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Id Novel p1 Quick note: sentences inside , marks are Id s thoughts T/N: means translator s notes, usually on the names

of martial arts movements. I also changed the spellings of the character s name so it sounds more similar lik e how it is pronounced. Chapter 1 Lights are shining everywhere. I cannot feel the weight of my body. After the bracelet emitted a bright light, it swarmed me as a whole. Something went past over my head. What is it? My mind is suddenly slipping away. Drip, drip . . . . I hear the sound of water droplets. From the sound, it seems like this is a cave . " head...this is?" Now that I look around, it is a dark cave. What is this place? 'I remember falling somewhere, but what is this place.' First I realize from looking around that this cave has a very tall ceiling. Also , there is only one direction to go. "I have never seen this type of cave before." I felt stupefied. I went through a cave with light. . . . "Ah, am I dreaming? Ouch . . . it hurts." My cheek hurts after being pinched. Do not think I am stupid. This is because I am so surprised. If you do not understand it, then you should be in my situation too. I examine my body to see if there was anything wrong. It is not, except that the problemat ic bracelet I was wearing is now gone. 'Since there is only one way, let's go.' The cave is enormously large and surprisingly it wasn't dark due to a light. The light is coming from a small spherical object on the wall. "How can that small thing. . . anyway, this cave seems very long. . . ." I keep walking. I do not know how long I walked; because I was inside the cave, I lost the track of time. After a long walk, I finally see the end of the cave. It did not, however, seem to lead to outside. And worse. . . . "This sound of breathing seems to come from a large animal. What is it. . . ." I use kyung-gong-sul (T/N: to jump high, in air, etc) to keep my feet silent and look at the end of the cave. And what I see is. . . . 'How is that thing. . . . I have never seen that kind of beast before, what is i t?" I carefully reexamine what I am seeing. It had a large body that emitted golden light. From where I am standing, I cannot see the whole body. It has long neck, golden wings, long tails, and four feet. It also has a horn on its head. And it seems to be sl eeping, as its eyes are closed and breathing deeply. And in front of its head, there is a small base. And on top of the base is an unusual-looking sword. 'Never seen that kind of sword before and what is that beast; is this not where I live? Just what kind of place am I in right now?'

After thinking, I decide to grab the sword so that if that beast attacks, I can fight it . . . although not having a sword would not really matter. . . . 'Since I do not want it to wake up, the least way to reveal my presence is dop-g ongneoung (T/L: walking silently in the air, similar to the one before). ' I use gyong-gong to not touch the ground and kick the air to get to the sword. T hen I land on the base where the sword is. The sword has a gum-shin (T/N: sword-aura/ki. I will be using the word sword-ki from now on) with a white handle and covered in a red sh eath. And on the cover of it is an imbedded jewel that emits an unusual light. As I am looking at that unique sword, I feel a strange stare from the back. 'Shit, is it. . . .' With a trouble thought, I look back and am met with golden eyes. The eyes are ca lm and wise, unlike that of a beast. For a while, we stare at each other. Then I go thr ough the most dumbfounding experience. The beast can speak! "How did you enter here?" "It's talking. . . ." "Do you not hear me? How did you come here?" 'Calm down. This is not Joong-won (T/N:Id's hometown). This is a very unique experience.' "Mmm. . . hmm. . . I am Chun Hwa Yeh. And to how I came here, I do not know myself." "Hmm... Seems you are not lying, but your name's Chun Hwa Yeh? I have never hear d that kind of name in this world." "If you have never heard it before in this world, then where is this place...." "This is the farthest tip of the land of Gransen, so I do not know your type of name." I feel dumbfounded after listening to his explanation. 'Gransen. . .I have never heard of it. . .Gransen. . .Then How did I. . . Seeing me standing with a spaced-out look, he asks me, "If you are not a human o f this world, how can you speak this language?" 'Good question; pretty smart for a beast. ' "I don't know how I am speaking in this language. I can speak it as if I have al ways used it. After listening to my confused answer, he speaks quietly. "Wake-up." Suddenly my head feels calm and organized. "Is it alright now?" "Yes, my mind feels clear. Did you do it?" "Yes, it is a dragon's magic. Do you not know what magic is?" I nod at his inquiry. I have never heard of it. Then I asked, "Have you really n ever heard a name similar to mine?" Despite his size, he shakes his head at my question. "You seemed to be not a person of this land. How did you get here?" "I don't know. I was on a mountain but fell into an unusual light. When I woke u p, I was in a cave and when I followed through the cave, I ended up here." "Hmm, I don't know this very much but Chun Hwa, you have crossed a dimension. . . ." What kind of. . . .

"Dimension? What does that mean?" "It is hard to explain in a short time. To put it simply, a God has made many wo rlds and between them He put a wall. This wall would be a dimension." "Then how do I go over the wall again?" "I do not know. Only God of Creation and the Origins of Light and Darkness can c ross them. Other than them, Gods or dragon lords cannot cross the dimensional wall . . . maybe not, since you have crossed it and maybe there's a way to go back." I feel disheartened at his words. Just how. . . . Is this God of Creation's pran k? No, since he is a God. Ha~ I want to cry. I sit by the base where the sword is and the bea st watches me quietly. After calming myself down, I ask him some questions. "Just what are you doing here? Before that, what's your name?" "Ha, you are the only human who's not scared of a dragon. My name is Greydron." "Greydron? Weird name. So, what are you doing here?" Then he points at the sword next to me. "I am protecting that sword. For over ten thousand years now." "Ha~ for what? And so you are over ten thousand years old?" "Correct, but even I don't know my exact age. I'm probably around fifteen thousa nd years old." "Then do I have to use formal words . . . sir?" "You don't have to. Just speak like what you did before." For what is he protecting the sword for ten thousand years? I stare at the sword quick and try to hold it. Suddenly, Greydron prevents me from touching the sword. "That sword has its own mind and soul. It will destroy anyone who is not its own er or who is not fit to be its owner." "Ha, ha, it's an amazing sword. Just who made it? No. Who is its owner? No, neve r mind. You are protecting it because there is no owner. " The dragon gave a huge sigh after my questions and started talking. He must have been bored. . . . "Its name is Lamia. For whom that made it, there were many; first it was me, the Lord of all dragons, then the Dragon Lords, and High Gods of light and darkness. . . Fir st I started making it for my own amusement. I wanted to make the best weapon. "So, I asked the Dragon Lords and other high gods. Then I used the gold metal th at had the most magical power, God's metal Eclipse. For the handle I used a part of my dragon heart and used red dragons' king's hide to make a sheath. "Like that, I invested around a thousand years to make the sword. When Lamia was finally finished, I tried to hold the sword but was rejected. Even though I forc efully tried to grab it, its strength was stronger than that of my own. "When I gave Lamia to the High Gods that helped me on making the sword, even the y were rejected. Even Gods could not become Lamia's owner because all their and my powers were combined into making it. The only owner for Lamia is probably the Go d of Creation and the Origin of Light and Darkness. "This is why, unfortunately, Lamia is locked in here. The ones that still rememb er Lamia

is probably me and High Gods, since other Dragon Lords all have probably died of age." He gave a weak glance at the sword after describing Lamia. After listening to Gr eydron, I carefully looked at the sword. "Is this really that great?" How would I know the value of a sword called Lamia when I do not even know much about this place? I only know it is an amazing sword because Gods helped making it. . . . [...Nim....] (T/N: Nim is like Mr., or when addressing someone formally) I think I heard a small and quiet sound as I looked at the sword. As if I have b een hypnotized, I put my hand toward the sword. Even though I hear a sound next to m e, I cannot make a word out of it. My mind woke up after realizing that touching it i s dangerous but the body did not. My hand reached for the sword and held on to its handle. Suddenly my eyesight gives away and I hear a beautiful lady's voice echoing in m y mind. [I, Lamia, found one fit to be my master, and will make a contract. You, who wil l be my master, will you be with me, together, forever?] 'What the. . . .' [Will you be with me forever?] It was a same question. 'Huh, what if it will harm me?' [There is no harm to you at all. Will you be with me forever?] The voice is really pretty. . . . 'Yeah, why not' [The life contract has been made. Even God of Creation cannot break it. I am Lam ia. Forever I will be at your side. . . forever I will be with you together.] When my eyesight came back, I see a lady with a bright smile and I lose my consciousness. Posted by Jun at 8:13 AM Labels: Id Novel, part 1 14 comments: Anonymous said... good work! April 20, 2010 7:38 AM Selcher said... Yay, I can now read the novel online. I saw the post at Mangafox. It's similar t o the manhwa but it's more detailed. I hope you continue with the translation. May 8, 2010 3:32 AM Jun said... Thank you, I will see how popular this gets though :) June 7, 2010 3:18 AM Anonymous said... awsome July 3, 2010 8:11 PM Anonymous said... keep going! i LUV ID!! July 9, 2010 9:10 PM Anonymous said... Awsome!!! I've been wanting to read Id and now I can! yeah for me! Please keep translating! August 16, 2010 1:15 PM Ariel said...

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l rest this body of mine." "Then what do I do? The only. . . dragon I know here is you. What am I going to do!" After staring at me briefly, Greydron laughed. "Then I will do this. Because of me, dragons have probably lost few magic and techniques. I will teach these to you." "What nonsense are you talking about now?" "I will hand my everything to you, including my identity. With it, dragons will treat you as they treat me. All you have to do is go find a dragon lord and teach some few things, although this kind of help should not be asked to anyone." "Alright, I will help you, but since I do not know anyone, you have to guide me; I do not know anything about this world." "Don't worry about it. As I have already said, you will gain everything I know. Although, for it to be yours, there will be some struggles. Oh, and speaking of the direct ions, I do not exactly know, although I came back here seven thousand years ago in one day. Now, get ready. Ha, ha! Now that I think about it, this is funny. A human with a god' s sword, a dragon's intelligence and power. If you do well, you could even be a High God." 'Is he making fun of me. . . as he laugh while looking at me, he quietly chanted a magic spell.' "My everything to you. . . I will re-live inside you." Suddenly Greydron emitted a bright light and my hand suddenly shook. [Master, this is a power transfer magic. Should I block it?] This voice is the one I heard inside the light, but to block. . . . "No. This is not an attack, understand?" [Yes.] The light shrouds my body and I become unconscious. Now that I think of it, I ge t unconscious too many times, even though my body's not that weak.... I wake up na turally as if I was a sleep. Although the surroundings were filled with light, I did not feel Greydron's presence. "Is this the dragon's absolute magic? Not only his memory, but his skills and ab ilities have been transferred into me and so I cannot even see his corpse. But this is a wkward. What am I suppose to do with the dragon heart?" But with this amount of dragon heart's mana, if I ever mistakenly use magic, a s ingle country could be gone easily. Anyhow, I held the sword up and talked to it. Beca use no one's here, they can't call me crazy. "It's you who just talked to me right?" Again I heard the voice. [Yes, master] "Hmm . . . you said your name is Lamia?" [Yes. That's correct, master.] "Don't call me master, just call me Chun Hwa" [ . . . Yes, Chun Hwa-nim.] 'Ha~ this won't work. First, I should get out of here.' "Lamia, do you know a road that leads out of here?"

[There is no road here, as this place does not connect to the outside. However, you can use teleportation] 'Is that so? But teleportation is. . . .' "That would be impossible because I still don't fully understand Greydron's memo ry. It will take some time, so can you do something about it?" [Understood. Then where would you want to teleport to?] "What's around here?" [I will project an image in front of you, Chun Hwa-nim. Image Trap.] In front of me was a picture. Actually, it seemed like I was looking at it direc tly, just smaller in size. "Hmm, so that red dot is where we are at." Then I pointed at the center of the mountain that's been projected and then poin ted at the forest in front of it. "Then let's go here. Small walk from there would lead to a village. Yes, that wo uld be good." [Understood. Transporting to the destination now.] Suddenly a stranger appeared in the center of a giant forest. Looking at the bod y and face, the person looked to be around 17 to 18 years old. On that boy's waist was a she ath that emitted reddish light, and the sword seemed to be longer than the average bastar d sword. The handle seemed to be white but the blades were not visible due to the sheath. The boy's clothing was also something you would not see in this Arushan. "Wow~ the trees and the forests are so big." The boy was Chun Hwa. He traveled here using Lamia. He looked around the forest, since he never saw this scale of a forest before. 'Ugh. I cannot believe I have to find Gods in this unknown world. The village wa s in that direction, I think?' "First I have to pick a destination since I cannot just travel randomly to find the Gods. How am I supposed to find them anyway? Hmm . . . yes, let's visit the temple fir st. That should be the place to visit to find Gods." While Chun Hwa was finishing his thought, there was an explosion 10 meters away from him. Posted by Jun at 8:25 AM Labels: Id Novel, part 2 6 comments: Anonymous said... Thanks for translating this... you don't know how long I have been looking for this. Anywho, is part 1 chapter 1, part 2 chapter 2... etc? If you could get back to this as soon as possible as a comment perhaps (so everyone can see) that would be greatly appreciated. March 16, 2010 5:15 AM Jun said... I'm writing part 1 and part 2 because I decided not to do it by chapters, but my own pace. Sorry if that's confusing to anyone >_>. June 7, 2010 3:19 AM Ariel said... Thank you very much!!

September 22, 2010 6:09 PM Anonymous said... nice December 19, 2010 6:25 PM Anonymous said... thanks it' s great March 2, 2011 12:30 PM Anonymous said... Thanks for translating this! You've also cleared up the confusion i had after reading the manhwa about the deities in the Id mythos, so thanks again! Id Novel p3 "Ggwack. . ." ". . .Ch-Ack" "Hey, watch out. Illan, what are you going to do if you blow it up so close?" Th is seemed to be a voice of a young man, and the middle aged man's voice is soon followed. "Then what am I suppose to do, the spell-casting time is long. Also, to get away from them, I have to run a lot, but I can't do that. Besides, no one got hurt." Then a woman's voice seemed to be arguing with him. "But you should first be car eful. This time it was way too close." As the conversation went on, the voices seemed to be getting closer to me. Then the five people group appeared. Four people who are arguing and one aloof lady. . . . 'But the ears are long . . . maybe not a human? Then let's search Greydron's mem ory. . . . The answer is elf, a high elf, which is a rare type of elf. . . . The ones argui ng consisted of a middle aged man with a staff and a teenager with leather armor, a teenage girl and a strange-looking midget, called dwarf in this land--the dwarf talked in the loude st voice among them--and finally, the first one to notice Chun Hwa, elf that did not talk . Maybe because she's a high elf? Then the teenage girl noticed Chun Hwa and told her group. "Oh, we didn't know there s anyone here. Were you not surprised because of the explosion?" The one with leather armor with long sword walked up to him first an d talked. Chun Hwa looked at him carefully and answered, "No, I am alright." "That s good. I am Grey. And this is Hael, my friend. This is Illan and that dwarf is Illan's friend Laindelph. And this elf came with us because of this forest's mon sters. Her name is Illina. But where are you from? I have never seen such clothes before." The person named Gray answered things that Chun Hwa didn't even ask easily. And as he mentioned before, what Chun Hwa was wearing was from his hometown. Also, it was a florid clothe and brought many curiosity from the people there. The clothes move d like waves and looked very smooth. 'It seems I cannot use my real name, Chun Hwa, after hearing their names. It wil l stand out and I doubt they can even pronounce it right.' "Ah, my name is . . . Id (T/N: pronounced Ead). I got this clothe because the on e I was wearing was ripped and I happen to pick this up on the way."

