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Geography: Case Studies

By John

1.Sustainable development
2.Drought in Sudan
3.Flood in Bangladesh
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Rob the

Sustainable Development

• National park aims: Conservation, recreation and locals

• Sustainable development: Developing a area for the needs of
today and future generations.
• Snowdonia needs to be protected because of the mountains,
rivers, forests, lakes, rare plants/animals and pretty villages
Conflicts solutions

Footpath erosion by New paths from hard

walkers natural stone £100per
Rare plants being Fence off the rare
eaten by sheep plants
Villages busy and Car parks outside
more traffic village and better
public transport
The café being built The café is made
from natural stone
and a sloped roof
The ground has
cracked up
The civil war
What it is like
Climate hazard

Causes: Drought, crops die, overgrazing, civil war,

deforestation and best land used for cash

Responses: International, food, clean water ,medicines

and doctors, seeds
• Effects: poor roads, malnutrition starvation, famine
100,000 died in 1998, refugees ,disease
• Prevention: stop civil war predict weather and save
food for bad times international response irrigation
channels and better roads
The cities are

The houses are


Or make rafts
People have to swim
Flooding in Bangladesh

• Causes heavy monsoon rains, massive river delta,

low flat country , deforestation, growing population
and cyclones
• So many people live there because of the fertile soil
and the flood brings water
• Effects 3000 people were killed many were
electrocuted , 25 million were homeless, 80% of
land was covered in water, crops and livestock were
ruined railways/roads were swept away and there
was no clean water that led to dehydration and
• Reponses emergency aid, build houses on stilts,
embankments to protect the towns and cities, dams
,flood shelters and flood warning systems.