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pe VETERANS ASSN. In appreciation to Don Struhar ‘Sole and proprietary Use ofthis logo was given tothe Department of Florida ‘on June 5, 2008 by the artist and designer, Don Struhar DEPARTMENT OF FLORIDA MANUAL THIS MANUAL TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH KWVA DOF BY-LAWS Authorized by: Bill McCraney President Ted Trousdale First Vice President Bob Balzer Second Vice President Jim Bradford Third Vice President Charlie First Secretary Joan Arcand Treasurer Jake Feaster Past President Richard Arcand Judge Advocate All policies contained herein have either been reviewed or revised and are in effect. William/P McCraney, July 21, 2007 KOREAN WAR VETERAN’S ASSOCIATION DEPARTMENT OF FLORIDA TABLE OF CONTENTS Mission Code of Ethics Manual Development and Review Membership Requirements/Dues Executive Staff Executive Council General Membership Convention Dress Code Appointed Officer Duties Quartermaster Duties Secretary Duties Reimbursement Mileage Reimbursement Rates Protocol for Presenting and Retiring Colors KOREAN WAR VETERAN'S ASSOCIATION DEPARTMENT OF FLORIDA MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of the Department of Florida is to provide a venue for leaders and members of the KWVA of the State of Florida to periodically meet for the common good of each Chapter, and each individual member, to support the mission of the KWVA and to promote reunion, fellowship, and recruitment. July 21, 2007 CODE OF ETHICS We will act with integrity and dignity in dealings with other members and with the public, and will encourage each other to act in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit upon ourselves and the KWVA. We will refrain from all verbal or written criticism of another member of the Department ‘or a Chapter. Disagreements, pettiness, personality clashes, disputes etc are to be worked out between the parties or in the case of a major dispute, mediated by an independent party appointed by the Judge Advocate, either on a Department or Chapter level, as required. Disputes or criticism are never to be aired in Chapter or Department Newsletters or email transmissions without exception. Each individual member of the Florida Department of the KWVA will strive to maintain and improve the image of our Department and each Chapter in the Department. No member shall for any reason, encourage or otherwise participate in the formation of another Chapter in direct competition with an existing Chapter in a particular area. If ‘a member is unhappy or dissatisties, the ethics rule #3 should apply. Above all, the use of reasonable and common sense judgment is encouraged. As with any code or set of rules, the above does not cover each and every situation and are simply guidelines to be followed. By doing so, we will create a positive image for each other, the public perception and for future KWVA members. V.N. “Buck” Rogers, DoF Chaplain May 2000