The name Id is something Chun Hwa instantly made it up. To be precise, it's a na me borrowed from GreYDron. "But coming to this forest alone is very dangerous," said the dwarf Laindelph af ter glancing at Chun Hwa. Not only was Chun Hwa a stranger, the weird-looking clothe s made the dwarf a little suspicious of Id. "Dangerous? What do you mean?" Chun Hwa, who had no idea of the situation, asked Laindelph, and Illan answered his question. "He means that this Sion forest is notorious for monsters. This is why only skil led group of people goes through here. But did you not know anything about this forest?" H e slyly hinted that they were skilled fighters. 'He looks like he's good at talking.' "No, I didn't know. I come from a faraway place in a small village and only came here due to some business. So I do not know anything about this forest." Everyone seemed to believe Chun Hwa's instant lies. Then a girl named Hael asked Id. She looks quite pretty. "Then until you get out the forest, come with us." "Yes that would be good. Go with us." Following Hael, Grey also suggested it. To Chun Hwa, it was good news because he didn't know geography or any current situations of this place. 'That's great. I can listen to all kinds of stories and I don't know the way, al though Lamia has her Image Trap.' Walking with them, Chun Hwa, or Id, asked, "So where is everyone going?" Grey answered his question. "We are, well. . . . It s a pilgrimage. Hael, as pries t of Ilian, is venturing for the pilgrimage and I followed her. Since I can use sword pretty well, I took this chance to train and become her bodyguard. And Illan and Laindelph foll owed us because they were worried about us." 'Hmm. So in short, they all followed Hael.' He did not say anything about the elf Illina, maybe because he met her in this f orest and don't know much about her. "And we are right now going to a temple because the healing potions have been al l used. Where is Id-nim going?" "That's great. Although my reason is different, I am also trying to find a templ e. If it's alright, I would like to go with you guys." No one seemed to have problem with g oing with Id. "But where is the high elf going?" She seemed very surprised at Id's comment because a normal person cannot tell th e distinction between an elf and high elf easily. Of course the others were equall y surprised. "High elf? Then Illina is a high elf?" Illina quietly asked Id, "How did you know I am a high elf? Normal person cannot recognize that!"

"Ah, that's because I know another high elf. That's how I was able to tell." 'I think this might be an obvious lie.' Illina turned her head away from Id after listening to his excuse. It seemed she didn't believe him completely. 'Even I wouldn't believe that. You cannot tell the difference just by knowing an other high elf (after searching Greydron's data). ' "But what temple are you looking for?" The priest-apprentice Hael asked Id, sinc e it was related to the temple. "There is no particular temple I am looking for. I just want to find the temple' s highest priests or the temple that directly serves the highest Gods." After listening to Id's explanation, there might be many who would be curious. S imply, the three Gods Id is trying to find are almost never heard of, and so no temple serve these gods. Of course, this is also from Greydron's data. "So what are you going to do after finding the priests?" "I am going to find out where the ones I am trying to find are. And rather than asking the priests, I am rather directly going to ask the gods they serve." She, no not only her, but everyone seemed to be surprised at Id s comment. "Just w ho are you trying to find that you have to ask the gods directly and expect an answer? Besides, no gods have directly answered to people in the last 100 years." 'Should I explain? Although I could, it would be too long to explain.' "Ha ha, it's a secret so try to understand." After talking about other things for a while, the group exited the forest and ar rived at a town called Slahn. The next day, we stopped in the front of the town. Although t he destination has been chosen, Illina's destination was not finalized. "I think I should say goodbye here." Id asked Illina, "Where are you going?" She looked at Id and answered with a smile. "I am going to find the golden drago n's refuge. He has an item that I need to retrieve." Hearing the word dragon, everyone except Id looked at Illina with a dumbfounded face. How could she say that she's visiting a dragon as if she's going on a vaca tion? Must be because she's an elf, was everyone s thoughts. But to Id, this was good news si nce he had to find a dragon one day. "Illina, then go with me later, as I also have some business with dragons." After listening to Id, Laindelph cut in. "Hey, just what do you think dragons ar e? You cannot just see them just because you want to. Also, meeting them is like puttin g your lives on the line. Especially you, Id. Although high elf has some chance, how co uld a human like you could meet a dragon?" 'Ugh, his voice is really loud.' "Hey look, the dragons are wise, so they will at least listen to me. Also, they will be happy to receive something that I brought for them." "Are you not listening to me? Dragons live alone and they are beasts. They will not listen

to you quietly and will kill you instantly when you enter their boundaries." "Anyway, I am alright. So how about it, Illina? Will you go with me?" Laindelph shouted at Illina s direction. "Hey elf, are you crazy? Just what are yo u going to do after finding a dragon? Even if you are a high elf, those proud dragons wi ll not even going to bother with you." "I don't think you have to worry about that. The dragon that I am searching for has some relations with my race. That's why it is okay." After Laindelph stopped talking, Illina looked at Id and answered his question. "If Id's alright with it, then we will go together." Although Illina doesn't completely trust Id, she was still curious after he foun d out that she is a high elf. Also, Illina was not in a rush to meet with a dragon and ther efore decided to go with Id. After finally deciding, the group headed out to Kelvin, a city with a temple. However, the group had to stop in less than an hour due to the 20 people in front of them. With everyone holding swords, axes, and other weapons, they seemed to b e bandits. Posted by Jun at 8:33 AM Labels: Id Novel, part 3 5 comments: Anonymous said... thank you for your hard work! Moar please! April 20, 2010 8:01 AM Anonymous said... thanks a lot, keep up the excellent work =D July 10, 2010 8:45 PM Ariel said... Thank you very much!! September 22, 2010 6:09 PM Anonymous said... niice December 19, 2010 6:32 PM Anonymous said... thanks!! Id Novel p4 Illan first raised his voice, "What are you doing?" "Did you just really ask me that? I know you have a lot of money after liquidati ng those precious gems. If you just give me the money, I won't spill your blood." 'So they are just mountain bandits that are going to kill us if we won't give th em the money. Then the answer's simple. . . . ." Now this requires some explanation. The day before, Id traded the gems he brough t out of Greydron's cave since he didn't have any money. Those gems, however, happened to worth so much that he traded it for all the money the store had, which was appro ximately one billion shilling. And after this news got out to the bandits, they waited fo r Id and his group out on this road. "We can't do that. Besides, aren't you guys the one at a disadvantage? We have a magician on our side." Grey was insulting them on how they would be knocked out by a

single spell. "Thanks for worrying about us, but we got our own ways to deal with it." Then th e bandit with a long sword received a staff embedded with a fist-sized marble from one of the guys at the back. It was Illan who first noticed what it was. "That's . . . that can stop a spell." "It seems you know what it is. I luckily got my hands on this and found that it had a despell magic on it." As Id was listening to the bandit, he complained, 'I don't like how he talks. I should just. . . .' But that was only how Id felt. Other people of the group who didn't know of Id's skill felt differently. Illan whispered to his group, "Watch out everyone! That thing can r eally casts de-spell around this area for, maybe, 20 minutes. But they can defeat us by that time with that many people." Listening, Illina commented, "Although it's a de-spell, it can only control spel l magic, not spirit summons. Also, from looking at it, de-spell seem to only work on things t hat are 6level class or under. Whoever made it was pretty skilled." "Illina, you can sense such things? Amazing, but I don't know any 7-level class magic. Do you, Illina?" "Yes, although my mana control and usage are still unstable. It's better if I ju st summon a spirit." As Id watches the group talking to each other, Id thought of a simple idea, "Hey , I think it's just easier to break that guy's staff." Illan shook his head at Id's suggestion. "Id, that's impossible. First, if you go near it, other people would protect it. That itself is challenging. Also, how could a person move that fast? Even if you go near it, th e staff has a protector spell on it. It won't break with a small force." But that's not a problem for Id. 'Hmm is that so? But it seems possible to me. It's really simple to go near it a nd I have a great sword with me. Should I just do it?' "Then wait. If that's all I have to do, it's not much of a problem." "But Id, that's impossible." Grey shook his head. "Don't worry, just watch." After saying that, Id walked up to the bandits and su ddenly disappeared and suddenly reappeared in front of the bandit with the staff. Then using Lamia, he destroyed the marble. Finally Id appeared back in front of his group. Lamia seemed to not have been mo ved at all, just staying on Id's hip. Except for the elf, no one saw Id's movement. Of course even Illina couldn't see Id's movement clearly. When Id came back to where he was, no one said anything and soon the bandit with the staff fell onto his knees and came back to his sense. Maybe that bandit was smar t, since

others would still fight and come back to sense after being beaten half to death . Soon all the bandits dispersed and the group started asking Id some questions. "Id. Just how did you-" "You, how did you move like that?" The first ones to ask were Grey and Illan and Id couldn't answer right away. 'How am I suppose to explain this . . . oh, shit.' After thinking for a while, he answered, "well this is . . . I combined a unique walking skill with mana (ki)." However, these answers didn't help either of them. Then, suspicious, Illan asked again, "Id, what are you talking about? I've never heard of such thing and you didn't e ven seem like you used any magic." 'Sigh, he doesn't trust me. Oh well, I guess it's okay.' "Illan, anyway my movement is definitely possible. If you're really suspicious, I can even teach you." After Id said he could teach it to Illan, Grey was the first one to respond. "Id, then teach me that too, okay?" As Id promised to Grey that he'll teach him, other members also wanted Id to tea ch them and so he made a promise to everyone that he would. 'Maybe I shouldn't have said it. I think it will be hard if I have to teach all these people.' Around the lunch time, the group sat down near the river, eating lunch while lis tening to Id's explanation. After listening to him, there were two people who were trying especially hard: warrior Grey and dwarf Laindelph. This was because Grey uses a sword and Laindelph has a short leg that made him unable to move fast. "Hmm . . . first I will tell you how I move, then whenever I have time I will te ach you. Ah, and I don't know how long it will take, since it depends on an individual. F irst you have to know how to use ki, which is something like mana. However, ki has both similarity and differences from mana. Since Illan knows much about mana, please explain to them about it." "Yes. The mana's an energy that's spread around everywere and something that a l ife form needs to live. However, it's not definite on what exactly mana is. We magic ians also only use mana." 'Is that all the people here know? Good thing I didn't explain what Greydron kne w. It would've been a disaster.' As Id listened to Illan's explanation, he looked up on Greydron's memory and fou nd a lot more specific descriptions. Then again, the dragon has been living for a long ti me. As Illan stopped talking, Id continued. " As you've heard, mana is a power that' s dispersed around. Ki, however, comes not from outside the body but from within. And using that, you can bring out Gumki (T/N: Sword aura, literally translated as sw ord ki). You know what sword aura is, right? "Of course I know, My dream is to be a sword master that can use it. But it's so hard that

here in Ilinas, there are only three sword masters. Even other countries have on ly that much. But what about it?" As a sword warrior, Grey knew a good about about that sort of things. "So, that sword aura is using a sword to bring out ki, but how about using insid e of your body to bring out that ki?" The gathered group was dumbfounded at Id's proposal and so Illan asked Id, "Hey Id, are you saying that that's possible? I've never heard of such thing to be possible t o do." Illina soon followed Illan's question, for even an elf like her couldn't underst and what Id was saying. "Illan's right. Id, even I haven't heard anything like that. Could you explain w hat you've just said?" 'Sigh, why is it that even though there's such a thing as magic here, they don't know what I'm talking about? It's amazing that there are actually people who can use sword aura. Of course a low-level swordsman can use a little of it after practicing swordsmansh ip for a long time, but not very efficiently.' "That's . . . does anyone here know or heard anything about 'blood spot (T/N: i. e. acupuncture points)'?" However, as Id predicted, the party just looked at each other with clueless eyes and looked back at Id and shook their heads. After looking at his clueless party mem bers, Id lost his strength and felt his body becoming heavier as Id was thinking about te aching them from the very beginning. 'This isn't going to work. I have to find another way.' Posted by Jun at 3:07 AM Labels: Id Novel, part 4 11 comments: Anonymous said... Thank you!!!!!! June 11, 2010 10:12 AM ZaX said... Thanks so much for the translation! Been wanting to read this for a long time =D By the way are the 'blood points' the equivalent to pressure points from Chinese martial art novels? June 13, 2010 8:13 AM Kemm said... Thank you very much! They should build you an altar an adorate you. June 13, 2010 9:47 PM Anonymous said... Nice translation, though it differs from the manhwa. Thanks. June 18, 2010 6:03 PM Jack said... awesome seeing ID try to explain his techniques and give us a lot more info abou t where his skills are coming from July 12, 2010 5:36 AM Anonymous said... thank you!

July 30, 2010 3:19 PM Fantasydotcom said... lol! I'm reading Id on Mangafox, and I'm glad that someone is translating the novel usually mangakas add or miss bits out - so this is really good! The translation is brilliant - although how can I compare when I haven't read ot her translations lol. But to me its good! Keep posting..I'm a definite reader! Fantasydotcom (Same username on Mangafox) August 2, 2010 12:58 PM Anonymous said... Are you gonna give us part 5? August 19, 2010 11:17 AM Ariel said... Thank you very very much!!! I'm looking forward for your next update!! September 22, 2010 6:14 PM Anonymous said... niiice December 19, 2010 6:38 PM Anonymous said... it's great Id Novel p5 Id tilted his head down and fell into a deep state of thought. All the other mem bers of the party just stood by and were looking at Id, curious to know what he is thinking. Illina was especially closely watching Id. 'I suppose I will have to teach them bobeop (T/N: a way of walking), since it it self is quite useful. And I suppose I will use that to teach them on how to use ki.' Id lifted his head back up after finishing his thought and said to the party, "N ow that I think about it, I think that it s better to teach bobeop first and then the next s teps later rather than explaining it. Let's start moving first." The party agreed and packed their belongings and put them on top of their horses . As they were riding on their horses, Illan asked Id, "Id, you are still so young. W ho taught you all those?" "There wasn't really a specific person who taught me. It is mostly from the book s that I've read. Oh, and also it's impossible to find those books here." "What do you mean it's not possible to find them here?" 'Wow he asks a lot of question. Should I just tell him?' "Sorry Illan, but that would be a secret." The party finally entered a small village around dinner time. Here they rented t he only inn's rooms and gathered at the backyard of the inn after dinner. Id first compr essed energy around his feet and walked along the yard. Everybody was amazed as they w ere watching Id's footprints being imprinted deeply into the ground. After, Id pointed at the footprints he made and told others, "You see the footpr ints I made? Follow them exactly. It won't be confusing since they are easy to see." And soon Id had to do it again because Laindelph's short legs could not reach th

e first footprints Id made. Id could not help but laugh as they practice, especially whe n an unathletic magician Illan falls continuously when his feet tangles up. But as there are bad students and good students, elf Illina excelled with her am azing reflexes and athletic ability. It was only long after that everyone learned how to do the basics of bobeop that Id erased the footprints. For days Id taught everyone many ways of bobeop, but it was no easy tasks for th e party since they had to keep on moving and do it fast. This was especially true for Il lan and Laindelph because the magician had weak constitution and the dwarf had short leg s. Soon the group arrived at their destination, Kelvin. Kelvin is one of the three great cities of Ilinas and as such it is a big city and has many magicians and oracles. This of course meant different magic academies. They are mainly separated by class differences: one was for the nobles and the o ther one was for the commoners. Originally there was only one magic academy but the noble s could not let their children learn with the commoners and set up a new one. This did not give good impression to people since the academic curriculums were the same. Of course just because the academy was called commoner's academy did not m ean only commoners attended. In fact many nobles who got along well with the commone rs went there and therefore the differences of the two magic academy s number of stud ents were significant. Whether it was by luck or not, the arts festivals were being held by these two a cademies when Id and his party arrived at the city Kelvin. Despite the fact that these fe stivals were hosted by schools, they were large in scale with lots to see and therefore were one of the biggest attractions of the city. "Then should we see a bit before we go?" asked Grey after answering Id on why th ere are so many people out in the street. At his question, the most elder of the group, Illan, answered. "Lets first get a room at a near by inn and put our luggage away. It seems there are a lot of good attractio ns to see," said Illan as he looks around. Watching him, Hael asked, "Illan did you also attend a school here to become a magician?" "Ha-ha. No, I learned from my master because here they only teach you basics. To learn higher level magic you either have to study on your own or find yourself a good master. With this many people learning at the same time . . . it's not possible." "There's a good looking inn over there with a restaurant," said Laindelph after finding an inn. After Grey looked at the inn he replied, That looks good. But do you think t hey

