So to avoid the attention I went to her as late as possible as last member to join the group.. But somehow she Decided to pick this late comer[me] as the Lead.. If I have known that coming late would gimme this tag.. I would have been the 1st one there.. :-| she then asked me if it is ok for me to be the group lead..

After some hesitant looks from me and confirming looks from other members.. I had to say "Yes!"

This is one of those Yes.. Which brings in with it that Extra bit of Responsibility.. so.. the next 5 weeks at ILP would demand responsibility from me and make me stay back for some extra works and meetings..

After this techie session We were Expecting a refreshing bizskills fun learning stuff.. But Once again the friday strikes..! Sharada was on leave and we had to pass the time taking some quiz from ultimatix and knowmax.. After the Boring Quiz etc in that session.. we had a final tech session in which I Failed to stop my group members who started pulling my leg by calling me "Mr.Group Leader.. Do this.. Do that.. :P" I managed to spend some time on Test cases and Finished the day at ILP!

The Thriller Does nt End.. The 2 Twists! ********************************* Even though My Day in ILP is done and I was Ready for a Weekend to Refresh.. BANG! Came A Twist that Ruined my Weekend Mood.. I almost reached my home only to notice that the tag which held my TCS ID Card is now hanging without the ID CARD!! :(

Its True that u wont understand the value of something until its lost..! In one Split Second.. I came to understand the value of the ID card. Without that piece of identity with me.. I'll not be able to enter Q-City ILP.. No Access card at the entrance.. No attendance recorded! Spending some Extra bucks for duplicate id card.. Explanations to be given for the loss of Card.. Some Remarks made in ILP reports etc..

I Spent some nervous moments thinking abt where could I Lose the card which was with me until i came out of ILP. Then Disgusted with Myself.. I Made some calls to friends and faculty to know the process to apply for Duplicate ID. But here comes the second twist that made my day.. My friend who dropped me on his bike till half the way..called me back after he reached his home..

"Donno How but I found Ur ID Card hanging to the corner of my Bag!" Imagine my expression after hearing that..! :P :D The Card Could not Find A More Stupid Location To be Found at! :P :P Anyways Thank God..! :) It stuck to the bag and did nt drop anywhere till he reached his home.. :) With this Stupid thriller.. the Lilliput Week comes to an end. This last one day.. Added More Experiences than all the other days put together for the week..!

Can See that there are New Challenges and Responsibilities Waiting for me from the next week.. Getting Ready to Face 'em all with a Smile.. :)

The 1st Week of the Month of Love! <3 ******************************** I can term this week as a Complete Different experience from my usual days at ILP till date..

All Mondays are Not the Same :-| ---------------------------------------I have had best possible mondays every week.. But this 9th week at ILP had the worst possible start..

I attended the ILP sessions on Monday and Fell Ill.. Visited doc in ILP center.. Yup.. U have a doc in ILP at specific timings to tc of medical emergencies of trainees!

I have Spent almost the whole Monday with a sleepy face.. tired bcz of vomitings which further resulted in Worst possible illness for a chatterbox like me.. Throat Infection that makes u stay silent all day :-| Thanx to the Bizskills session.. The day Ends with a Refreshing Teamwork activity :)

Decision to Respect & Save the Faculty in my Student Life..! ------------------------------------------------------------------As u all have observed.. I have never been Absent or took leave in ILP till date..

I finally decided to take a leave on Tuesday.. for 3 reasons :D *U have 2 sick and 1 casual leave to be used in ILP.. Why to waste 'em all ? :P *Taking rest for a day to recover from my illness :) and the major reason is *To Show Respect & Save the Faculty in my Student Life! :P

I always had this tag with me all my student life that.. Raj is "Regularly Irregular" ;)

Now If I attend the sessions of ILP with 100% attendance.. Some ppl might feel bad

and some people might face a brutal shock that A student who attends only exams and labs in graduation attended all days of ILP without any leave.. :P So to safeguard their health.. A leave in ILP looked Apt ;)

Spent the day with family.. On a working day.. Waking up early.. and then going back to bed without worry of office.. and then wake up again in noon .. very refreshing indeed.. :) :D

Grand Welcome Back to ILP: -------------------------------After Taking rest in the very beginning of the week and missing a day in ILP.. TCS welcomed me back with a surprise.. Diagnosis on Informatica!

