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Personally, I believe that rules should be: school-wide not gender-wide, fair for everyone, easy to

understand and follow, and most of all universal that fulfill with every single students right - regardless of their ethnic, races, social and cultural background.
These are some of the rules that I believe we can enforce in classroom: 1. Hands off/Feet off 2. Be attentive to teacher instructions 3. Do your best to learn 4. Be accountable for your words and actions 5. Do your part to keep your school safe

State each rule and give a brief explanation why you have chosen this rule:
1. Hands off/Feet off: This is school-wide rule and its intention is to keep student safe at all the time. 2. Be attentive to teacher instructions Following this rule will increase the class efficiency by cutting down time wasted for repeating instructions. 3. Do your best to learn It is students responsibility to learn and teachers to teach. Student should seek for help and support whenever they feel is it needed. 4. Be accountable for your words and actions Blame solves nothing. Accountable person is a proactive person not a reactive. He/she does not bring excuses for his/her wrongdoing. Instead he/she takes ownership for them. 5. Do your part to keep your school safe. Students are expected to respond and report any of sort of vandalism on the premises, Uttering a threat , possessing alcohol or illegal drugs, bulling to their principal doing so, definitely will keep their school safe and better place and consequently protect the lives of every individuals.

At this point in your career, do you believe that student should participate in the setting of the rules? Why or why not?

I dont think it would be appropriate for them to participate because of the conflict in inter est. But it is good to make them aware and understand why we have chosen these rules.

Identify and briefly describe 6 procedures that you feel would be valuable in managing your classroom.
1. Passing hand-out and materials for math problems I prefer to select a couple of students as volunteer for passing a sheet or distribute material. And I usually try to pick students that they are well-behaved. Sometime I may decide to use student with misbehavior issue just to balance their extra energy and use it in proper way. I do this method so I dont have to interrupt the lesson and also to avoid making any noises. 2. Bring required material to classroom Student are required to check their agenda and bring the required materials that teacher was asked them to bring in advance. It is good to teach student to be organized, it will also help the teacher to use the class time for teaching a lesson rather than spending time on small issues. 3. Using the washroom Take permission for leaving the classroom, fill up the washroom sheet, take the hall pass, return the hall pass after you used the washroom and return to your seat quietly. 4. How to get teachers attention Raise your hand, speak when your teacher responded by his/her eye contact or face expression, address your teacher with Mr. or Mrs. Or Miss and followed by last name.

5. Lining up 2 min before the bell ring, teacher will ask student to stand up, push forward your chair, first group will line in one row and then second group will line up parallel to them. Teacher have already selected and grouped the student in 2 groups. First group are usually the one whos closer to exit door. 6. Fire drill procedure Use the lining up procedure, turn off the lights, leave the school quietly and position outside the school in designated area for your classroom, fire drill Marshall(assigned by a teacher) will pass the total number of the student to the principal and finally everyone will return to their classroom in same manner that they left the classroom.