have any rooms available? There are a lot of people because of the festivals." "What can we do? Rey, let's go there first." Hael was calling Grey with his nick name that she used since they were little kids. As the group entered the inn, a good looking man welcomed them. "Welcome, would you like a dinner, or something else?" "Ah, we would like to see if there's room available?" asked Hael genially. "Yes, there are two three-people rooms open right now. It's a good thing you cam e here since other inns are probably full." The group had to talk over since there were two women and four men. However, the y could not risk going to other inns and not even get a room. "Then lets first ren t the rooms and decide on the arrangement later," said Illan and asked the owners for the ro oms and dinner to be ready. "Great! The guests' rooms are at the second floor. Lia, lead the guests to their rooms." "Yes, father." A cute looking girl who was serving food at one side came over. S he seemed to be 18 years old with red hair. "Please follow me," said Lia and led th e guests to their rooms. After getting rid of his bags, Id quickly went down to the resta urant. Soon Lia approached him and asked, "What would you like to order? I recommend today's duck dish called Elminine." "Hm . . . then three Elminine, six stews anyone who wants to order more, order mor e with beer. . . . Id and Illina, would you like to drink a beer also?" "No, thank you. I would like a white wine" Suddenly Id did not know what to order because he did not know the two drinks th ey ordered. 'How am I to know the types of drinks they have here?' "Uh, what would be good for me?" Then Lia answered Id with shocking words. "Then the lady should have a wine also ." At Lia's words, couple people started laughing and Grey had to explain to Lia. "Lady, this Id here is not a lady but a guy. Although even we were stunned too . . . anyway he's a guy. Hey Id, drink some cool beer, it's good. So give us five beer s and one white wine." Lia quickly apologized after taking Grey's order and retreated quickly. Like at the first town they stayed at, where Id was mistaken as a girl and almost went to girls' s ide of the bath accidentally, there were many other incidents where Id was mistaken as a gi rl. However, Id did not get angry because this happened quite often even at his home town. 'This is all because of Suhnyuh Okhyoung-gyul* and also Okryongshim-gyul*. . . . I must have been crazy, why did I learn them to get myself in this situation.' (T/N: Go to the bottom for the explanations) When Id was at his hometown, he learned Suhnyuh Okhyoung-gyul from a book. Then slowly his outer features turned more woman-like.

Although Id tried to stop these effects, it proved to be impossible because it a ctually not only changes the outer appearance of the user but also the user's skeletal struc ture. Besides, Suhnyuh Okhyoung-gyul was intended for women to learn. That's why Id learned something intended for men: Okryongshim-gyul. However, something unexpected happened after learning this. Because Okryongshim-gyul caused the effects of Suhnyuh Okhyoung-gyul increase an d Id's outer appearance became a lot more feminine, beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a country (T/C: Helen of Troy?). Plus Id's long hair that reaches his hips because he did not want to cut his hai r only added to his feminine side. "Id s so lucky to look as pretty as a woman." 'That Grey must want to die.' "You! You don't want to learn bobeop huh?" "Ah, no, I meant that you look great. You are misunderstanding. . . ." 'If he's going to say that why is he trying to make me mad?' As a swordsman, Grey especially wanted to learn Id's bobeop because no one else knows about it. Of course that's why Grey is saying that. Soon Lia arrived with beer a nd later Elminine, the duck dish, came out. Then as Lia was setting down the dish, she to ok another glance at Id, tilting her head as if to say that no matter what, Id look s like a girl. 'That girl . . . If I said I am a guy then I am a guy, just let it go.' After finishing their meal, the party discussed the day's plan over beer. 'Mmm, this thing called beer is pretty good. It's cold but not strong. Delicious .' "Since it's already past the lunch time, let's just look around and rest and go to the temple tomorrow morning. We will decide what to do rest of tomorrow after we come back from the temple." Illan decided. *This was pretty confusing to translate due to so many meanings that are possibl e but mostly because I am very bad at Hanja. Anyway I tried my best translating it or should I say I just interpreted after looking up the Hanja dictionary. Well, here s the lit eral translation and some basic idea of the meaning of it. Suhnyuh OkHyoung-Gyul (????? ?????): Suhnyuh(??) means nymph, Ok(?) directly translates to a jade, but could also translates to something beautiful, which makes more sense here. hyoung(?) means relating to flower, and gyul(?) means (in not so popular context but this makes sense the most) to form (themselves). So if you put them together it sounds like forming a beautiful florid nymph? It sounds pretty logical to me. Basically it would make Id look more feminine. OkRyongShim-Gyul (???? ????): This Ok is the same as the above but in this case it is not used as beautiful but more as splendid or handsome (probably handsome); ryong(?) relates to an extraordinary p erson (like a king) or sometimes mean dragon; but either way Id was trying to learn so mething

masculine type. Shim(?) relates to heard or ~ freedom of will--combined with ryo ng it sounds like dragon's/king's strong will/purpose. Gyul is also the same as above, as in forming. So combined it means Forming a handsome dragon's/king's strong will? It sounds a bit rough than the other one. But I hope you get the general idea that it s to make Id look more masculine. Posted by Jun at 12:49 PM Labels: Id Novel, Part 5 4 comments: Ariel said... Thank you very much for the translation!! September 25, 2010 9:21 PM Anonymous said... niiice! December 19, 2010 6:47 PM Anonymous said... Thank you! December 29, 2010 6:57 PM Anonymous said... i hope there will be soon more part Id Novel p6 "Now~ Since we've finished eating, please gather at the vacant lot." "Hey Id, let's just skip for today. We already memorized everything that you tol d us." "Exactly. You have to use it now since you memorized it. Come out already." Afte r, Id took everyone outside to the sizable yard next to the Inn. "This is the final test. Please use bobeop and move as fast as you can." After I d's words, each person performed everything they learned as fast as they can. 'Hm, not bad. It'll be alright with that. Illina almost mastered it perfectly. S he could easily dodge normal attacks without using nae-gong*(T/N: Energy stored inside the body, another way of saying Ki).' As he said, Illina performed very fast - though only relative to the people here . And there was even a slight after image. 'I guess there won't be anyone that will be able to catch Illina if she complete ly master it, though there probably won't be anyone that can even catch her right now.' "Alright then! This will be enough. Please come back up to the room." They followed Id inside and soon everyone gathered in one room. "Seems everyone's used to bobeop. Now I will teach you how to use Ki, as in mana , to perform it. To do that, first we need to operate those mana." "I guess operating mana is different than magic?" "Of course. If magicians knew that, we won't need swordsmen." "Then how do we do that?" "You guys won't understand it even if I explain. So I one way I thought of is th at I move the mana that are inside each of your body. Then, each of you guys will remember the order of the flow and operate it yourself." It sounded like a good idea. However, Illan thought Id was talking about using h is mana to move another person's mana and asked about it.

"You don't have to worry about that. I can't do the impossible things. There wil l be something good after doing this." "Huh? What's that?" "Gray, you don't have to be so hasty. You will know once it's over. Who want's t o go first? How about Gray?" Gray looked around and then nodded. "Good! Then come sit in front of me. Keep your posture relaxed and move those le gs like this. . . yes, and move those hands. . . good. Now close your eyes and sit still and when you feel something moving in your body, you have to remember that well." After making Grey sit in zazen posture(T/N: You can Google zazen posture. Most o f you probably have seen it before on TV/Movies), Id lay both of his hands onto Gray's back and performed the safest simpeop( T/N: a way to increase one's nae-gong/Ki) call ed Geumgangsuhn-do* (T/N: See bottom for translations...I hate this; I guess I shou ld make a dictionary list later.) The reason Id chose Geumgangsuhn-do is because this simpeop has the least chance to cause internal body damage and clears body and spirit to increase nae-gong. Thir ty minutes passed since Id had his hands on Gray until Id got up. However, Gray was still sitting on the same position. "Gray went into meridian(T/N: 3rd definition on Now, who wants to go next?" Sa id Id, quietly. Then Hael looked at Gray who was sitting under Mooahjigyung (T/N: the s tate of a spiritual state of perfect selflessness) and asked Id for the reason. "That's because all of Gray's mind is in moving his own mana. Don't worry about it." After Id's answer, Illan and then Hael entered meridian. The one's now left were a dwarf and an elf. And after Laindelph, only Illina was left for last. "Id, is it also possible for non-humans like elves and dwarfs? "Of course. Even Laindelph is doing it without any problems." "Then how long are they going to be like that? Gray has already been sitting lik e that for over an hour." "It's different for each person. It takes about an average of five hours, so you don't have to worry." And finally Illina sat down. Illina's, like Laindelph's, blood points (acupunctu re points) weren't much different than that of humans. "Whew, it's finally done. Since it's going to take a while, I should go to bed a nd sleep." Even 'till dawn, there wasn't anyone who woke up. And a little after past dawn, Illan woke up first. And the first thing Illan saw after waking up was Id, who was wat ching him while eating a soup on his bed. "you woke up. Would you like anything to eat?" "No, thanks. But what time is it right now? And did no one else wake up yet?"

"Yes, Illan was the first one to finish meridian. And right now it's around five o'clock." "Five? Then I was sitting like that through the whole night? Impossible. It didn 't feel as long. . . but why isn't Gray waking up? "That's because Gray has more Ki inside his body than Illan. Since you are a mag ician you don't have to discipline your body, but since Gray is a swordsman, there's m ore Ki inside than Illan. Anyway, he's going to wake up soon." As Illan started getting up while listening to Id, he felt his body lighten. Not only that, his mind felt clear also. It felt like his body became younger again. "Id, what happened? I feel light and clear. . . ." "That's because your body evenly distributed energy through your whole body, so your body would feel lighter while it also clears your mind. That's the good thing I was talking about." As Id and Illan were having these conversations, Gray and Hael both woke up with same expressions and questions like Illan. About an hour later Laindelph woke up, followed by Illina. And to the two who as ked the same questions as Illan, Id answered them the same answers for the third time. "Now that we are all awake, let's all go down and eat so that we can go to the h oly temple." After breakfast, the group gathered back at the yard because it was too early to go to the temple yet. "You guys all remember what we did last night, right? It's good to do it wheneve r you have some time. But you have to do it where it's quiet and no one else to bother you. This is because while you are moving your mana, your body can receive heavy internal damage if you get hurt. Gray, you should especially do this as often, since your dream of being sword master can come faster." "What! Is that true? Really?" 'He's so happy whenever I mention about sword master.' "Then try performing last night's bobeop. It will be a lot different than yester day so be careful. Try not to hit anything. Gray started first after hearing about sword master. Id told Gray, who was posit ioning himself on the center of the yard, "Listen carefully, Gray. From now on, the ene rgy from last night will move automatically when you perform bobeop, so don't be confused . And don't panic when you move too fast and stop." Gray nodded in answer to Id and performed bobeop. He had a doubt of how fast he could move at first but then he started seeing the scenery and wind moving fast past h im, though he didn't feel tired. Except for Id, everyone was surprised at Gray's mov ements. After seeing Gray move fast, Id thought it was good and told Gray to stop. "Grey, that's enough. Stop!" Then suddenly Gray stopped in-front of the group with an excited face. His face

was full of bliss. Grey never dreamed he would meet such a great companion on his adventu re and learn such things. Even with this, Gray earned a lot in this adventure. "Thanks a lot, Id!" "You don't have to say that much since we are going together." 'I'm trying to make myself feel easy. It's really irritating if people block you r way.' "Then try one by one now." Each one performed as Id has said and were very pleased, especially Laindelph. H is eyes became watery because it was impossible for a dwarf to move that fast without ma gic. However there was one figure that was ruining the moment . . . . "Ha ha ha ha! Look at that . . . D-dwarf is actually running. . . ." It was Illan. Although it would look amazing if other people saw it, because eve ryone here learned it and because Illan was Laindelph's friend, he was laughing after seeing Laindelph run. Because of that, Laindelph started waving around his axe. "Seems it's a good time to go to the temple now." At Hael's comment, the group realized what time it was and left the inn. *Geumgangsuhn-do [???? (????)] Geum- Gold/Rare | Gang- Strong/Full of energy | Suhn- Passing On | Do- A way So it would (probably) mean a way of passing on energy in basic sense. Again, I don't have much knowledge on Hanja, so if there's a better translation, please comment. Thanks for reading the part 6 of Id. Remember to click on the banners on the right! <-- I feel bad saying this, don't know why Posted by Jun at 2:06 PM Labels: Id Novel, part 6 9 comments: Anonymous said... thanks for the translation. September 28, 2010 7:53 AM Ariel said... Another part!! Thank you so much!!! September 28, 2010 2:55 PM Ammy said... Thank you so much! I really enjoy reading this. Keep it up! ^-^ September 30, 2010 8:28 PM Anonymous said... thx October 3, 2010 4:05 PM Anonymous said... Thank you, do keep this up. October 7, 2010 3:22 PM Anonymous said... thanks October 7, 2010 5:38 PM Anonymous said... Man im really grateful for this thanks October 23, 2010 5:22 PM Anonymous said... niiice!! December 19, 2010 6:53 PM Anonymous said...

thank you it's realy great Id Novel p7 Here's another update of Id novel! Please remember to keep on clicking at those banners on the right! (And maybe take a look at my other translation at mlsculptor) Thanks! -Jun9008 The party slowly walked while sightseeing through the street. "Wow. It seems they are all prepared for the event. It will be an incredible fes tival. But when does the festival start, Illan? "Grey, that's today. Yesterday was the eve of the festival and today's the start of the festival and will go on for next three days. There will be a lot to see, includi ng the highlight, Academy of Magic s magic battle. The champion of the competition will instantly go up in rank. There are also prizes, which is why outside magicians a lso participate. I wonder what the prizes are this time?" "Really, Illan? When does it start? We should go see it." Grey asked sincerely. "That? I think it starts today and end tomorrow? But I don't really know exact t ime. We should come back from the temple fast. Lets go see the competition. 'Hm. I should go see that since I haven't clearly seen this magic ever since I c ame here. It's going to be fun.' Soon the party arrived in front of one of the holy temples. It was the temple of God of water and forest that Hael serves, Temple of Irian. It seemed better to go to th e temple that Hael serve than just going to any temple. Soon a young clergyman welcomed t he group. "What may be your purpose of your visit?" Hael answered the clergyman's inquiry. "Nice to see you, Father. We would like to request a meeting with the priest. Oh , and we also need to purchase some healing potions." "Ah, there was a follower of Irian-nim here. Please wait a moment. I will send t he notice to the priest soon." Soon he returned with a priest's agreement to speak with them and led them to a small hall inside. In there was an old man with a long beard and blue clothe. "Gentle breeze from the mountain be with you. Hm. So there was something to see me? Please come and sit down." He spoke formally despite of the fact that he looked older. After the party sat down, Hael spoke expectedly. "I'm Hael, a clergywoman from town of Shillion's temple. We came here because on e of us had to meet with a priest. "Is that so? So which person wanted to see me?" "Please, you don't have to be so formal with us. I'm Id. The question I'm about to ask might offend you but, can priest-nim hear the voice of Irian-nim?" "Hmm that's a difficult question. To hear Irian-nim's voice directly. . . I wond er how I can respond. Unless there's a must need, He does not send any revelations. That's wh