Before that.. We had a Bizskills session to start with in which we worked on audience orientation..

Sharada brought in her friend who played roles of almost every1 related to ILP.. The HR TSR, The Co-ordinators Nikhil and Durga.. And Even The Role of Sharada herself :Pand it was fun with her witty comments and instantaneous and situational humor :)

And With A stressful second session.. I managed to finish the pending work within time

Much to my pleasure.. The diagnosis turned out to be a simple status check and verification of whether the work we did is on par with the schedule along with small tech viva.. :)

The Next day had Tech sessions where we worked on BO and also an interesting session in Audi.

The ISU man Visits Again.. :P :D -------------------------------------It seems that we ppl got used to the fun in Audi whenever Dheerendra Comes to take a session :)

This week's uniqueness had the impact on this audi session too.. It was a completely different compared to other sessions of dheerendra where he entertained us.. talking almost through out the session.. But we had a bigger dose of Fun element :)

After asking some Questions and finding none of us taking initiative in answering even simple queries like "what is hacking?".. He decided to use the audi session as a practice session for presentation skills in which each trainee would come on to the dias and speak few lines about Our Native place.. College.. Likes n Dislikes abt TCS.. and Ambition in life..

Initially Dheerendra picked up trainees one by one to come as none volunteered and later on it was like 2 to 3 ppl standing up as soon as the trainee on dias completes :P

Some Funny moments included:

*Dheerendra imitating the funny mannerisms of trainees who are speaking on dias :P

*One Trainee Said "I want to be an Entrepreneur and I m waiting for some1 to PRODUCE me" ;)

*One of my collegemates spoke abt the monkeys in the forest that we pass across while going to college and ended up saying.. "we have a jungle On the way to our college And there we have.. monkeys" And people started laughing as if they found monkeys in college instead of jungle ;)

*A line from a student of diff college.. " U find monkeys while going to BVRIT.. u'll find lions while going to my college.. Students of our college" ;)

*One of my friends Said " I Like TCS bcz it gives free coffee in breaks.. What I dislike is The coffee tastes bad!" :P

I was one among the last students who went to address the friends..

" I m Rajesh.. Frnds call me Raj.. I m from a village near Nuzwid.. town of mangoes As a months baby.. I came to the city of Biryani and Love.. Hyderabad! I love the values and ethics of the company and the way TCS plays a signifant role in development of country" Regarding Dislike I brought an issue of security check machines to Dheerendra's notice and then Some1 was keen to know my ambition in Life..

My reply was "I have wasted my CAT score of 96.3%ile last year and not attended any other company.. Just to Join TCS.. I would try my hand at MBA after 3 years of experience in TCS.. and want to be a Member of Senior management in an MNC and make my mark there"

One of my friends who knew my love for TCS heard MNC replacing TCS in my answer and Asked immediately from the audience.. "MNC??"

I said "Yup.. It Should be an MNC.. And Who knows.. I might even end up as an Entrepreneur" :)

I love TCS.. but who knows about the happenings in future.. And how many ppl marry their Love? So No Commitments as of now.. As I dont like breaking a Commitment :)

Dheerendra closed the session with a speed walkthrough of the ppt in 10 minutes :)

Funfilled Friday.. :D ----------------------With Experience of Freaking friday last week.. The very thought of friday brought in more Excitement :) The 1st session which was supposed to be taken by sharada brought in a surprise.. and we all loved it <3 :) Sharada was absent and asked one of her colleagues to take care of that session.. and he made the session an absolutely enjoyable session :)

Some of his Funny experiences which he shared with us were very witty..

