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Examination B.E.(Computer Engineering) Class XII Class X Year 2011-2015 2011 2009 Board/University Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Central Board of Secondary Education(C.B.S.E.) Central Board of Secondary Education(C.B.S.E.) Percentage 71.93% 87.80% 90.80%


Secured 4062 All India Rank and 399 State Rank in AIEEE (top 0.5%). Secured 8371 All India Rank in IITJEE (top 2%). Awarded scholarship for academic excellence in Std X with 50% fee waiver in Std. XI and XII. 2011 2011 2009

Programming Languages: C, C++. Scripting Language : Bash(basic), Python(basic). Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac OS X. IT Constructs: Data Structures. Web Development : HTML, Javascript, CSS, Jquery. Database Management System : MySQL. Others: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Gimp.

Administrator, Codechef NSIT Campus Chapter. Responsible for conducting intra-college and inter-college coding contest. Current Strength of the group is 1000+. Coordinator, Technozion12, NIT Warangal. Regional Organiser of National Programming League , Technozion12.

Product Development (Group Project: 2 members): Under the guidance of Manu Sheel Gupta (Founder of SEETA and Co-Founder of Aspiring Investments Corp.). Developed a hybrid mobile/tablet Alarm Clock application using PhoneGap, an open source framework for developing platform independent applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Implemented In-App Purchase System in Google Store and Apple Store. Learned the concepts of concurrent version systems. Configured a software project repository at Github. Integrated DropBox API in Android and iOS applications to implement Upload and Download functionalities and Sync services with DropBox. ONGOING: Investigated an efficient system for printing files and implementing an Automated Framework for printing using CUPS (an open source printing system for UNIX) that can be used to order and print files shared remotely via Dropbox.


Currently ranked 16 th algorithmic programmer in India in Codechef Long Challenges. Solved 200+ problems on Codechef and have won a prize for being in the top 20 in MARCH13 Long Challenge . Username: tussharsingh13 Ranked 571 (40 th in India) in qualification round and 1255 in 1 st round in Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 (among 11k+ participants). Ranked 2298 (122 nd in India) in qualification round in Google Code Jam 2013 (among 21k+ participants). Winner of Switch Programming event in AEON13, Delhi Technological Universitys tech-fest. SAARC13 : An algorithmic contest in which our team was ranked 75 out of 256 teams that participated. ACM-ICPC12 : An algorithmic contest in which our team was ranked 131 out of 273 teams that participated. Organized Code-Battle (an on-site coding contest) in Innovision12 (NSITs tech-fest ) with more than 100 participants. Organized Code-Zilla 2013 (an online coding contest on Codechef) in Innovision13 (NSITs tech-fest) with more than 350 participants. Active Member of Computer Society of India (CSI), NSIT.

Algorithms and Data Structures. Algorithmic Programming Contests. Cryptography and Online Security. Listening Music.

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology