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Practice Test in Professional EducationInstructional Materials

1. ________ is an example of learning task with direct authenticity. A. Simulation B. Role playing C. Small group discussion D. Filling in the blank application form 2. ________ is the process of organizing materials to make it clear for the learners. A. Structuring B. Elaborating C. Sequencing D. Balancing 3. Instructional materials must be connected with __________. A. The course guide B. The curriculum C. The teaching technique D. The level of students

4. Which is not a reason why it is not important for a teacher to know how to evaluate instructional materials? A. Writings ones material is time consuming B. Teachers area able to identify learners need C. Teachers area able to use the material properly and effectively D. Not all books are error-free 5. It is important to _______ to ensure the relevance of instructional materials to the curriculum. A. Base them on a textbook used B. Include test evaluation C. Consider the grade/year level D. Have a list of goals and objectives 6. Under which phase/s of curriculum development do setting goals and objectives falls? A. Planning B. Implementation C. Implementation and evaluation D. Planning and implementation 7. Which is not a teachers personality factor that may influence the production of instructional materials? A. Financial status B. Philosophy in life C. Teaching style D. Beliefs and values 8. A teacher is doing _________ when he studies skills covered, and activities presented in a book. A. Internal evaluation B. Content evaluation C. External evaluation

D. Physical evaluation 9. Which is not considered in designing instructional materials? A. Socio-economic environment B. Teachers creativity C. Students and their schema D. Teachers pedagogical principles 10. Materials are considered _______ if they are brought from the real world to the classroom to expose learners to language in real use. A. Authentic B. Graded C. Suitable D. Appropriate 11. _________ Materials provides learners with communicative samples to different context. A. Learner-authentic B. Graded text C. Learner centered D. Textually authentic 12. Which is not under external evaluation? A. Blurbs B. Activities C. Table of contents D. Introduction 13. The communicative approach emphasizes _________. A. Students interaction in real life situations B. Students sharing of personal experiences C. Listening and speaking D. Correct pronunciation

14. ________ is an example of sequencing materials. A. Whole to parts B. By stages C. Top to bottom D. Bottom to top 15. What must be included in instructional materials? A. Teaching strategies B. Learning texts and tasks C. Reference material D. Material instruction 16. Which is correct about textually authentic materials? A. Improve learners vocabulary B. Promote interest in language learning C. Interactive in character D. Not written for teaching 17. This principle in preparing for an instructional material provides continues and cumulative learning. A. Pacing B. Sequencing C. Balancing D. Evaluating 18. Preparation for instructional material falls under what phase/s of curriculum development? A. Planning and implementation B. Implementation and evaluation C. Planning D. Evaluation

19. _________ is an instructional material that a student can do without any help from the teacher. A. Pictograph B. Word paragraph C. Module D. Video tape 20. It is needed to make a list of what learners ________ in preparing the aims, goals and objectives of the curriculum. A. Do in make-believe situation B. Should do as citizens in a democratic country C. Are expected to do in school D. Are required to do in real world

ANSWER KEY 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. D A D A D D A B A A A C A B B D D A C D

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