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If we click on login link, which is present in the footer part of the website, the following page will appear. Then give username & password.

2. After giving proper username & password, the following home page for admin will appear.

3. Now we are able to change the contents of this website in admin panel. Now see the menu bar which is present immediately below the URL bar. By using these menu we can edit everything. If we click on Content menu, then a series of contents will be available as following figure. Then search the content, you are searching for. Then do the operation you want to do i.e. Edit and delete. (These two operations are available in the OPERATIONS column.).We can also add contents by using +Add content link as below.

4. The entire main menu like HOME, ABOUT US, ACT RULES & GUIDELINES etc...which is present in the SCPD website are present under Structure > Menu > Main Menu (as mentioned in the below figure).

5. The following main menu we can find under Main Menu section. We can delete and edit these main menu by using respective edit and delete links.