y He hasn't said anything for nearly hundred years. That s same as other temples. So I haven't personally heard His voice. But if it's something that He might answer to, you w ill receive an answer even through Hael's prayers." 'Is it? Then since I can't make any noises here, I should ask Hael. So I didn't even have to come here?' "I see. Thank you for your words, priest-nim." "You're welcome. But is that why you came here? Or is there any more questions?" "No. That was enough. Thank you very much. I hope we didn't bother you. Priest warmly smiled at Id's remark. After meeting with the priest, the party bo ught healing potions and left the temple. They walked into the city to watch the fest ivals. The city seemed to be in festival mood as there were loud noises with many peopl e walking around. Since it was almost lunch time, the group decided to find a rest aurant first. They also heard the festival's highlight, magic competition, starts at on e in the afternoon. The restaurant Id and others entered was named Afternoon of the Faeries and due to its popularities the tables were almost full. Thankfully, Id and others were able to find a big table for them inside. Soon they sat down and made an order. "Then I'll get this, vegetable mix and one cold beer." "I want this, that and beer . . . and this too." The party ordered food and drinks as they pointed out this and that on the menu. Among them, Grey and Leindelph ordered the most. "Let's hurry and eat so we can go out," said Grey. Grey seems like he likes to play way too much. He looks like he doesn't know much like me, who came here for the first time.' It was like what Id had thought. Although Grey and Hael heard and know more abou t Id, it was there first time actually seeing it like Id. "Grey, are you going to keep showing off that you're from a country? Stop it!" s aid Hael to Grey after feeling embarrassed. "What, Hael? It's your first time here too. Don't you want to see it also?" "I know, so quiet down and eat." Grey finally calmed down after Hael talked to him with sharp stares. Id gave Gre y a pitying look. Grey . . . seems like he's completely tied up by Hael. I guess it's the same for me too?' The party finished the meal and slowly enjoyed their beers and wines. "Since we still have 40 minutes until the competition, why don't we go shopping? I need to buy a dagger." The group stood up as they agreed to Illina's suggestion. The market seemed to be two or three times more busy because of the festival. Il lina entered the arms store to buy a dagger. The arms store they entered seemed to be an old store. In it, there were many varieties of swords and armors lined up. And in on

e corner, there was a middle-aged man who seemed to be the owner of the store. "Welcome. What are you guys looking for?" asked the owner with a nice smile. "I'm looking for a dagger I can use. Do you have any for me? I prefer light ones ." "Hmm daggers for an elf . . . please wait here for a second." Then he entered inside a room and brought out a box. Inside the box were many ki nds of daggers. "The displayed daggers are pretty heavy and the light ones are mostly used as a fashion. But these are the useful ones that we made and bought. Here, pick some." As he was talking, he brought out the daggers from the box and showed them. Illi na, who needed a dagger, examined them carefully and others also browsed them. Id also l ooked at the weapons since he didn't have any daggers also. Soon he picked up a dagger with white flowers embroidered on it. The dagger seem ed to be a bit longer and thinner than other daggers, but not by much. Also the handle was covered with leather, which attracted Id's attention even more. He felt a cool f eeling as he picked it up. Right then, Id heard a beautiful voice that seemed to resonate inside his heart. [Id-nim. I found a magic inside the sword Id-nim is holding. The magic seems to be sealed for now.] Id was bewildered at the voice coming from inside him but soon thought of Lamia. 'I was surprised. Then again, that's because I've never talked to it after comin g out of Greydron's lair. Then again, who would think of talking to a sword? But this has magic in it? Lamia, can you find any other magic swords here?' [Yes it's possible. I will find it now. Detector Magic Hard Blade] [Found them. There are two swords. I will send the images to Id-nim's eyes.] 'There re two of them in a store? What kind of a store has that much of magical it ems? Then again, this store probably bought a lot of things.' Soon Id saw two swords that were blue and immediately he grabbed them. One of th em was a simple dagger and the other one was a dirk with one sharp edge. The dagger was also light, a kind that Illina was looking for. "Mister, I'll buy these three. And Illina, you can use this one. It's light." Without listening to other people, Id bought them. The ones Id picked were bough t from other places. The combined price of the three was about 50 Silver. (The monetary unit here is 1 Silver 1 Gold 1 Roon. 100 Silver is 1 Gold and 100 Gold is 1 Roon. A typical family's monthly expense is about 20 Silver. A Roon is mostly used by the royal family members and the nobles so it was not often used by commoners. However, because Id cashed a jewel at the last village, he currently has 10 Roon s. So 50 Silver was not much of a problem to Id. "Here's 50 Silver. Can I see your armors and swords too?" Since there were three magical daggers, Id asked to see if there were any other magical items. Although Id didn't know the value of them, he knew it was pretty expensiv

e. However, Id didn't know that the three swords he already bought worth almost 1 R oon. This is because magical items were very rare and people who had them won't sell them. Id only knew they were rare because Grey told him. "Of course, you can look the ones here and then come inside. "Thank you." While looking at the armors and swords, Id talked to Lamia. 'Lamia, is there anything here that's enchanted with magic?' [No, there aren t any magical items here.] "Seems like there's nothing I'm looking for here. Can I look at the ones inside? " "Of course, follow me." While following the owner inside, Grey asked, "What are you doing, Id? We don't need a sword any more. And armors? Are you going to wear them?" 'Damn he talks a lot. It's going to benefit him too.' "Be quiet, since we might be lucky today." "What are you talking about. Don't make a dwarf annoyed and answer!" "I will say it after we get out of here. So just wait 'till then!" The place Id and others entered was the store's warehouse. There were many sword s, armors, and other weapons lying around. "It's a little bit disorganized but I hope you can find whatever you are looking for." "No, it's alright." 'Just how is this little bit disorganized? Lamia, find them for me.' [Detector Magic Hard More (T/N: Yes, it makes no sense.) One item that Id-nim's looking for has been detected. I will send the image to you now.] Suddenly Id saw a place that was marked with color blue. Id went to that place a nd started digging and found a long sword. As if it was been there for a long time, the scabbard was rusted. 'Is this the only one? Well, I guess it's amazing to find four magic swords in o ne store. Anyway this sword is similar to the ones used at Joongwon (T/N: where Id's from. wiki Zhongyuan) so it's going to be easy to use it!' This guy still doesn't seem to completely understand the power of his sword, Lam ia. "How much is this one?" "That one is old, so just give me 20 Silver. Wait here, I think I have a scabbar d for that. 'Scabbard . . . wait. Lamia, is scabbard directly linked with a magic?' [There isn't any magic inside the sheath. Only the sword itself seems to be ench anted with magic.] Hmm . . . . Then I have to change the sheath. But what should I do with two sword s?' Id left the arms store after receiving the scabbard. Then he looked around and g ave a commend to Lamia. 'Lamia, use magic detector to find if there are any magical items near here.' Id hoped for another luck, but the answer was expected. [There aren t any more magical items.] "I guess it's because this store's old. Anyway, today's a lucky day." "What do you mean it's lucky day? You have to tell us what it's about." Grey and others asked with curiosity.

"So, here! Illina, you can tell what this dagger is if it's you, right?" Illina received the dagger from Id while feeling confused. But soon she became s urprised and looked at Id. "Id, this is a magic sword!" "What! A magic sword!" "Really?" Illan also examined the dagger and said, "Hmm . . . it's not a huge magic but it has wind blade magic enchanted in it. But it's still amazing. But Id, if this is a magica l item then others are. . . ." "That's right. These are all magical items." "Id, you are amazing. But isn't that called profiteering? Those magical items ar e probably expensive." "Well it doesn't matter since the other side didn't know what this really was. A nd this dirk is for you, Hael." Again, Illan checked the dirk and explained. "This one has a shield protection m agic in it." Then Id showed Illan another sword and asked, "Illan, then what kind of magic is in this sword?" "Let's see! Although I'm not sure, it has lightening bolt and protector." 'Should I show him this dagger too? No, I will just ask Lamia since it's sealed and Illan probably won't be able to tell either.' "Thank you very much, Id." Illina and Hael came up to Id and showed him gratitude. "It's nothing. I bought it cheap and I don't need to carry all those anyway. It' s about time we go see the magic battle now." "Right. Illan, where's the stage?" asked Grey while looking jealously at the mag ic swords. "Let's see . . . oh right, it's going to be held in front of the magic academy, where they built a stage. Let's go." Illan led the group to the event. But there was something bothering Id. Because there were Lamia and a dagger on his waist, the long sword he was holding on kept both ering him. 'Should I just give it to Grey? It seems like a waste even though I have Lamia.' During his thoughts, Illan led the group to the competition. It was close to the market so it did not take long to get there. The competition has not started yet and when the party arrived, almost all the place was filled and only the place closes to the stage was empty. People did not go to the front because of the possible danger. However, it did n ot matter to them because of they had a magician, Illan. Posted by Jun at 3:31 PM Labels: Id Novel, part 7 8 comments: Anonymous said... great thanks October 7, 2010 5:47 PM

Ariel said... Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your work!! October 7, 2010 11:25 PM Anonymous said... thank you very much for your great work! October 8, 2010 7:23 AM Anonymous said... as always, a nice read. Thanks, and kkep up the good work ;) October 8, 2010 8:27 PM Anonymous said... Thanks! October 9, 2010 7:42 PM Anonymous said... Thanks! October 12, 2010 10:15 PM Anonymous said... Thanks! October 23, 2010 5:32 PM Anonymous said... Niiice!!! Id Novel p8 Still looking for translators and editors ^^ (I will contact few editors that already left the comments soon) Anyway, here's Id! p.s: remember to click the banners =D Soon few people came over and sat near them. One was an old man who looked like a mage, a knight, another young knight, and one swordsman. They seemed like they know each other and were having conversations. At that tim e, one person came out into the stage. He was an old man with a robe and a white rod (T /N: It's Gandalf! lol... okay, moving on). "Hello. I'm the headmaster of Greensilt Magic Academy and Lashilin Magic Academy . We will now start the school's pride, magic competition. The winner's prizes are one class advancement and this silver rod. The runner-up will also receive one class advancement as a prize. Also, magician s and few swordsmen from outside of the academy can also compete in this competition. However, I must emphasize that there should not be any killings or serious injur ies. Finally, for winners who are not from our academies, we have this scroll for a m agician and this magical sword for a swordsman. This sword is made by our school and has protector magic enchanted on it. Now, good luck to all the participants." As he finished, fireworks were fired. "I will now introduce the participants. The first-round participants are our sch ool's students, Ruin and Crain. Then please start." Then two young men came up to the stage and greeted each other. Both were wearin g robes. Ruin, the one with blonde hair that came down to his shoulder, started the attac k. "Fire rain." Like the name, it was rain of fire. Each drops were small so it was weak but bec ause of its range was wide, it was hard to dodge.

"Water blaster" The student named Crain used big stream of water to remove the fire that was com ing toward him and attack. "Water shield." Ruin used water shield to smoothly block Crain's water blaster. This showed a li ttle bit of difference in their magic abilities. 'That person named Ruin is better, blocking water with water as if it just got s ucked in.' Id was observing the battle with strong interest. As predicted, soon Ruin won by pushing the other person with wind block. The next competition was between swordsmen. They both looked about twenty years old and had confidence showed on their faces. 'There's nothing much about them. Even toddlers have better skills at Joongwon.' As Id had predicted, the battle was boring and ended simply. "What kind of match is that? Right? Id, even I can do better than that." "Yeah, yeah. I know." Soon the third round started after one magician and one swordsman came up to the stage. The magician seemed to be the academy's student and the swordsman looked to be i n mid-20s and a mercenary. "Hm . . . this match's the same too." "Id, what do you mean it's the same?" "Hael, that magician is being very nervous while that swordsman doesn't look lik e that at all, which means he has a lot of fighting experiences. That means he probably fo ught with magicians before and that magician has zero practical experience. So the re sult's easy to guess. "The lady knows unexpectedly well." Right then the young knight started talking to Id. However, Id was not angry bec ause it was not just once or twice that this has happened. "It's nothing. Also, I want you to know that I am not a lady." "Yes? Ah, yes . . . is that so? I apologize." When he was turning his head with an apologetic expression toward the stage, his friend jumped in. "Hey, you really think that's true? She's trying to say she's not interested, al though it's a weird way to put it. What you should do is keep pushing on." "Hey, stop that. . . ." As the middle-aged swordsman was encouraging the young man, the middle-aged knig ht tried to stop him. They seemed to be close friends. Although their conversations were not loud, it was enough for Id and his group t o hear. They seemed to think that Id said he's a man because he's not interested in the young knight. So they spoke loud enough for Id to hear to attract his attention. At their conversations, Id's group stared at Id. They were not interested in the match because the magician was not able to do anything like Id had predicted. They wer e more interested in Id because he might explode at any time. "This seems a bit too much to hear. Although you are free to say whatever you wa

nt, you shouldn't change other person's gender." "No, no, seems like the lady is angry. Don't be like that. Despite his looks, he 's pretty skilled. He's also a son of Count Chain so he has good house background. So don' t hate him too much." He slyly answered Id. 'I hate sly people like him.' "What proof do you have that I am a woman? Why do you not trust me when I say I' m a guy? "Ho~ the lady is very good with her words. Look, you don't have to be that angry . And who's going to think that you are a guy with that face and beautiful hair?" "Look, what's your problem? Also, I hear a male elf looks more beautiful than me ." "That's because he's an elf and you are a human. So that doesn't make sense." "I will cut you if you keep doing that." Suddenly Id stopped talking in formal tones. But the other guy still was still m aking sly expression. "The lady seems to know how to use a sword. That's great. Clain family is a mili tary family so it's good for a wife to know how to use a sword!" "Hey, I think you should stop. . . ." Just as Count Clain was stopping his friend, Id sent out a punch. However, Id an d that swordsman were three meters apart that could not be reached. But soon that swordsman suddenly grabbed his stomach and moved back. "What. . ." "How did . . ." "Id. . . ." "H-how, from so far away. . . ." "Are you going to listen to me now? Making fun of people excessively doesn't hel p you live longer." But no one was paying attention to what Id said. Everyone was just watching Id a nd the fallen swordsman. Soon the swordsman stood up and looked at Id as if he forgot t hat his stomach's hurt. "Lady. . . I mean, how did you do that just now? How can you punch a person from that distance?" 'So that's what he wants to know? He should appologize first!' "I don't think I have any reasons to tell you about it." "Hm. . . that's. . . ." That swordsman was now speechless. He knew it wasn't right to ask about it after making fun of him that much. But then the knight next to him, Count Clain, interfered. He also was curious about what Id just did. "Look, young man, let's stop this and make peace with this friend. He didn't do it with any bad intent. Since you guys seem to be here to see the matches, I will buy dr inks after the match. How's that?" Id calmed down a little at Count Clain's words. Because he wasn't that angry and since a

count is talking like that, it was hard for Id to keep being angry." "If you say it like that, then I've nothing to say. I feel sorry for attacking h im so I'll stop now." "Ha ha ha. Good. Let's all sit, then. After everyone sat down, Grey and Illan confronted Id. "Id, how can you be like that in front of the Count?" "Id, you are lucky he is easy going. If it was any other nobleman, they would ha ve tried to kill you! So watch out from now on." "I will. I didn't know what a count is. Well, now that I know I will be careful. But I'm not this country's citizen (or any other countries here) and I don't care about thos e kind of things that much. So please understand when this kind of thing happens again. Right then a white light exploded on stage and there was a sound of someone fall ing down. When Id looked at the stage there was one girl who was surrounded by somet hing that was emitting white lights. And on the other side was a young man with a robe lying down. Few people ran up to the stage and took the young man and the announcer announced that the girl has won t he match. "What? Illan, what's that floating over there?" "I think it's a sprit and that person looks like a spirit magician." 'Spirit magic? Is that the collection of energy that makes up this world?' The magician that came together with the knights did a further explanation. "That's the spirit of light, Laead.. Although it belongs in low-class, I believe it has a good destructive power. That person's name is Raynain Clain, daughter of Clain and th is here's Laint's younger sister. We are actually here because that kid is participating i n this competition." The group looked at her. Now they looked at her carefully, she seemed to look a little bit similar to Count Clain. With her match, the day's competition ended and she came down to greet the count and others. "You were doing great, Rayna. And greet them; they are someone we got to know he re." The party hurriedly introduced themselves first because they couldn't receive th e greetings from the nobles first. "Nice to meet you. I'm a magician named Illan Howgun. And this swordsman here's Grey Lanotis, Illian's follower, Hael Ershian and my friend Leindelph Trocinos. And t his person here's Illina and this friend here uses a sword named Graydrone." Illan introduced the party. Only Illina and my full name was excluded because he didn't know. "Nice to meet you. I'm Raynain Clain. You seem like adventures." "Yes. I'm performing pilgrimage as an Irian's celebrant and traveling with them. "Okay, now that we've introduced ourselves, let's go to eat. People followed Count Clain to his house because it was near. While going to Cla in's

