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Teaching Reflection

To my future employer: Hello! My name is Andre Sun. I am a Taiwanese student that has recently graduated from Ohio University with a degree in linguistics. Ive also obtained the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate through my university. I am passionately interested in teaching English as a foreign language anywhere in the world for several seasons. First of all, I am a Third-Culture kid (TCK). Due to my fathers occupation for the Taiwanese embassy, I have moved, lived and been educated in different countries, which reflect upon my passion for teaching and learning different culture from around the world. Also, I would like to empower people around the world with the knowledge of communication, especially in English, due to its international language status. Lastly, teaching English while completing my practicum at OU has provided me great experience and knowledge as a teacher, also demonstrated my desire for teaching English as a foreign language. During my experience, teaching is very enjoyable and rewarding. However, I definitely encountered challenges throughout the teaching practicum. I believe learning should be enjoyable; teachers should plan various activities to stimulate different learning mechanics for students (Audial, visual, kinesthetic and verbal). To start with, providing students with the adequate amount of challenge was difficult to master. I have always provided a stress-free learning environment for my students, however sometimes the activities would not be challenging enough for the students to show production, especially for writing exercises. Another challenge I faced was time management. The practicum class demanded more time than anticipated (planning, attending workshops, group meetings, creating materials, etc) which gained my attention to focus on my priorities and improvement my time management skills. Implementing different learning methods was also an aspect of my teaching that needed improvement. I felt that my class didnt have a definite routine of instructions and exercises, for the students to maximize their production in the amount of time. Nevertheless, through the quarter, these challenges became easier to overcome through teacher observations, self-reflections and feedbacks from my teaching partners. For example, Ive learned how to set a routine for a class from a peerwork/review/feedback method through a teacher observation. Also, Ive realized that teachers does not necessarily have to teach/talk the entire lesson, students are able to perform the exercise from a simple step of modeling the instruction. I believe my teaching style has grown and changed for the better. I started to incorporate more group/peer activities for the students to feel more comfortable to communicate about their questions. I improved enormously at setting a routine for my class so the transitions between activities are smoother.

Since declaring my linguistics major and obtaining the TEFL certificate, I have been expecting to teach English to students of any level, age or culture. I truly am passionate about teaching. Since I have had experience learning English in an ESL class setting, I feel that I present more knowledge about emotions with learning a new language and the joy from understanding a difficult concept. Whenever I see a student nodding his head, creating the sound ah~~~!, or laugh when I make a joke in class, it brings great pleasure to me; because I know they have gained knowledge and learned in a enjoyable fashion. In closing, the practicum experience has helped me gained much experience and knowledge as an educator. I desire for more knowledge to be a great educator. As a TCK, my multi-cultural life experiences have definitely shaped my attitude towards language learners. I have been through the education process of learning English, and became a native-speaker, since I am a prime example of a successful ESL student; I think I would be a great asset for an English teaching program. I believe everyone should change the world one way or the other, and this is my way of changing the world.