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Breaking India

by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan

Background Indias centripetal forces are the economic growth, corporate and infrastructure development, and a national democratic government, which are bringing the country together. Indias resilience is partly due to civilizations strength of accommodation and flexibility, reservations etc. The centrifugal forces are too many, both internal and external. Internal communalism, Maoism and separatist struggles, economic disparities, lack of nationalism, fragmenting vote banks, opportunism and shortsightedness, policy compromises etc. Indias centrifugal forces are uplinked to the international influences, and also interlinked among themselves for greater synergy. The so called minority is part and parcel of a global majority. External forces are the main theme of the book. The external forces are linked up with internal cleavages. Who wants to divide: Three major forces want Indias break up. Western nations, Pan Islamic Union, and China (p 413). Each can have a share of the cake in divided India. Why? 1) A strong India is a threat to their supremacy economically and politically. 2) India is an easy target, with a weak and capitulating government.

3) Easy prey for evangelization, scholars are incompetent and indifferent. 4) There is a Maoist base built up already. China wants to exploit the waters of Brahmaputra. Overview: Western nations have been aggressive form British rule till current day. There is a sort of continuing colonialism. The histories of local cultures were constructed to justify colonization during the colonial era. Similar multi-pronged attack is going on against India. Divide and dominate policy of US and the west US is becoming growingly helpless before China. China is the creditor and US the debtor (415).

US is facing both Chinese threat and Islamic threat Hence US has an ambivalent policy to India. It wants India to be an ally but not become strong. They do not want friendship on equal terms, but a vassal state. (p419)

UK and other western nations toeing the line of USA. Islamic and Marxist connivance in Kerala. Islamic Dravidian nexus which continued from EVRs time.

Maoist Christian nexus in North-Eastern states and some other maoist dominated areas.

Three-pronged policy of West: (p 246)

Scholars, missionaries and governments work in coordination. A large network of organizations is working against India.

Sama, dana and bheda are being adopted by the three agencies.

In addition, a strong Christian media network has been built all around the world.It is connected to the right-wing media of the west (p 194).

Role of Scholars from Colonial Time till date:

Max Muller (p 26) was a functionary of the evangelists and colonialists.Letter to his friend regarding uprooting of Indian civilization (p27) He misinterpreted the word anasa in Rigveda (5-29-10) as noseless- equating with snub-nosed Dravidians (p 53). (Sayana interpreted it differently AsyarahitAn, ashabdAn, mUkAn). This was taken up by the administrator Risley who developed a nasal index to racially profile people. Max Muller noted that Aryan was a linguistic group which later became a race. He noted that it would be a good tool for conversion (p 52). William Jones (p42) employed Biblical time-scales to explain Indian texts. Nothing can be dated prior to 4004 BC, i.e. the year of creation as per the Bible. Indian concept of yugas had to be rejected. Jones treated Indians as children of Ham, the son of Noah, whose children were cursed into perpetual slavery, and who had fallen into idolatry.

Monier Williams (p 50) wrote when the walls of the mighty fortress of Brahminism are encircled, undermined, and finally stormed by the soldiers of the cross, the victory of Christianity must be signal and complete. His dictionary was an exercise in divisive linguistics. Evangelists created the Dravidian race myth - there was no word dravidian before the Britishers came. Bishop Caldwell (p 62).

US academic deconstruction of India (p 25). South Asia Studies in western universities depict India as a colonial construct that has no historical validity. Portray Indian culture as anti-dalit, anti-minority and anti-women.

US national security education program to protect US interests. Prominent US scholars areworking with anti-India groups. Dravidian Christian thinkers equate caste with race. They called India the mother of international racism in the Durban anti-racism conference in 2001.Academic support for Tamil separatist conferences (p 166). Western academic discourse drives Indian politics. Using scholars from India are used for their dirty work. Annadurai was nurtured by scholars of Yale university, and he was honored by the US state dept (p 162).

Divisive approach to Indian linguistics (p 181).

Generating atrocity literature (describing alleged atrocities by Hindu fascists on dalits and Christians) as a special genre (p 185). Utilizing such literature as testimony against India in the International bodies.

Creation of Afro-dalit identity. Painting dalits as the blacks of India.

Writings about the low-caste insurgency asking church to support the insurgents (p 259).

Indian left-wing writer Romilla Tahaper interpreting Hindu mythologies as clan conflicts/race conflicts. Spiritual experience is devalued as pathological (p 260).She was given $one million award by a US evangelical organization. Western academics suggest trifurcation of India in their websites. Dalitstan, moghulistan and dravidistan, leaving out a few parts. (p 328). (p 378). Academic centres in the west are having influence on the socio-political discourse in India.