house, the young knight Laint and the swordsman Shioran talked especially to Id. However, Raynain has not said a word to them. Except when she introduced herself at first, she didn't even make an eye contact with the group. 'She looks very cold-hearted. She's just like Joonwon's Nengwal nu-nim (T/N: Nunim: indicating an older woman). Like other noblemen's houses, Count Clain's house was a big mansion. Interesting ly, a military exercise hall could be seen on one side of the mansion. "Look at that, Id. It must be true that the count likes martial arts. I believe most noblemen don't make those kind of things. "What does it matter if he has it or not? Not everyone has be the same with ever yone else. If you have a fixed mind, it will be hard to learn the way of the sword. "Hey! What does it matter what I think and learning how to use a sword?" "If I say it does, it does! Be quiet and let's go inside." Like Id has said, the group were already entering through the door. Id and other s were first led to what it looked like a living room. "Please, make yourselves comfortable!" "Father, I will come back down later." The girl, Raynain, went up to her room and soon after a maid brought out tea and snacks. And when the maid was about to leave, Raynain came down with her clothes changed . "Let's talk first. The food will be ready soon." "Thank you very much for inviting us to lunch." Like Illan said, noblemen usually do not behave this way. Most of them socialize with only themselves. People who associate with commoners like Count Clain are rare. Of course, the fa ct that he likes swords has something to do with it also. Posted by Jun at 10:43 AM Labels: Id Novel, part 8 32 comments: Batzille said... I just love Id :) October 18, 2010 12:05 PM Ariel said... Thank you very much for your translation!! I'm really anxious for the next part! !! October 18, 2010 6:51 PM Anonymous said... ^^ thx October 18, 2010 7:30 PM Solumbus said... Amazing work. Thanks as always. October 18, 2010 9:33 PM Vinh said... This post has been removed by the author. October 18, 2010 11:53 PM Anonymous said... thanks!!! October 19, 2010 5:44 AM vivek parimi said... Thank you October 19, 2010 2:30 PM

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ome! (This chapter explains about sword masters) -Jun9008 Immediately after the tea is brought out, the swordsman Shioran asked a question that he was very curious about. "How did you do that last thing?" Then everyone turned around and looked at Id as if he asked what was on everyone 's mind. 'Again! I thought just saying that it's magic works in this world . . . but I gu ess I can't with two magicians here. It is really long to explain, hm. . . .' "Father, what do you mean?" "Hm? Oh I guess you don't know, Raynain. So . . . this has happened but I still don't know how he did it." "Perhaps it's a spirit magic? I think it's possible if you use the wind spirit's power." 'Oh~! Thanks a lot lady, I will repay the debt later. No, no, wait. I've never u sed spirit magic (or any other magics) before. What if they ask me to use it?' "That's not it. What I did was . . . it's hard to explain but have you ever seen a sword master?" "Hm yes. Most of us here has seen them before." "Then have you seen a sword master push out mana from a sword, a sword aura, bef ore?" "Yes, Shioran, the royal court's magician Grihagent, and I have seen it but not my son and daughter. I have seen it when Marquis Greshiad used it on the battlefield." "Then it will be easy to explain. What I've done is similar to that. The differe nce is that I weakened and softened it to make it invisible and used my fist rather than a swo rd." "Is that possible? To put mana around a fist instead of a sword. . . ." "Then are you a sword master?" "Id, you never told us that." 'Hey Grey, did you ever ask? You would've noticed when I taught you that bo-boep .' "Please slow down and ask." Next, the royal court's magician Grihagent asked. "Does that mean you are alread y a sword master?" "Yes, although I'm still weak." This time the swordsman asked. "Is that true? To send out sword aura with a fist and not a sword . . . I've nev er seen nor heard of such thing." "I think the direct experience has answered your question." "Father, it's probably not true. How can that young man who looks similar age as me be a sword master. Even father hasn't reached that state yet. He must have used a spi rit." "Don't say such a thing to the guest, Reyna! I'm very sorry." "Father. . . ." "That's enough, Reyna" "No, it's alright. Everyone else seems to also have hard time believing it, so p lease don't mind about it."

"See? Father, if he was a sword master he would've shown the proof and not dodge around it like that." 'Che! Is being a sword master so hard, enough to make a big fuss about it? Shoul d I prove it or not?' "Hey Id, show it to us!" "Okay, okay." Id brought out a slightly long sword that he bought at a weapon shop. There was still a leather wrapped around its handle. And because it hasn't been trimmed, the shape of the scabbard was unclear. Id unsheathed the dagger. Its blade was milky white and engraved with beautiful patterns. Id stared at the sword for a moment and pushed mana into it. However, his mana was not entering the sword e asily. 'Huh, this is weird. What's happening? Then harder this time. . . .' [Id-nim, if you keep forcing mana into the sword, it will explode with the seal inside it.] 'Oh right, the seal. Can you unseal it, Lamia?' [Yes. Should I do it now?] 'No. That magician will notice that it's a magic sword and will say it's not my own ability.' Id sheathed his sword and put it back. Ignoring the people's curious looks, he p icked up a small stick in front of him and sent out his mana. Then there was a bluish blade around the stick. At the same time, people gave sudden burst of "Ah." Id then used that stick and sliced the glass ashtray that was on the table. Afte r he vanished the blade on the stick, he touched the ashtray and it split exactly in half. The side that was cut also looked like a clean glass. "Amazing! Although I don't know much about it, that is at least a beginning swor d master! Fantastic, but I've not seen Marquis send out mana with his fist!" "That's right. I never heard about it either." "Anyway, it's amazing to reach a sword master level at such a young age. Now, le t's all go and have dinner." The count led the group to the dining room and introduced his wife to them. After the dinner, the group said farewell to the count and left. "Thank you very much for inviting us." "It was nothing! Then see you tomorrow at the stadium!" The group left the count's house and walked toward the inn. "Grey, what's a beginning sword master?" Id did not understand what the count meant when he said Id was a beginning sword master. "That . . . I'm not really sure either. Do you know, Illan?" "Oh, that? Of course! Sword master means that one can use mana. At the beginning level you can only inject mana into your own sword to increase its sharpness and becom e somewhat resistant to magic. At the intermediate level, you can also form a figu re with mana. So if the intermediate level wants to, a small rapier can turn into a longsword with sword aura. Of course, you can make it bigger but it wastes a lot of mana so no one do es that. At

the senior sword master level you can send out mana around the sword to attack e nemies from afar. And above it is Great Silver who can use sword aura to make something similar to a sword and also transform the aura into something that fits your nature. As far a s I know, there has only been one or two who reached this stage in history. There isn't anyone at that level because there is only tens of senior sword mast er! I also hear there's another stage above Great Silver but I'm not sure." "Is that so? Then Illan, who were the two Great Silvers?" "One was from five hundred years ago, Laillon Empire's founding king, Hero King Sion McRuleager. Another person was from about two hundred or three hundred unknown years whose name was Maximillion. However, his nationality was unknown and he di d not form any influence and just journeyed around doing whatever he wants to do. Of course, I learned that he didn't commit any foul acts. That's all I learned f rom hanging around with knowledgeable people so You probably have to search some history boo ks for anything beyond it!" "Illan . . . it sounds like you are slyly boasting." "What are you talking about?" "You said it yourself: know-ledge-able people." "Cough, cough. That's. . . ." "Ah, let's stop. Illan and Reynar, we've arrived to the Inn." Id's group did not eat due to the dinner at the count's house and decided to go to bed early for tomorrow's matches. Posted by Jun at 5:20 PM Labels: Id Novel, part 9 124 comments: vivek parimi said... you r the best January 22, 2011 6:30 PM Anonymous said... awesome thanks a lot January 22, 2011 7:25 PM Anonymous said... thanks a lot January 22, 2011 8:33 PM Anonymous said... thanks January 22, 2011 11:24 PM Anonymous said... ty but now i curious as to wat would happen next Xb cant till nex 1 gets done January 23, 2011 1:43 AM Anonymous said... thanks a lot January 23, 2011 4:52 AM Anonymous said... *sigh* we need a group to pick this up. or a license that releases fast.... January 23, 2011 9:17 AM Anonymous said... oh and thx. January 23, 2011 9:17 AM Anonymous said...

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It is a well made sword. I don t know much about swords, but it looks well made and it has attack and defensive magic cast on it. The sword looks like a best wo rk of an 8 class master. Power is also strong, you chose well. Protect it well it i s worth a considerable amount. It is probably worth more than the prize sword. Yes, I understand Id received his sword back But it is tiring to put the sword on my back. Additionally with Id s personality h e likes to carry things on his hand rather than his back. Alright! I decided. Since Lamia is better, let s leave it. Even though it s such a waste. With that decision Id extended the sword to Gray. Gray with a puzzling face received the sword. What is it Id You can have it What?! Really?! I can have it?! Yeah, having two swords is too annoying. But this is a magic sword .?! This guy keeps trying to return it even though he wants it .. Keep it. It is alright I have a different one. It s real right! No take backs later on. Listening to this conversation the count couldn t believe it. Giving a magic sword to someone else usually this never happens. I d understand if he were dying, but to give because he is annoyed . The others in Id s group had is that what you re going to do expression. There was an incident when Id came out of the weapon store with magical weapons he just gave Illina and Hael. Hey Id don t you think about what you re doing? Magic swords are very valuable, but is it alright to just give the sword away? It doesn t matter. Count. I already have a different sword and that sword doesn t seem very useful. Also we are traveling together so by him getting the sword and get stronger it will be better off for me. If you put it like that, oh well. I guess there are all sorts of people in this world . When the count finished speaking the match began. Id didn t seem to be enjoying the match very much. The quality was the same as yesterday. Id ignored the match and pulled out a dagger and pulled the leather that was wrapping around it . When unwrapped, the blade was silver and the handle had a long jewel imbedded inside. i got bored so i just tried out translating a little to see how far i would get in one hour and i only got this far. I have a knowledge of Korean less than a 1st grade r so it isn't that great, but here it is. Also i just stopped at a random point. May 9, 2011 7:58 PM Anonymous said... thanks for the translation ^^ May 10, 2011 6:52 AM Anonymous said... even then i really appreciate it, thanks for the translation. May 10, 2011 8:40 AM Anonymous said... hmm, it looks good lamia can you unse no if I unseal it now the mana will move and lamia can you put a magic shield around so no one will notice? [I did it id-nim]

Thank you and please release the seal of this sword [Please let go of the sword. If you hold on to it you may get shocked] Oh! don t worry about that and please unseal the sword. So Id placed a defensive measure around his body [Id-nim s body is covered with magic shield. With id-nim s safety assured now I will begin unsealing ] Ho~, so if my safety isn t assured you won t unseal? Id as he is thinking this the sword glowed in blue light. The light got stronger and got rid of the dust and rust. After that there was the flagrance of a flower and the blue light disappeared. [I dispelled the seal id-nim] Hmm ok but what is this flagrance it smells like its coming from the sword [it seems that the goddess of flower Elieezer s (E-lie-e-zer I am not great at translating names) flower is within the sword and various magic is granting this flagrance. Id-nim. This scent is to relax and clear your mind.] Ahh! Its good thank you lamia [it s not much, also id-nim I am going to get rid of the magic shield] She s very talkative; she used to only answer whenever I asked something. While he was thinking this he put the sword back in his hip Hmm, what is this smell? Illina doesn t it smell like flowers? Yes! There is that smell. Even though I don t know what flower it is. Hmm? Anyway this smells very faint. Who sprayed the perfume? Ho, it seems that they are able to smell this sword? It smells nice. After the group said this they went back focusing on the match. After the match was over it was Rayna s match. This time rather than a magician it was a swordsman appeared. It was the swordsman that easily won against a magician in the yesterday s match. Hmm! This will be a difficult match Count said this as he saw the opponent. It seems because she is his daughter he seems more concerned. Then the bell to begin the match has rung. The swordsman carefully approached his opponent. Rayna also carefully inspected her opponent. Then in the surrounding, not being able to tell when she summoned, spirit of light, laed (la-e-d again not good at names) appeared. Rayna attacked first. She sent the spirits around her in the back, sides and the front of the swordsman. But the swordsman didn t have any expression of surprise and attacks the spirit that was approaching him. oh no if he does that then the spirit will explode and be sent back by the shockwave. Illan said this but the swordsman was alright. If there was anything different t hen it would be that his sword glowed with faint blue. Hmm it s the sword aura. He exterminated with his sword aura. If he does that then the spirit will not explode. Even though he is so young he is consider to b e beginner sword master. Ahh it seems that Rayna can t win this match. Count again i don't translate well May 10, 2011 7:58 PM Anonymous said... thanks, im so happy, this really made my day May 10, 2011 11:22 PM Ariel said... Thank's!!! May 11, 2011 11:26 PM Anonymous said... It looks that way. The opponent is a beginner sword master. No matter how much she mastered spirit summoning and magic this is her first actual fight. True to Count s and court magician Grihagent s words Rayna s magic was

avoided by the sword aura. Then Rayna said something to the swordsman. You re amazing, now I will use my final attack. If you are able to avoid this attack, than I will forfeit the match. As a warning I would like it if you don t t hink about facing the attack head on. It will be impossible for beginner sword master to block this attack. Then quietly casting started. Of course placing her spirits around the surroundi ng. Shinaluru(Shin-a-lu-ru) Ayahuna-nim (A-ya-hu-na) .. ruler of water I wish to borrow your power. Water layela(lay-e-la) with your power please annihilate the enemy .. Perfect water blaster As she finished she raised her out in front of her. Suddenly as she did this a c ircle appeared around her hands and a magic circle came out. From the magic circle a thick line of water came out, which flew towards the swords man. To avoid it the swords man had to duck under the attack or else he had to take that attack head on. He felt a bit embarrassed for thinking that and took out a small pallet from a pouch and threw it shouting Fire Shield After that the fire covered the surrounding area to form a shield. Soon the shie ld and Rayna s magic caused a huge explosion. As the 2 magics collided chizizizi With this sound, a large amount of stream appeared. In the middle of this the fire shield had broken. It seems Rayna s perfect water blast was stronger than the fire shield. But it seems that the fire shield had absorbed so me of the attack strength. Swords man then put mana in to the sword and split the blaster. The weakened blaster split to the sides and disappeared. After stopping the magic he charged toward Rayna and stopped. Rayna was sitting with a pale face. It seems that she used excessive amount of magic. Ha ha to .. Block .. That .. Ha .. You are skilled . I admit .. defeat .. With her words the referee declared the swordsman to be the winner. The count and Grihagent ran down to get her back. After going down and carrying her back Grihagent used recovery magic. Recovery Thank you Grihagent-nim It s nothing. Now stand up. Rayna grabbed the count s hand and stood up. The swords man approached them. Are you okay? Yes, I m fine. Congratulations on winning. Thank you. You fought well. My name is Rainu(Ra-i-nu) He went back after he greeted to her and count. After the greetings they went back to Id and his group. You did well Rayna. The opponent this time wasn t good. But you did great. He is just a bit stronger than you. Her brother and Sioha(Si-o-ha) said this to her. But Id didn t say anything feeling awkward and just sat down. Sit here. Let s go after seeing the matches. Today I ll buy you things you want. Hoho Father s very generous you ll really buy everything? Yes uuuu I m having Goosebumps May 14, 2011 2:44 AM Anonymous said... The next match had started. But there weren t any special opponents and the final

