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E-mail : aurobindo@vsnl.


Allotted Department_____________
Phones : 26567863
Fax : 011 - 26857449

Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delh

Delhii Branch
Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi - 110016

Application For Voluntary Service

I would like to offer voluntary services to Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch in the true spirit of service
to the Divine.
1. I promise to abide by the rules and regulations of the Ashram.
2. I will not create any disharmony in the Ashram.
3. I will work for the Ashram in an honorary capacity as a service to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
and will not make financial demands at any time.

Place:_________________ Date : ___________

A. Personal Particulars
Name: Mr./Mrs./Ms.________________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________________ Age: __________________
Marital Status:____________________________________________
Present Address: _________________________________________


________________________________ Phone:_________________
Email: __________________________ Mob: __________________
Permanent Home Address: _________________________________
Name of Office : ________________________________________________________________
Designation : ___________________________________________________________________
Details of Work : ________________________________________________________________
State to which you belong : _________________________ Mother Tongue : __________________
B.1. Educational Qualifications : ___________________________________________________
2. Fluency in English (Reading and Writing) ................ Yes/No
Fluency in Hindi ( Reading and Writing) ................... Yes/No
Other Languages known : _______________________________________________________

C. Area of Expertise Extra Curricular Activities:

a) Games & Sports________________________________________________________________
b) Dance, Music,painting___________________________________________________________
c) Other activities_________________________________________________________________
D. Details of Volunteer Work:
a)Type of work you would like to Volunteer for_____________________________________________
b) No. of hours/days you can volunteer_________________________________________________
c) Is there anyone in the Ashram who knows you personally? __________________________________
d. Any other information you would like to furnish__________________________________________
E. Details of children





Nuclear or Joint Family: ___________________________________

F. Details of Spouses work and telephone number :
1.Name of Spouse : _______________________________________________________________
2. Name of Office : ________________________________________________________________
3. Address : _____________________________________________________________________
4. Designation : __________________________________________________________________
5. Details of work: ________________________________________________________________
6. Phone : ______________ Mob : _______________ E-mail:_______________________________

Some give their soul to the Divine, some their life,

some of
fer ttheir
heir work, some ttheir
heir mone
A few consecrate all of themselves
and all they have - soul, life, work, wealth;
these are the true children of God.
Others give nothing - these whatever their position,
power and riches are for the Divine purpose
valueless cyphers.

The Mother
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