Youth empowerment programs are designed to inculcate a hostile, separate identity (p 191).

Missionaries from colonial time till date: Imposed biblical stories as historical facts on colonial countries to justify colonialism. The colonized people are the children of Ham who were cursed into perpetual slavery. This was used to explain the skin colour of blacks and to justify slavery. They claimed that it was the pious duty of Christians to convert them back. (how can they go against the curse of Noah?)

Robert de Nobili of 17th century discovered the fifth veda found to be fake by scholars, but he was praised by Max Muller for his dedication. Tirukkural was portrayed a Christian book and Tiruvalwar as disciple of St. Thomas. (p 69).

Bishop Caldwell (p65) created a racial, cultural and linguistic divide between Brahmins and non-Brahmins of South India. Promoted Dravidian self respect movements.

Theory that St. Thomas introduced Skt in India. Revival of St.Thomas myth as recently as in 1970 (p 96-97).

Manufactured archaeological evidence discovered a cross near Sabarimala. It was withdrawn when Hindu groups demanded scientific investigation (p 95).

Anti-Brahminism was encouraged as a strategy (p 91). Missionaries and the British supported the Justice party from 1916 onwards and later the DK. (cf. naxals encouraging villagers against the alleged land-lords to secure a base among them).

They instilled inferiority complex in Tamilians. Tamil nationalism emerged in response to this. They floated the Institute of Asian Studies (p 104). Studies that Shiva was a dravidian. Propagated a theory that there was never a thing called Hinduism sowing seeds of confusion in Hindu minds. This institute (in 1991) produced a book which claimed Skanda-Muruga as a corrupt form of Christian deity. Jesuit Raimundo Panikkar (p 110) advances the theory that Christianity was what was advocated in the Vedas.

Study, divide and digest policy (page 90). Tamil Christian writers produced a guide book for field missionaries in 2004, saying that Sanskrit belongs to 150 AD, said to have been brought by St.Thomas. it originated after Jesus.

US aid is being routed through the missionaries.

Indian church is creating a mass of atrocity literature (p 230), calling India theocratic tyranny. This is produced as evidence against India. Urging US to intervene and prosecute India (p277). Missionaries are acting as HR activists.

Indian minorities are global majorities (p189). The dioceses in India are branch offices of a global multinationals; they are trained by a global nexus, and follow a global strategy. They encourage centrifugal forces and co-opt its vulnerable and deprived (same as naxal strategy).

Linking Indias poverty to idol worship (p 219). Writings that this land is cursed.

Ambitious Joshua Project for harvesting of souls (p 363). Demonizing Hindu gods and goddesses as bloodthirsty creatures demanding human sacrifices, but powerless before Jesus. Maoists escort evangelists and give protection to missionaries in the tribal areas where Hindu preachers cannot go. Using Maoists as tools of Christianity ( p378-383).

Political/ academic institutions:

These are intended to take up sponsored studies against India. US right wing is actively associated massive funding.

Several reports in the name of HR violations violation of dalit rights (tiger and the lamb scenario),

US politicians actively associated with dalit groups. President Bushs advisor propagated Dravidian Christianity (p 136).

US govt intervention International Religious Freedom Act, 1998, by Bill Clinton. To bind Christian populations in developing countries with right wing Christian organizations in USA. (p 268) taking statements from Indian thinkers. Swami Agnivesh refused (p 272).

Religious freedom (freedom to convert) to be US foreign policy priority (p 271). Creating organizations . Dalit Freedom Network (DFN). In Colarado. Dominated by the right-wing activists. Kancha Iylaiah called Martin Luther (p 226). Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, set up in India with US funds. Swedish South Asian Studies Network. Christian Broadcasting Network, to reach out to every Indian home.

British intervention exists even now. London Institution of South Asia (p 298) rabidly anti-Hindu scholars are invited and honoured.

International Dalit Solidarity Network- UK-1998. It has its affiliates in India, such as National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights etc. London Institute for South Asia, an anti India institution. Indian left-wing aligning with US right wing(p 354)

This book also gives examples of western intervention in other countries. For instance - Sri Lanka, where the academic manipulations of Aryan-dravidian theme led to bloody civil war.

Rwanda- foreign engineered identity conflicts led to one of the worst ethnic genocides western writers comparing India with Rwanda and Aryan-Dravidian divide is compared to the tribal war in Rwanda.