match approached soon. At the final were the swordsman that defeated Rayna and a magician wearing a dark hood so that you can t see his face. Illan, who is that magician? Earlier he kept winning by using distasteful technique called dark shade Id was talking about what happened before the match. That mage used magic called dark shade on his swordsman opponent. The magic formed as a black fog. Like a swamp the fog slowly covered the swordsman. Feeling horrified the man surrendered and was able to leave with his life. If he had continued there is no doubt that the man would have died. I don t know as well. It looks like magic with that amount of skill there is no need to compete here? Its strange .? In the arena Rainu(Ra-i-nu) felt that the opponent is very strong and was very cautious. There was a lot of sword aura build up. In the surrounding area there were people gathering to watch the final match. The magician moved and started to use magic. Dark Arrow Then in the surrounding area the black arrows started to fly. The arrows not onl y aimed at Rainu(Ra-i-nu), but the surrounding area as well. The spectators quickl y moved out. Immediately again he called out a spell. Fire Twister After that between the, there were blazing fire covering. Rainu(Ra-i-nu) immediately used the sword aura to split the fire. But then the fire spread out. Grihagent used shield around his surroundings. That magician is strange. Since earlier dark arrow and this time fire twister. Th ey are used to get rid of the surrounding spectators. Your right sorry if posting it here is annoying. I don't know where else to post. Also don' t expect there to be translations very often. I only do it when i feel like it and the translation isn't that great. May 14, 2011 3:04 AM Anonymous said... the translation is great. i'm waiting for the next translation ^^ May 14, 2011 10:41 AM Ariel said... Thank you very much for the translations! May 14, 2011 1:48 PM Anonymous said... Like Siohran said, people moved away from the center of the arena. Only people that were left were count s group, Id s group and an old magician with a shield casted. After Siohran said this the dark magician looked around his surrounding and raised his hand and casted. Keeper of the underworld spread your power .. Suddenly the on top of his hand dark, circular ball summoned about 13m long dark curtain. The groups that were trapped roses quickly. This looks grave Cline I agree with you Hey. What do you think you re doing? Grihagent while still keeping up the shield asked. kuku you don t need to know. If you would just stay still tomorrow you can go back. Then he talked to the magician on the other side. It has been a while Laure (La-u-re). It s been 30 years since you defeated me. I

didn t know you where here. Next, hearing this magician called Laure changed his expression and uneasily talked to him. Hmm It was you Cleon. KuKu . You didn t forget me. Is it revenge? if it wasn t why did I searched for you? When I lost to you I lost my magic and an arm. Revenge . Isn t it obvious? From you appearance . A contractor? Of course, I, who have lost my magic, have a contract with the devil to beat you. How else could I beat you.? Thanks to this I gained a tremendous amount of power. KuKuKu. As he said this he placed the hand in front of him. Suddenly from the hand a bla ck ball shot out. Then Laure, the old magician, used haste to move quickly. The place that he was sitting at got contact with the black ball and melted. Good dodging. I don t want to defeat you too easily. Celestial fireball Hu with only that level of magic it will not enough Cleon drew a circle in the direction of the fireball. Then from his had dark cir cle formed and swallowed the fireball. Cleon .How . It s nothing to be surprised about. Water spirit breathe a cold breath Ice Spear Following the incantation, spears of ice headed towards Laure. Fire Block The block of ice formed and blocked the spears. But about 2 spears just went through the fire and headed towards Laure. Laure immediately dodged and avoided serious injury, but one spear grazed his left hand. With this exchange t he two s magic strength was confirmed. May 15, 2011 3:30 AM Anonymous said... Grihagent, at this rate that person will be in great danger. It seems that way. His magic strength started to show itself. Anyway it seems that I need to help out. Who will take care of the shield in my place? I will Illan came forward and cast a shield Then Grihagent nodded toward Illan and stood before the dark magician. Amazing are you a 6 class? Next he held his hand towards the magician Cleon. Fire Wall After shouting this, Cleon was surrounded by fire. At that moment Laure quickly arrived to this place. Also Rainu, who was on the field, ran to the group. Thank you, but if you do this it will be dangerous It doesn t matter. I don t think that, that magician is able to defeat the three of us. But even with Grihagent s words Laure s expression didn t soften. With an angered face fire around Cleon dispersed. I m sure I warn you that you wouldn t be harmed as long as you didn t interfere. Since you did it would mean that you have a death wish. Well, if you can beat us you can do that, but I don t think so and also people outside wouldn t just sit still. Grihagent told what he thought to Cleon. Sorry to disappoint you . result is result. The curtain won t open for a long time. Also think about it. To get my revenge do you think I haven t thought through this much? Cline and rest be careful it doesn t seem like it will be easy .. Pure darkness Suddenly darkness covered the top of the shield. It collided with the shield and

sparks formed. At this rate it seems that the shield will break. Illan told the group quickly, then immediately Hael used Holy aura. Ariane-nim please block the approaching darkness Then the blue light spread out and got the darkness away from the shield. Immediately Grihagent and Laure cast their magic Wind Sword Light Magic Missile Getting attacked by magic the darkness slowly disappeared and Hael lowered the holy aura. We can t keep defending. If we don t attack we might suffer. Your right, I ll begin. After he said this Laure started his attack. May 15, 2011 3:31 AM Anonymous said... A pleasant surprise. Thanks anon for doing the trans. May 15, 2011 10:18 AM Anonymous said... Blade of fire cut the enemy. Fire Blade Then a large blade of fire headed towards Cleon. Grihagent followed after him. Jeasu kuruno kamure . With the combined power destroy the enemy . Explosion Hell (Not sure of the attack name) Cleon blocked the fire blade with his dark blade, but the follow up spell create d magic circles around him and started to explode. Cleon flinched. Because he had to block the fire blade he couldn t block this attack. Rageuni Rukeuramun follow our contract and protect me. Suddenly, in the surrounding dark enchantment appeared and the surrounding area exploded. Damn it, is it contracter s protection? But was it Rageuni Rukeuramun Isn t he a high ranked demon? And also darkness of . Your right, it will be a hard fight. But how did he make a contract? To make a contract with him it will be very difficult, if you don t offer something . At that moment the dust settled down, black curtain appeared. As the curtains opened Cleon appeared. In each of his hands were concentrations of darkness. Kuku your good. Dark Buster Then the darkness in his hands fused and flew. Is this Rageuni Rukeuramun s power? Then flame of fire please grant me your power Flare Next from inside Grihagent s hands flew out a streak of light. The two, the light and darkenss, met and the light got pushed back. Dark buster, potential went down, but it was still fast. With that amount of power the shield Illan casted w ill break. So Laure was about to quickly chanted a magic shield Lightning Bolt Wind Blade Shield Soon lightning and blade of wind spot out, it was weak but the shield survived. Dark Buster vaporized lightning bolt and wind blade. With this event behind count, Laure, and Grihagent, Illina, Hael, and Gray drew their swords. As the situation got worse they were going to use magic sword, which did not require chanting but only energy to start. Though you have no skills, you carry good items Cleon was sarcastic to them and started to attack. Try to block this. Ice Spear. Dark Buster I wonder if Jun9008 will post these May 15, 2011 10:58 PM Anonymous said... thank you so much, i was out of town for 3 days so i hadn't checked this until now, you are the best.

May 16, 2011 1:16 AM Anonymous said... wow please continue your translation, thanks... May 16, 2011 7:49 AM Anonymous said... I havn't checked for updates in a faw months so this was a really pleasant suprice o(^w^)o I hope you countinue to translate and post it here =D May 16, 2011 3:54 PM Anonymous said... He threw the Ice Spear and when Laure blocked them with Fire Block he fired 2 Dark Busters. Grihagent seeing this used his 7 class incantation which had the most explosive power. He wasn t sure if it was a match against 2 Dark Busters, but it was the only way to block. Lighting . Heaven s destroyer show him your power . Giga Lightning. Suddenly unbelievably thick lighting struck. Behind it was Gray s lightning and Illina s magic, which was the same attack Grihagent used before, Flare. They flew towards each of the Dark Busters and there were explosions. I don t know if it will end with this Dark Buster The group watched in surprise. Within the dust left by explosion of five magics, one fully grown Dark Buster flew. Damn it, doesn t he get tired? As Id said this instead of drawing Lamia he used the blade he bought. Let s see how it does Id filled the sword with his mana and sent his sword aura flying. Jungyoeng Then from the sword flew mana that looks like a red dragon (This is a shape of a dragon from his world so other people don t know this dragon) and there were flower petals floating in the surrounding area. what the, the sword aura is sent well, but what is up with the flower petals . As he was distracted by this thought the beautiful sword aura within the flower petals clashed with the Dark Buster and died out. What . was .. that .? Cleon look toward Id, who have broken his Dark Buster, in surprise. The group was also surprised. To blow away at least 7 class Dark Buster with only sword aura .. Are you an advanced sword master? Probably not could 7 class magic . Ick I doesn t make any sense . Go blizzard As Cleon said this there was something moving inside the ground. Id seeing this planted his sword inside the ground. Deje First Sword After that the ground with the sword planted slowly cracked and clashed with the Blizzard and exploded. The shock in the ground caused dusts to fly off. what the, strangely the mana got amplicated this sword .. oh right goddess of flower and forest Elaezer s sword sucking flower s and forest s mana to amplify the user s sword ..then! this is Elaezer s temple s sword?...... But why was it in that weapon store?......This was made by Elaezer the godess and is a good sword, why didn t it taken good care of? Thanks to that I have it now . Kuk what are you? What could you be .. to be this strong?....Maybe . Stop talking nonsense and let s play some more May 16, 2011 9:46 PM Anonymous said... all i can say is awesome May 17, 2011 9:26 AM Anonymous said... Why are you interfering others that are trying to take revenge get out or else I ll kill you Hey! How can you say that when you have no skills? If you do have the skill try

it .: Rageuni Rukeuramun from the darkness I want your power. Lend me your power and destroy my enemy Stupid do you think that I will play around while your casting? Hyung Gong! As Id said mass of mana that looked like a sword flew towards Cleon. But it disappeared around him. What? What happened? Id that is at least 7 class prayer, the mana spreads out around him and the attac ks get deflected to proect him . Oh~! That was it? Then it s fine if I destroy it. Usually swordsman can t do it, but if it is you . Hey, stop chatting and someone do something! On one side Sirion who was keeping the magicians on the border shouted toward Id and Grihagent. Id answered and went towards Cleon who has nearly finished chanting. It should go through with this much. Jukhabongong! Then from Id s sword flew a red bird. How can sword aura look like that? This was what everyone was wondering about. It was flying toward Cleon and Cleon, finished chanting, felt uneasy about Id s sword aura and sent the spell he had just finished. With darkness destroy the enemy Darker than Darkness. Then from his surrounding darkness with no form came and clashed with Id s sword aura. The two didn t explode but fought and they sprayed out mana in the area as they did. Seeing this Id swung his sword again. Beckbonghang go and help Jukbong Then from the sword, another bird like shape, that was white this time, flew. It soon helped Jukbong and annihilated the darkness and they both headed towards Cleon. Cleon, not believing that the bird like sword aura breaking through his spell, didn t try to protect himself and was sent flying when he was hit. Kuk This doesn t make any sense. Not possible N O . Cleon saying this began to disappear. May 17, 2011 7:21 PM Anonymous said... Thx you a lot for taking the time to translate and post these. Plz keep up the good work!! May 18, 2011 3:23 AM Anonymous said... My god, i really appreciate this, let me tell you something about my situation, though maybe you dont care. I have a lot of work right now and i also have my college assignments. right now i m doing a really difficult work and wont sleep at all, so reading this is the best . May 18, 2011 3:44 AM Anonymous said... The demon that contracted with him took his body and soul when he died as according to the contract. Id seeing this sheathed his sword. Until now everyone had blank faces. It was because they have never seen this before. Sword masters weren t common but it wasn t possible for sword masters to send out sword auras of this caliber like Id. Anyway that is still just floating . As Id said the enchantment was still active and the pallet was still there. At this rate it will stay that way about 2, 3 hour. Let s destroy it. Hyeolnoegangji! Id raised his finger and sent his attack and destroys the pallet. Ganggagon sususuth(Sound Effect) As the pallet got destroyed the curtains disappeared.

As a result people, who couldn t get in, could now get in from one side and asked about their safety. Somewhat still focused the group told them that they were basically alright and went towards Id s group. Now~! It seems that the tournament is now over. Let s go Illan we got a goal. Hmm? Ah right we must prepare but before Stop~~ I will tell you as we go let s go Alright The others listen to Id and went with him with blank faces. Count seeing this called and stopped them. Hey, I need to talk with you let s go to my house Ha~~ Count we are a bit tired so tomorrow or later when the time seems right we will visit you. Of course WHEN the time seems right Hmm, okay you must be tired. So let meet tomorrow Thank you. We ll be going now May 18, 2011 6:50 PM Anonymous said... Thank you for your translations keep up the good work! If you dont mind me asking where did you get your copys of the Id novel. I have looked all over for well over a year and I just cant seem to find them?? May 18, 2011 10:35 PM Anonymous said... look at the earlier post May 18, 2011 10:49 PM Anonymous said... Here it is Use this URL Also bad news, after 14th novel at the end, it said it was end of act 1 but from what i know from the webs that i searched, the author didn't continue May 18, 2011 10:57 PM Anonymous said... thanks for the translation man, and thanks a lot for who ever continuing the translation May 19, 2011 4:13 PM Anonymous said... Id turned and smiled mischievously and stood ahead of the group and headed towards the inn. Coming back to the inn the group had simple dinner and slept early. Since everyone was tense and their minds were tired. But there were some who weren t. They were Id and elf Illina. They were sitting at a restaurant and chatting. It was Illina s request. Illina first drank the grap e wine and asked Id. I ll be straight to the point. Are you a dragon? Ha~! Dragan? Dragon.. well I m not completely unrelated to them but I m still a human, also I only saw one dragon. No. Why do you ask? It was because of the incident today at the arena. You may know but things that Id did were incredible things. If it is alright will you explain it? To explain it well it is simple. I taught you Bobeop, it is similar to that. What I did was similarly used mana and executed these moves. It may be very close to magic. The only difference is that magic use mana in the surrounding and casting spells. Illina listen to Id and though deeply. And somewhat understanding nodded her head. I can understand somewhat, but there is no one that knows that. It was the first time that I have seen it.

Hmm is there still a bit of doubt is that it? But this skill .. does the dragons also not know? You can think that way. If you are still doubting, I wonder how to prove it anyway I m not a dragon. After meeting with a dragon asks as much as you want. I think that would be the best. That seems good. Thank you for giving me your time It was nothing, well nothing bad was assumed. But Illina why do you look for a dragon? Could you tell me the reason? After hearing Id she looked at Id for a moment and said. the reason why I m looking for the gold dragon is that he has the ball of seal. It has strong sealing ability. To explain why I need to retrieve it, we need to go back 20 years ago. From what I heard, back than there was a creature that trespassed into my village. He was a dark magician and during casting he had a shock and went insane. He sent magic from all sides towards my village. The village people used their own magic to defend themselves. There were many sacrifices. Our elder got a fatal injury from him. The elder used last of his life to use summon ing spell and with his life he was able to turn into a demon and with the village pe ople sealed him. Then there were more seals placed later. So until now there were no problems, but 3 months ago a lightning hit and damaged the seal. We tried to reseal but the piled up magic caused it to be impossible. If left like this with in 8 months the seal will break. In the end we thought of the ball of seal and found out that dragon named Lalio Sidgar had it. So I m on a journey to retrieve it. Should I do it daily or just a big one a week or so? May 19, 2011 8:02 PM Anonymous said... ummm, I really dont mind eather way. Thank you BTW for the translation today! May 19, 2011 8:27 PM Anonymous said... I don't think there will be translation tomorrow. I'll be very busy from school and I'm going to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. May 19, 2011 8:34 PM MonasticaRex said... you are the best Anonymous-that-is-posting-these translations!!! I'd say you should just do whatever is more convenient for you, most likely everybody is jus t grateful that you are translating at all May 19, 2011 9:54 PM Anonymous said... I like the daily better, since it's a nice addition to the day, but I would stil l be thrilled with weekly, so do whichever you prefer, and thanks! May 20, 2011 8:35 PM Anonymous said... Hmm but you can just leave the village .. No, when elves decide to live in a forest we don t leave. Also that magician may come after us. Is that so . must be a pain Id and Illina finished there and went to their room. Next day the group prepared to travel. Illan and Gray did all the work. Around dinner time they finished. Id and the group sat at the table and talked about th e plan for the travel. As Illina said we didn t prepare much for battle, but is it okay? After all we are

going on a trip to meet a dragon. It s okay. Dragons are wise. They don t attack people without any reason except for special cases. Also the one we are going to meet is the place where the head of the gold dragon is. He won t immediately attack without listening to us. If you talk like that you re right, but do you know the way? Yes, Lailo Sidgar s lair is located at the Layeon Mountain range. It will take about 12 weeks. So, should we head out early tomorrow morning Illina? Or should we go now? There is no need to hurry, so let s go tomorrow. Anyway, Id didn t you promise to meet up with the count didn t you? Gray Gray Why should I go if there isn t anything good? Gray, there is nothing good there. Count called me because of what I did yesterday. If I go he will try some way to hold me there. What Id said is right Gray, with Id s skill that has no origin he will try to keep him there as much as possible. Hmmm Ahhhh .. how come someone who lives here doesn t know more than me? Ah! Then you could just stay, with your level of skill you won t have problems being a soldier. There are others who have masters and have noble titles. With your skills you can be a marquis or even a duke. Hey, that is not my aim Hey~! If I wanted to do that I would have already done so. I got things to do. You saw what I did at the temple. If I was a noble I won t I not be able to move freely That is right . Yeah so I lied and I m quietly going. It seems we need to camp here. Id hearing Illan looked around and got off the horse. Looking at the sky it seem ed to be around 6 o clock. There was no village near so there was no choice but to camp here. The group getting off the horse did what they were supposed to do. Gray and Randolph went looking for firewood and Illian tied the horse. Hael prepared the dinner and Illan and Id looked at the surrounding. It s been two days since leavin g the inn. Like Id said he left a note and escaped. Id looked around and seeing that there was nothing interesting. It was a small forest. May 21, 2011 10:04 AM Anonymous said... There was no water near but it didn t matter. Why? Illina summoned a water spirit to get water. Spirit summoning if I learn it, it seems very convenient, should I also learn it? Id went back to the camp and mumbled as he was seeing Illina using the spirit. It seems very convenient. If there was no water you can use the spirits to get water and if you need to burn something you can also use a spirit. Illina hearin g him smiled and said If Id wants to learn I can teach you. You taught us the Bobeop. This time it is m y turn to return the favor. You hear? I softly mumbled. So how about it, do you want to learn it? Yes! Teach me. Sorry to interrupt, but let s eat first. Id please get fire wood from Randolph-nim. Hael preparing for dinner told Id. Behind Randolph-nim appeared, who was carrying enough firewood to cover his eyes. Randolph we are not going to stay here for days, what is with that? Also it is summer so it isn t cold so there is no need for there to be this many.

Hey there is nothing wrong with having too much? Hurry and carry there I can t see in front of me. How did you come here like that? As Id said this he carried some of the firewood Randolph was carrying. Hael! What is today s menu? There is no meun Gray. Just what there is. Today is soup with a last bits of meat. Hmm~ sounds good. We can get more meat in the next village so it doesn t matter. Hey Gray don t you think you like meat too much? It would be good to eat some vegetables. Id .Id to swing a sword you need strength, to get strength you need to eat meat. What a lie~~~ Do what you want. After eating everyone thanked Hael. Hael was in charge of taking care of the meals. Id can somewhat cook but with ingredients in this world he had no clue. Illina was an elf and Illan and Randol ph also didn t know how to cook. Lastly all Gray could cook was soup. So there was no choice. Who is in charge of doing the dishes today? Dishes .. Hael cooked so the others did the dishes. Also today . Randolph .. It s me. Hey elf, please summon a water spirit. Then he started to do the dishes. Randolph didn t like to do the dishes since his hands were thick and rough. Hey Id, you ll help with swordsmanship today too right? No~ today I ll have decided to learn how to summon a spirits from Illina. So not today. Past two days Id helped Gray with his swordsmanship. Thanks to that Gray was somewhat able to master how to use Bobeop. May 21, 2011 10:04 AM Anonymous said... Is that so? Then I ll watch. After saying that, Gray sat next to Hael. Id after seeing them faced Illina. You can start Illina. First I ll explain about sprit summoning. Spirits are natures itself and spirits ar e the physical form of nature. There are many types of spirits. Fire, water, air a nd more. There are spirit kings for each and there are high, middle, and low level spirits. Then the spirits are ki no mana right? Air or water all have mana. You re right. You can say that they are a form of mana. Manas that have a bit of wills as the levels rise they are able to think more. The low levels just follow orders and at middle level they are able to relay messages. At the high level yo u can even talk with them. Spirit Kings are more intelligent than humans they are at about the same level as a dragon, since they existed since beginning of time. I heard that if you kill them they really die? There is no problem. Even if the spirit king was to die another one will take its place. Also there aren t many that can kill a spirit king and ones who can summon them are low in numbers. There haven t been a human or elf in 300 years that was able to do so, but it may be possible for certain dragons. Then how do you summon them? Spirit summoning is a bit different than using magic. You need to be able to get along with them and have enough mana. You need to use your own mana instead

of the mana you use in the environment, since you are summoning the mana that is in the environment. Well if you are very compatible with the spirit I heard t hat you don t need mana to summon them, but it is very rare case. I understand the mana part, but not the compatibility part. How do I explain this .I guess you feel the mana with your body? Like knowing the specific feel of mana for wind, for water and earth, it is important that you know how they feel. Magicians have hard time with it because they just use all the mana in the area and slowly more and more not able to feel it, excep t for us elves and dragons, but after making a pact you can summon them just by calling their name. It is the strongest point of spirit summoning. Specific nature s ki ..then it isn t all that difficult. Anyway one of the arts that I learned ohangthatchenggoog is used with specific environment. Is that all?...wel l I will know when I try . Then Illina, how do you summon the spirits? First you must feel the mana of the spirit s element and then think hard about summoning them. Until you feel that you have summoned it keep sending mana. Then memorize the incantation of how to summon them. For example I, Illina call for the one that reign over water to make a pact with me . If you want fire call for the one who reign over fire. This is a basic incantation. The most important part is the amount of mana and compatibility. Then what level of spirit do I summon? May 21, 2011 10:06 AM Anonymous said... It doesn t matter for someone who is trying it for the first time. Depending on the level that you can summon you can also summon spirits that are in the lower level. Of course this will not happen if you summon a beginner level since it is the lowest. But if you are able to summon a mid level spirit you can then summon a lower level one. Of course here depends on the amount of mana not concentration. Also as you get more familiar with the spirits the level of summoning changes. Hmm~! Is that so . Then I ll try it Illina .but first what type of spirit .. Gray hearing this said Ah! Id fire. Choose fire spirit. No Id summon water spirit since it is good for cooking For me I choose earth spirt.. It is my choice, so don t interfere. Then Id closed his eyes and as the wind blew hard he used ohangthatchenggoog to feel the wind mana. Then the wind mana was felt more clearly and strongly. After waiting a bit he felt something. Some existence came strongly. Feeling this he flinched and opened his eyes and looked at Illina. Illina also feeling it looked at Id with a surprised expression. What was it Illina? That I felt? It wasn t like when Illina was summoning the water spirit. But .. there was a completely different feel to it .. it felt more grand. As Id said there was something that went through his mind. Right, it was the spirit king according to Graydrone s memory without a doubt it was the spirit king. But I heard it was hard to summon them .how .. Id . It seems that it is high level .I m not sure . Illan and others looking here asked Hey what s wrong .Illina what s the problem? That is, the being that Id is summoning is incredible. What? Then could it be high level ..? That is amazing .. Illina hearing Gray and others thought that it wasn t it. Illina I ll try again.

After that Id tried to summon again. Again the same feeling came. Id sent his ki to the being that was coming. Of course it was like the mana of w ind when using the ohangthatchenggoog skill. Then he said the chant. I, Id call for the being that would like to make a pact with me .. Then Id felt considerable amount of mana coming out of his body and opened his eyes. Next he saw that the space front of him was swaying. This phenomenon definitely didn t happen when Illina summoned a spirit. Then there was a voice soft as the wind. May 21, 2011 10:06 AM Anonymous said... [I am the source of wind, spirit king Sidran] As this happened the space stopped swaying and a woman glowing blue appeared. As she appeared there was no sound. The sound of the camp fire also vanished. But it wasn t dark. Also Hael and others couldn t move either. The spirit king Sidran looked at Id and said. [You who have summoned me have no problem in making a contract with me. As I promised to biginning I will acknowledge our contract. So do you wish to make a contract?] Id looked at her as he answered Yes! I want the contract. [There. Then I, Sidran with the promise with the beginning will form a contract. What is your name?] I m Id. I have different name but people have trouble pronouncing it. [Is that so? There is no problem. I congratulate you with forming a contract wit h me.] Thank you. Also I would like to make contracts with other wind spirits. [Hmm? You didn t form contracts with other wind spirits?] Yes, this is my first time summoning a spirit. [ ..Wait. Than I am the your first spirit to be contracted with you? Than your compatibility.] .. [Huhu that is amazing then I will explain. You have contracted with me, the spirit king. Thanks to that there is no need to form contracts with other wind spirits. Just summon the level that you need. Huhu to have a first contract with a spirit king if the other spirit kings have heard of this they would be shocked] When finished she slowly disappeared. Then in the surrounding a soft wind passed through and her existence vanished and the camp fire reappeared. Turksuk!!(Falling back sound) The group looked at the direction that made the sound. There was Id in his sitting position falling down in front. Id, are you ok? Id . Don t worry. It ll fine. Id used a lot of internal mana by summoning a spirit king. Hearing Illina s explanation the group nodded and looked at Id. Illina also looked at Id with worry with surprised eyes. Ughhh~ by using half of ki I feel sluggish To summon a spirit king do you need to use so much ki?....Hmm?...What is this . Id felt inside his body a great amount of mana spreading out around his body. Also, through the soft air outside, his was mana slowly getting replenished. what is this . Rather the amount of ki increased .. Id, filled with internal ki, had a plain expression and stoop up to see Illina. May 21, 2011 10:07 AM Anonymous said...

Illina looking with doubt asked Id! What is wrong? Hey Illina, the mana that I used to summon the spirit king is being filled again. What is happening? Ah! That is .. I m not completely sure but from what I heard elder is that if you summon a spirit king. You lose a lot mana but when it goes back, the attribute o f the spirit king allow the summoner to replenish their mana. In some cases more mana than the person previously had. I this wasn t there, there would be no one that would summon a spirit king. Since after they summon it they will have to li e down and rest for a month. Is that so? I was wondering when the mana was flowing in from the outside .. Illina giggled at Id and said. But this is weird . From what I heard you wouldn t be replenished this quickly .. Id listening to Illina s explaination he understood one source of mana out of the two that were coming in. Then where is the rest coming from? It s not coming from the outside but the inside right that was there .. being confused I forgot that I had it Id checked his suspicion and nodded. What Id had thought of was the dragon heart. The Graydrone s heart. Anyway what a relief . If I was to get attacked ughh I would die. Anyway amazing Id, to summon a Spirit king .. Yes, you re incredible . To summon a spirit king. Id! With that skill you are a magician at least of high level. Stop, it is difficult to summon once. I can t summon very often. Hey, you can summon any wind spirit. Isn t that amazaing? Hu Hu .. Gray tell the truth you re jealous. Id smiling asked Gray. Yeah, I m very jealous. Being able to summon spirit king and even be good at swordsmanship. Spirit king wait then you are spirit sword user .(Using the spirits while using sword, not swords that are spirits.) Hey what is amazing about that? Yeah Gray, from what I heard spirit sword user are pretty common. Hael, what I m talking about is the quality. Compared to those guys, this guy s quality is very different. As the group was chatting Randolph spoke up. Stop it already. It s time to sleep! We have to travel tomorrow! Hmm~ let do that. Then who is the lookout~~~ It s you Gray You, don t try to pass it off to someone else Ugh~~ May 21, 2011 10:07 AM Anonymous said... Gray went near the fire place and other people when to their sleeping bag. Haaaa~~ I slept well. Id waking up sat down and stretched and looked around. At one side he saw Randolph using the fireplace. Did you sleep well? Yes! You must have suffered Randolph. No really Id giving that reply looked at the surrounding. Illina seemed to have woken up a bit earlier than Id since she was washing her face. Hael was sitting there pryin g. The people that were sleeping were Gray and Illan. Hey! Even though you have to memorize, what are you doing by sleeping? Wake up Illan, Illan Gray was also woken up.

