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KOHLER ENGINE OWNER’S MANUAL MODELS: K91, K141, K161, K181 HORIZONTAL CRANKSHAFT ENGINES @ orenatina mstRucTIONS @ wanrenance scneoure @ siawrenance procepune @ Pants wweNTiFIcaTION @ Pants onveninc OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS PRE-START INSTRUCTIONS . LUBRICATING OWL FUEL USE CLEAN, FRESH, sae. 30 REGULAR GRADE. GA5- | OLINE.--00 NOT 0° ie Or WET FUEL SAE 10¥-30 oF SAE 54-20 Use apr SERVICE = as oI ‘AIR CLEANER, Dry TYPE IL BATH TYPE ELERENT FILL TO LEVEL MARK ITH SRNE OTL_AS ENGINE L (KE SURE COMPONENTS ARE SECURE) STARTING PROCEDURE FUEL ON. ‘CLOSE CHOKE ‘CRANK ENGINE (HAND) a wove crane Fe, anes gan Stn Si PULL IW biRecTtON. SHOaH = USE ragunutY RETURN (HOKE. TO OPEN postTs0u AFTER ENGINE STARTS. ‘CRANK ENGINE (ELECTRIC START) STEADY POTION T CHECK POLARITY T 1. Pu rentrrow ng UT 2. DEPRESS aN HOLD START BUTTON UNTIL, ENGINE: STARTS +0 WOVE TOgSLE ITCH TO "ON® POSITION : ESATIVE (~) GROUND SYSTEM USED ' t i 1 t i 1 ' 1 1 t © On engines with 10 AMP Magneto-Alternator, always disconnect Iende from Rectifier-Regulator : or ene NSE, g any welding on equipment in common ground with engine ote prevent overheating of stazting motor, limit cranking time continugus) to 60 scconds thes allow To prevent ove] belore recranking (limit Motor-Generator to 30 seconds cranking), STOPPING PROCEDURE ‘STOP BUTTON ‘STOP _switcH oePaess AND OLD aurTou UNTIL ENGINE LY STOPPED COMPLETELY ST0°P Sree Om HVE, SWITCH J “OFF POSITION SAFETY PRECAUTIONS © Do not add fuel while ongine is running. Stop engine ands if poss ooo dd ied fuel om ipelting on contact with hot engine pax Je, allow cooling period to © Aways disconnect spark plug cable to prevent wetntentional starting before making soy AIRULENS ta equipment powered by engine re in proper position and © Make sure all safety guards on engine and driven equipment « © sake sure hands, feet, and clothing are at a safe distance [rom any movable parts prior f° 1 sarheg. © donot umper with governor settings, The governor establishes sale operating limits Beane ints must sot be exceeded. SERVICE PROCEDURE PERFORM SERVICE AT INTERVALS INDICATED (X) | jay" |25 Hous | sohotes | 108/Sies | son dintns CHECK OTL LEVEL (maintain in safe operating range) CLEAN AIR INTAKE SCREEN (plus other external surfaces)|- x REPLENISH FUEL SUPPLY (Use clean, fresh fuel) -. CHANGE OTL (Use API Service MS of proper weight) SERVICE FUEL FILTER (remove and clean sediment bowl) - SERVICE AIR CLEANER (per instructions - Page 3) - CHECK AIR CLEANER ELEMENT (dry type only) SERVICE SPARK PLU (gap .025" for gasoline) SERVICE BREAKER POINTS (gap .020") -. NOTE: Intervals, ine, for. good, clean oper jons--perform services nore frequently 1f OTE: Jateyvals Fe eed tore fon 900) ,G]ea" operating condi tions--perforw services nore Frequently x PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE tn acdition to the routine services listed above, there are other important preventative maintenance steps that should be taken to keep engine in top condition. Usually, the tools and instruments required for these additional steps are not available to the engine owner. For this reason, the engine should be returned periodically to an authorized Sexvice Center for complete servicing and tune-up. The benefits of such service will not only be noted immediately in improved performance but, most important, in continued satisfactory operation during a long, trouble free, service lite, LUBRICATING OIL Oil Level: Check daily to make sure level is between Land F marks: ‘OiChange: Change oil after first 5 houre of operation on new engin Ynfervals or more olten in severe conditions: Oil Type: Use only detergent type olls with API Service MS classification, See Temperature- Viscosity Gude for cover) for proper weight. Special olls ava Hot required for naw engiaee, howeees, place engine under load immediately as this promotes final seating of the ring: AIR CLEANER Dry Type: Every svhours, service by tapping element lightly against flat surface to remove loose ‘arte-do tot clean te ay Thyid or with compressed att, Replace element alee 160 hoses thio en be extended up to 200 hours if good clean operating conditions prevail. Use only genuine Kohler parts when replacing element, Oil Bath Type: Service at least every 25 hours. To service, ewish element in solvent--do not dry With afr Rose. Lightly re-oil element alter cleaning. Drain and clean bowl then add new oil (seme weight and grade as engine) to OIL LEVEL mark, Alter reinstalling serviced parts, place copper washer on cover then secure wing nut "finger tight", COOLING SYSTEM Keep air intake screen and cooling fing clean at all times ing oF cooling shrouds removed as this will also cause over! IGNITION SYSTEM Spark Plug: Every 100 hours remove plug and check condition, Good operating conditions are indicated ‘GFplug bas lighe coating of gray ov tan deposit, A dead, whiter biletored-costiog Soult wnoleate oeskents ing. A black (carbon) coating may indicate an“overricht fuel mixture caused by clogged air cleaner oF improper carburetor adjustment. Do not sandblast, wire brush, scrape Or otherwise service plug in poor condition--best results are obtained with new plug. Set spark gap to -025"" (or 018" for gas fuels, +020" on radio shielded plugs). Tighten plug to 324 in. Ibs. torque when installing. Breaker Points: Every 500 hours breaker points should be inspected and serviced. If oxidized, dirty oF ofly, clean with coarse cloth--do not use emery cloth or sandpaper. Slightly pitted points can be Gressed with point file--replace badly pitted or burned points, The gap must be adjusted after points are serviced or replaced since this setting establishes ignition timing. To adjust, turn engine over by hand until points are at maximum opening--check with feeler gauge. if gap is not’ 020", leosen adjust= ing screw then shift movable plate until .020" gap is obtained, After retightening screw, check to make sure proper gap is present when points are fall open. 3 jevel must not exceed "F"" mark, “thereaiter change at 25 hour Do not operate engine with blower hous- ‘ating due to improper air cizculation, |