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Review and Comments

Ref: - SJEPL Submittal SJEPL/ASP/2-419 dated 2nd july2013 Reg: - Review of source LRPC strand Reference to above source details of LRPC strand has reviewed with following comments as tabulated bellow. General Details:The requirements for manufacture, supply and testing of uncoated, stress relieved low relaxation seven ply steel strands for prestressed concrete, the Low relaxation strand, when initially loaded to 70 percent of specified minimum breaking strength of the strand shall have relaxation losses of not more than 1.8 percent after 100 h and not more than 2.5 percent after 1 000 h when tested. The approval of source depends upon fulfillment of the all criteria in general:Source details M/s Usha Martin Ltd. Address Work office Ranchi, HOKolkata Company Profile Attached In-house test report Attached Witness of the test Third party test Remarks

Done by PMC and Conducted EPC representative Ok Done by PMC and EPC representative.

Dhar MP, M/s TATA Dattepara road Attached Steel Ltd. - Kolkata Test Details: - (Physical test witnessed) Source details For 15.2 mm dia M/s Usha Martin Ltd. M/s TATA Steel Ltd. Noted :- (*) Nominal dia. (mm) +0.66, -0.15 15.35 Nominal mass (kg/km) 1102



Nominal area of strand (mm2) 140

0.2% proof load (KN) Min 234.6

Breaking strength (KN) 260.7

Elongation (%)

Remarks As per IS 14268 , class -II

Max. 5%





4.3 Ok (*)



Not tested




1) Some of the physical parameters have not been tested i.e. Lay length(mm), difference of outer wire w.r.t. core diameter of wire (%), Modulus of Elasticity E (kg/mm2) and Relaxation

In-house /Manufacturer Test Details:Physical and Chemical composition of material of both sources have been tested with full satisfaction of IS 14268-1995, hence it is considered to be in order. Criteria for Conformity:Any sample fail any of the tests, by agreement between the manufacturer and the purchaser, two additional test samples from the same end of the same coil shall be taken and subjected to the test or tests in which the original sample failed, both additional samples pass the test or tests, the coil from which they were taken shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of this standard. The coil should be securely strapped to prevent distortion of the coil in transit and unless otherwise Specified the coil shall be protected against damage in transit by wrapping with hessian. Water soluble oil may be applied on strands. Marking:Each pack carries a label giving the following details: a) Indication of the source of manufacture b) Coil number c) Nominal diameter of strand d) Class, where applicable. Strand should be supplied in reels or in reel less manufacturers or producers may be obtained from Packs having a minimum core diameter of 600 mm Conclusion /Comment:The sources of low relaxation prestressed concrete (LRPC) Strand M/s Usha Martin Ltd. and M/s TATA Steel Ltd should be considered in order subject to fulfillment of test witness for the following parameters which are not tested during selection of source by PMC representative and EPC representative i.e. Lay length (mm), difference of outer wire w.r.t. core diameter of wire (%), Modulus of Elasticity E (kg/mm2). Further the most important property of LRPC relaxation losses has no where attached with this report. Therefore it is suggested that concessionaire may ask to manufacturer to provide the relaxation of LRPC for the satisfaction of IS: 14268.

Sudhir Kumar SQME (IE)