* He used to go to a Class where the CR's name was Samba.. And his first question to CR regarding the headcount of students present would be..

"Arre o Samba.. Kitn...e Aadmi they?" :P

*Discussing abt the impact of mother tongue on our English.. He said that Some1 came to him with sweat all over the face.. and on asking reason for that the answer was.. "I came here Running running.."

Then he asked the person.. "oh! So are you Panting panting??" :P

Then We had a practical application of audience orientation by playing skits.. Our Team had a GD discussing abt the points and then based on the points we discussed.. the other teams played skits on same situation given w.r.t. diff audience :)

Some of the funny moments in skits:

*Whenever some1 speaks with low voice.. we taunted them by shouting "LOUDER" and "Are you ppl gossipping r what??" :P College memories come fresh to life with such things :)

*A witty conversation in Skit: A friend playing HR asks: "Is it bcz of ur problem or ur Tech lead problem?" Another Friend answers politely: "System Problem" :P :D

*There were some situational comedy in skits too.. Friends playing roles of management ppl gave answers like "So what??" "Raise a Ticket" These were followed by loud cheers :D Had Fun all day long.. :)

This week did not got the brightest beginning but It brought in Happy moments in the second half :)

We got to know our Release date.. It is 24th Feb :) High Expectations on the last 3 weeks of ILP.. !! <3

Fingers Crossed :)

The Week Before the Valentine's day.. <3 *********************************** After the fun filled Friday in the 1st week of Feb..

we had Just 3 more weeks in Q-city and lots of stuff to be done yet..!! Any1 can easily Guess that these 3 weeks would be the most Hectic days of ILP.. Lets see How Hectic the 1st of those 3 Weeks was ;)

Begin with a BANG!! ------------------------

With the faculty giving hints that the coming days will be full of presentations.. tests.. viva etc on Friday.. I went to ILP with a prepared mindset that Fun at ILP would surely gonna take a backseat from today..

But TCS remains an expert in helping us to "Experience Uncertainty" :P

The week took a Kick start with rocket speed as I enjoyed My Best Ever Monday morning in ILP :)

The Very 1st thing that we came to know on monday was.. "Sharada is Absent".. So some1 would be sent to engage the class for the time being!

Imagine how would one react on knowing that the Bizskills session which we feel as the stress buster of ILP is cancelled on the very 1st session of the week.. :-|

Interestingly Our Tech lead Suma came to the class to take over the class.. :) We need BI tools to practice technical stuff and it was a plain classroom and not a TR with systems.. :)

So we had no tools to work on! :P

It was Actually a Team Dynamics session which had a team Activity to take place in Bizskills that was cancelled.

Suma Replaced it with another Team Activity.. which we least Expected <3

DUMB CHARADES, SONGS, TRUTH or DARE -------------------------------------------------A session of almost 2 hours.. Full of Masti! :D Every1 from our Batch had to send a team member to enact a movie name given by another group.. This was the 1st ever time that we shouted silly guesses.. using mother tongue very often in an ILP class room with the faculty joining us in the same :D

With some people showcasing their acting talent and the guessing capabilities put to test.. Dumb charades was real fun! :)

I Tried to Scare My Batch mates :P --------------------------------------After every group had their chance done.. Suma asked us to sing songs in class :)

With that the Session went deeper into the treasure hunt for Fun! :D

Every1 had a feeling of shy initially.. but as time passed by.. they started discussing what to sing.. :) 1st song to come up was the recent hit which a bunch of friends sang with chorus..

"Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di!" with everything including papaa pappaa.. ;)

Then I decided to scare my friends with a solo song.. I picked up one of my all time favorites to present.. "Telusaa.. Manasaa.." From Criminal [North Indian Buddies refer it as "Tum mile.. Dil khile.." from Criminal] My song was followed by loud claps from the friends..

Donno if that was for the singing or stopping ;)

Then the songs which followed included.. an english rap song from a telugu movie :P Melodies from ye maaya chesaave [original of ek deewana tha] , ROJA and Happy Days :)

Specials of the session were Local folk songs from 2 of my buddies.. "Thaati chettekkalevu.. Thaatikallu thempalevu" :P Loved it <3

My Batch mates Tried to Scare me :P -------------------------------------------

Then after the singers of the batch ended their expedition.. We decided to play truth or dare.. Suma decided to call Random Serial numbers from 1 to 50.. Who should pick truth or Dare.. and guess what.. The very first person to face the encounter from my friends was "Myself" :P

Knowing that picking Dare would be like declaring an open dance show or proposal to some1.. I picked truth.. My friends tried shooting different questions.. which included.. "Who's The Special Person To whom u dedicate the song u sang today?" :P

I tactfully answered all the questions that one of my friends said that my answers were too hypothetical ;) But i managed a very narrow escape.. :)

Then I used the same game in posing questions to the next LUCKY ppl who were chosen to be the victim ;)

The Best Ever Funfilled Session.. Jus wow! and then Finally It ended giving us loads of energy to finish the ILP :)

The session was followed by 3 continuous tech sessions which were dedicated to practice.. practice and more practice :P

2 Sessions in Audi.. Very Crisp!

-----------------------------------The Tuesday Came with an audi session and 3 tech sessions.. Wednesday had a copy cat schedule of an audi + 3 tech sessions jus like tuesday :D Both the days had tech sessions with serious practice on our Techni tools and the audi sessions were Very Very Crisp..

Tuesday's Audi session was the shortest ever in ILP.. Faculty was given wrong intimation regarding timetable.. thereby she came 30 min late.. She delivered a quick session abt Health and SE of TCS and allowed the trainees to leave half an hour early than the end of session :D

Wednesday's Audi Session had some funny moments like a Q & Answer session where the person giving right answer was awarded with A Chocolate ;)

some Funny bits included..:

*Person taking the session says: Now I shall Ask u some Questions.. Will u answer..?? Some1 shouts..: "OPTIONS PLEASE" :P

*What would Follow ILP ?? [she was expecting the answer as CLP(continuous learning process)] and the Answer I gave was Loud Enough for every1 in audi to laugh..


Our First EXIT TEST:. -------------------------

The beginning of week was funfilled .. but as we kept getting close to the weekend.. the seriousness gradually took over the fun and there we are..

The first Exit test of ILP.. Written skills module..

The days in which we were confused with the entries and exits of the maze Q-city in Hyd are still fresh in my memory.. And now we are writing the Exit test of a module.. :P

There's Nothing to panic abt the Exit Tests in ILP.. the faculty here ensure you abt this before you start the Test.. They assure you that they'll see how well have you utilized the resources in ILP and Improved ur Skills and thats the only thing they are looking for.. :)

My WS Exit test went very well.. I can see the change myself too.. I am an expert in writing any formal content in a way that it looks the most informal! :P

But I can now write some Good Business content too.. Thanx to Sharada and the sessions in ILP that brought in this change :)

Surprise Surprise: ------------------------

The Weekend was filled with Techni Sessions as usual.. with one last session of Bizskills.. where Sharada gave a Demonstration of How to present an official status report or any other official presentations..

Then Came an announcement that we are supposed to give a Presentation on PSR on the coming monday.. And Because of Some instructions from ILP Trivendrum .. That would be our Oral Skills EXIT TEST! So the Week Ends on a serious note.. 12 more days at ILP.. Every1 will Go thru this Cycle for sure.. Waiting for JL.. Then Waiting for DOJ to start ILP.. Then Waiting for End of ILP.. But by the time u get close to the end.. U'll Somehow start loving almost everything at ILP.. Gonna miss the fun for sure.. Mixed feelings..!

Hoping for the Best to Happen.. Ending the week with a smile :)