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3833 Aepen Grove Dro Suto 150 EQUITY REAL ESTATE GROUP P.O. Hox 620515 Freon, TN 37068 Equity Property Management, LG] Equity Real Estate, LLC Phone: 615.794.3255, Equity Community Management, LLC | Equigy Development Group, LLC fac 615.796.2955, Equity Builders Group, LLC. May 13, 2009 ‘Mr. Johnny Hargis Metro Codes VIA FACSIMILE RE: The Village at Grassmere roof over A-12 Dear Mr Hargis: Please allow this letter to document the corrective actions we have taken to resolve the water intrusion issue at unit A-12. As you know, Mr. Roger Austermiller and crew met with you and myself at approximately 10AM on Tuesday, May 12". We discussed many options. We were not able to conduct an aggressive water test of the unit because we did not have access, However, we did observe the gutter adjacent to the water intrusion displayed signs of overflowing during heavy rains. This could allow water to intrude into the building through the soffits and cause damage. Accordingly we did the following: 1. We forced water into the downspouts to determine if there were blockages that would allow the gutter to fill and over flow into the eaves. We did not observe any blockage nor did we have enough water volume to fill the gutter. We did observe the water exiting through the drain pipes into the front parking lot as intended. 2. Austermiller did install additional material behind the gutters to prevent water from entering the structure from the over flowing gutter. 3. We have hired a contractor to snake out all the downspout drains from each gutter on the A building to its exit point. That work should be completed today. While it is impossible to know whether we have determined the source of the water intrusion, we do know the problem only occurs during the heaviest rains. As you know ‘we will continue to address the problem until a resolution is found, Stewart O. Heath Management | Brokerage | Development