Then was the breakfast . Anyway when do we reach the next village Gray? Looking at the map, it seems that we will reach there by late afternoon .. Then~ let s start out Illan picked Randolph up to sit behind him and went ahead of the group. Behind, Id and others followed. Tatang Kangang There were sounds of many swords crashing each other. Also there was sound of something not human . What is this sound? There seems to be screams, don t we need to go? Id asked Illan as he looked at him. Hmm~ it may be dangerous but we can t just go go after and get off the horse nearby. Id and Gray go to the front and me and Hael will be in the middle and Illina and Randolph at the sides. Let s go like this. Also if you are having a hard time retreat .don t just try to hold on. Got it Then the Group went to the opposite side of the forest and tied the horses and began to go carefully nearer. Soon later the situation they saw was a carriage stopped in the middle with 2 groups. One was securing the carriage and wearing armor. The number seemed to have dropped to 5 people from the fight. The other one that seems to be after th em wore dark armor and masks and numbered around 10. It had human body with pig heads. They were monsters known as orcs. Also from the side of the group, there was one that was wearing a bandana and he seemed to be the boss. Thinking that the victory was assured the group didn t push on. It was as if they were making fun of them. Looking at them Gray quietly asked Illan. Illan, who are they? May 21, 2011 10:08 AM Anonymous said... :D thanks May 21, 2011 10:31 AM Anonymous said... ahhh very nice thank you for posting so much May 21, 2011 12:39 PM Anonymous said... I almost cry from happiness, thanks May 21, 2011 3:55 PM Anonymous said... You are a god amongst men! May 21, 2011 4:39 PM Anonymous said... P.S. 2nd group are combination of humans and orcs May 22, 2011 1:15 AM Anonymous said... I don t know either. Wearing a mask, having no crest, wearing black cloth and orcs . But the crest on the carriage and the soldiers have griffin on it and I thi nk that I have seen it before ..I m not sure .. Hearing Illian Id said quietly. Illan instead of that I think that we should do something quickly. That guy, which looks like the boss, just now, seems to be giving the orders to attack. As Id said, the soldiers that were wearing black armors, numbering 7, advanced. Looking at this Id told everyone. Gray, Randolph follow me, Illan and Illina stay here and cast magic. Now let s go . Following Id they moved at high speed. Gray couldn t use Bobeop but still was fast. Randoplh could use it but his short

legs made him go slower than Gray. Id first cut in between the soldier and the orcs. It would be easy to take care of them since their guards were down. The he drew Lamia from his waist. Next he swung toward the enemies. In a blink of an eye the sword cut through 3 of the enemy s spines and around that time Gray and Randolph joined in the battle. The enemies were surprised by the group s attack but after checking that their enemy was in low numbers went to face them. But a fire ball was headed for them and it hit the mark. As a result the 2 of them got turned in to ash where they s tood and the rest stopped and rolled on the ground to get rid of their fire that were on them. Then the group that was wearing the mask stopped and looked towards their commander. Next from that direction the one that wasn t wearing any armor came forward and looked towards the direction where Illan and others were. The group wearing the mask started to attack in the direction where Id and his group were again, Anticipating this, a line of fire flew. The one that wasn t wearing any armor came forward. Water Arrow Then 3 water arrow showed up, collided with the fire ball and each vanquished each other. Id, he a magician. Hey! I know without you telling me Now do we have to forget about magic attacks and face them now? Then Id swung his sword from his waist towards the enemies. No, even if it isn t Illan s magic . Ah! Gray, when are you going to use your sword if you re not using it now? Just blow them away. Ah right !! Lightning Bolt Kankang chegic .(Lightning Noise) The lightning bolt that was from the magic sword showered towards the masked group. Then one of the warriors in the group looking this way drew his sword and ran towards here. It seems he was aiming for Gray who has a magic sword. He is likely to be more skilled than Gray With Gray s skill it will be difficult.. Thinking this Id stood in the way of the masked warrior. The warrior looking at Id swung his sword down as he assumed that Id was easy. But he was surprised had to back off. Id blocked and flicked his sword off and immediately swung towards where he stood. Since it was immediately after he swung his sword, he couldn t block and had to back off quickly. After that other warriors that wore masks went after Id and his group. But before they could get near Id, Illina quickly casted swords of wind and got rid of them. Thank you Illina. But there isn t a need to be that worried. Id, after saying this, stored mana into his sword and swung to his right. The tw o orcs that were coming from the right were blown away by the sword aura. Then he went after them. I ll send you flying Jincheon ilgeom The swordsmen that took the attack barely blocked it. But they couldn t block the next white sword aura that followed up. It was the last thing they saw in this world. Finishing immediately Id ran to the place where the group was having trouble. Gunmarak Id jumping up sent his sword aura everywhere. The sword aura rained down on the majority enemies and they couldn t block it. The rest who survived ran with fear and the magician that was facing Illan ran b

y teleporting. May 22, 2011 1:20 AM Anonymous said... Im looking forword to more translations thank you. May 22, 2011 3:16 PM Anonymous said... great work thanks allot May 23, 2011 3:09 PM Anonymous said... Then the surrounding became quiet. Gray, you ok? Is everyone ok? Hael came out and shouted. Gray waved his hand to tell he was okay and he went near Id and poked his shoulder. Id you have amazing skills........ Also Bobeop was incredible , thanks to that I didn t get hit. It was as he said there weren t any trace of sword hitting him, even though he was in intense fight with many opponents and didn t have that great of skill. Obviously, do I teach you useless things? Ending the conversation they saw the injured warriors. At the carriage there wer e 5 warriors, but 3 were on the ground and the other 2 seemed tired and stood stil l. Hael approached the injured like a priest. But she only treated 1. The other two already died. No matter how strong her hol y power there was no way to revive a dead person. The tired but sound warrior faced the group and thanked them. Thank you for helping when the situation was dangerous. I am the Imperial Knights of the country of Ahnakeuren leader of the Knights, Lockrin yu Rocklatu. I sincerely thank you. Other 2 also introduced themselves. The other 2 Kilent and Lail had black hair and blond hair respectively. Illan asked them. That s right, I wondered where I have seen the crest before, but why are warriors of Ahnakeuren here attack..... With Illan s question the leader knight Lockrin hesitated to answer. He had short blond hair and fine figure. He had the most body mass out of everyone there. I ask for your help. We are guarding a person; this person was looking around Illinas. But since beginning of the day we got constantly attacked by mysterious masked attackers; so this is the current situation. After saying that the group understood and then the carriage door opened. The carriage was not plain but was designed in very good detail. Inside the carriage there was one boy lying down. No, it would be more correct to say he fainted. That person is the person that we are guarding. But because of our incompetence he was shot by an arrow. The arrow had poison and we did first aid. But it didn t completely neutralized the poison and so he is unconscious right now. Since ther e is a priest.... please heal him. No need to ask, it is what I need to do. Then Hael went inside the carriage and placed her hand over the boy s forehead and used her holy power. Looking at Hael, Illan asked But who was it that attacked? I don t know. It seems that they were targeting him. This vacation was a secret so there isn t many people that know. Also they seemed to be trained..... I can t think of them as common thieves. Then..... ..... there is no way to know.

Anyway the imperial knights protecting that person...... is he a..... prince? Then Lockrin nodded silently. That is prince of the home country Lahant-nim. But hearing this Illan turned his head a little like he didn t heard of him before . Lockrin quickly explained. In a usual case he would say it wasn t any of their business, but now wasn t the time to say this. He needed their help. May 23, 2011 7:43 PM Anonymous said... thank you May 24, 2011 10:00 AM Anonymous said... He . was a child .. of a concubine. Ah! That was it Illan had the expression of understanding. But Id listening from the side had doubt. Strange it seems made up . Few moments latter Hael finished treating the prince and got off the carriage. It seems it was tiring to heal the knight and the prince. The treatment is finished. But it ll take a while for him to wake up cause of the fatigue. Thank you priest.. No thanks are needed it was what I had to do. Next the group piled up the bodies and lit it up with fire. Then they moved unti l they reached a resting spot with a small stream. Here they started late lunch. Illan asked them. What will you do now? Go to the home country where we will be safe, quickly. Hmm~ .. Then Lockrin had an expression that looked like he wanted to ask the group something. But as if it was a difficult request, he wasn t able to ask easily. I..I would like to request something What . In this situation there is only one thing to ask .. why would you ask Illan Answering Illan Lockrin looked at the group and difficultly asked. What I request is that you go along with us. If you do we will reward you plenty. It is a difficult request, but I beg you. This isn t something to consider easily please wait . After saying this Illan called the group with his eyes and the group talked at a location a bit away. What should we do? Illan, shouldn t we ask Illina? We are traveling right now for Illina s sake. Illina added to what Id said. I m not in such a hurry. There are still couple moons of time left. I will follow the group s decision. As Illina said this Gray and Hael voted yes. Gray s reason is that his goal is to become a warrior and Hael s reason is that she wants to help people in hard times. Then there were three people left. Then let s follow how about it Id? We have to cross the country borderline to get to Layeon mountain range anyway. If we go with them there will be no problems since it will be so close. Then let s do that I don t have anything to rush. Good then we decided Hmm? Hey you re not going to listen to my argument? Hey! Randolph, you followed me and also how can you leave them when they are in trouble? If anyone have a hard time understanding something please ask. I try my best to clarify.

May 24, 2011 5:36 PM Anonymous said... Im not having any problems. Thanks a million for the translations. May 25, 2011 12:39 AM Ariel said... Thank's!! May 25, 2011 3:08 AM Anonymous said... Thanks again 4 the tl. I OFFER UNTO YOU FEMALE VIRGINS. (All of them found her) * Shock sfx: Please continue, if you can. _ May 26, 2011 12:19 AM Anonymous said... Thankyou for translating the above. Please keep up the hard work! May 26, 2011 6:59 PM Anonymous said... Can you? It is what you say Karus Numan said to do . Anyway how can I just let this go? Of course I ll help. Then we re done. Let s go back. Id looked towards Randolph as they were going back. He is full of doubt The group went back and informed Lockrin of their decision. Alright, since we are also going that way we will a company you. Thank you, when we return to our home country I will make to reward you. No we are not doing it for that. So you don t have to be concerned about that. Lockrin thanked the group relentlessly. Since they were attacked today what is t o say that they won t be attacked tomorrow so how can he not thank them . So right now he didn t have the usual arrogance of a knight. When the dinner ended prince Lahant woke up. Then Lockrin brought water and asked for his condition. The prince answered with a smile and told them he was okay to ease the knights s worries. After the head knight told that there were many casualties, he comforted the hea d knight right after. The personality seems good. The other wealthy family son or daughter would have been more arrogant. Illan, the prince seems to have a good personality. Yes Id, It seems you saw correctly. Usually princes would complain when they wake up Listening to Illan others nodded lightly. Bit later the prince looked at the group and Lahant asked something. After heari ng the answer he went towards the group. Thank you. It seems that you saved us when we were attacked. I don t know how to thank you No, you don t need to say that. We don t pass up on what we had to do. Lockrin that was next to the prince talked to the prince. Prince he is a sword master. He has great skill. The one he stupidly pointed was Gray. The group looking at this had the expression of what are you talking about. I saw it. Because of the fight I didn t t get to see very clearly , but I saw him spreading the sword aura. Also he appears to be the one to have this skill. There weren t a lot that Lockrin was mistaken of. Just by looking, Gray looked most like a warrior and Id had very thin body like a woman. Also he had a clean face.

So it is understandable for Lockrin who didn t see the fight to be mistaken Of course there was Randolph, but it seemed ridiculous that a dwarf was using sword aura But Id didn t care much about it. Ah! You were a sword master. You must have great skill. I also saw sword masters in my own May 26, 2011 8:30 PM Anonymous said... country and they also had great skills. No you see prince it wasn t me. I m not the sword master but Id here. Gray pulled Id out in response to prince s comment. But Id wanting to play around had an expression of surprise and looked at Gray. Gray what are you doing it s you. Do you hate to be in a spotlight?..... Hearing Id Gray paniced and the group also hearing this joined in of course Illina had a blank expression. But Hael is a prist is it okay for her to lie? It probably doesn t matter. It is no t as if she is deliberately lying Hey! Talk straight! How can I be a sword master? Isn t that so Illan? Illan didn t say anything. Panicing Gray also looked at Hael but there wasn t any response. My words must be embarrassing you. From now on I will consider that. No, prince it isn t that .. But no matter how you say it this lady .. But prince Lahant wasn t able to finish. Id looked as if something bothered him. I must correct it now since we will be traveling together for some time Listen here. Prince I will tell you now that I am not a lady. I am a M.A.N. Ha Ha is that so. Sorry I was mistaken .. Anyway prince it s not me hey talk already Then Illan and the group smiled. Then should we stop playing around? Prince he is correct. Sword master is Id here. Then Lahant and Lockrin looked with surprise expression at Id. I was playing around a little. It was me. Even when Id told them, the knights and prince seemed as if they couldn t believe it. People that I know have a great build you re amazing Id . Ha Ha a bit Now~ let s start out. We must start now to reach the village by dinner time. Alright Also it would be better to leave the carriage. I agree. Since there are three horses I can ride with Lail. Okay, let s do that. Then the group packed basically and rode the horse. Lahant steered the horse. Where are you going? Please lower your voice, Lahant-nim. Also we have some business at Layeon Mountain range. Layeon why are you going there . It seems that there is a dragon there and so there aren t much people There is someone in our group that has to find someone there. I hope that you won t get delayed because of us. May 26, 2011 8:30 PM Anonymous said... It s nothing. There is no need to worry since we are not in a hurry. The group was able to reach the village a little after dinner time. The village wasn t too big, but wasn t too small either. It seemed that the village population was around 500. The group first looked for a village to say in. Excuse me, but where is the inn?

Gray asked a man passing by. You must be travelers. If you keep going there at the center of the village there are cluster of 4 inns. Ah, thank you Following his advice they rode the horses in the pointed direction and reached t o the place where there were cluster of 4 inns. Illan, which inn should we stay in? I think the place called Flower of Wind is good. I agree. How about you Lahant-nim? Yes, I also agree. The group went off the horses and as they went towards the inn a girl ran toward s the group. Thank you for coming, leave the horses to me. Taking the horses, she took them to the stall. The group went inside as they wer e seeing this. The lobby seems to be a caf since there were many people gathered here. There were people that were eating and people that were drinking . They saw the group for a moment and immediately went back to their business and some saw them with interest. Within just the group: a magician, elf, and dwarf. They weren t seen very often. In the prince s group there was a boy and 3 soldiers with expensive clothes. These were plenty enough to draw attention to. But these people thought it wasn t their business so they just had their fun and went back to their own business. Welcome are you going to stay? Customers Do you have two rooms for 4 people? The owner had a troubled face. We have only one room for 4 people and one room for 3 people. Hearing this Id said. Then please give us that. Illan, I will go to the inn next door. But Id . Is it ok? It s okay. I will return after I get a room. We have to have dinner don t we? After saying that he turned around and went out Seeing this Lahant said Because of us .. No, don t say that. Please use the room for 4 people. You must be safe. The girl that tied the horses led the group to their respective rooms. I think I will be very busy this and next week since school is almost ending. So for the duration of time i don't think there will be much update. May 26, 2011 8:33 PM Anonymous said... :D thanks allot hope you will continue later since this is good. May 28, 2011 7:02 PM Anonymous said... Thanks, dont worry we can wait as long as you need us too, school is almost ending for me too so i understand how difficult it gets. May 30, 2011 12:19 PM Anonymous said... just one more day of school here! Thanks and keep up the great work!! June 3, 2011 2:20 AM Anonymous said... thank you for your hard work! June 3, 2011 3:47 AM Anonymous said... you the men (: June 3, 2011 3:48 AM Anonymous said... Thank you for this, have been waiting for ages.

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nd some work. I m Id, you can just call me Id Really? Anyway are you a magician? Back then what did you do? At Raul s question the group seemed curious. Hmm? Th That? You see . its sprits summoning. Hmm? You re a sprit summoner? You have a sword. I know how to use it a little. Also it helps me maintain in shape. So I carry it around. At Id s word, everyone wondered if that is so. But since everyone didn t know much a bout magic or spirit summoning there weren t many problems. Anyway where did you all come from? Us? Well, we are people that just wonder around. Few days ago at the country of A hnakeuren s corner, monsters appeared very frequently and we hunted there for a wh ile and came back here to find a job. Ahnakeuren Then how is Ahnakeuren? Is there anything strange? Strange? Well I don t kn Then Geurenpeul listening to the conversation spoke out. I have heard some things. What was it? Well, I m not too sure but at Ahnakeuren there seems to be internal conflict. From w hat I have heard a duke called Raspiro and his group is at the center of it. I h ave heard it from a friend who is a soldier, so I m not very confident about how t rue it is. Also I have heard from my friend while he was drunk. Duke Raspiro Why did you ask? The female mercenary Lamy asked Id. That? I was just curious. I have also heard something like that and I want to con firm it by asking. Really? Well it doesn t matter. If there is a war we would be making money. Anyway what do you do? Well, I m not doing anything. I have a group and we are traveling. Really! Then why don t you travel with us? We don t have anyone who is a magician or a spirit summoner. Hahaha I m not really interested in it. Is that so? But Then I m going back. I had a good drink. Then Id immediately headed up to his room. Back in his room Id untied the sword tied on his waist and laid down on his bed. Duke Raspiro What kind of person is he? I m going to have to ask tomorrow. Then he slowly closed his eyes. Next day Id went down the counter, paid for the rent and headed towards Flower of Wind . At the inn s restaurant there weren t many people since it was morning. Then a t one side of the restaurant there were two people eating was seen. Did you sleep well? Ilrina, Hael. Yes, and you Id? It s a good morning. Id sat down and asked. How about the others? Ah! I want simple soup, a light stake and some fruit juice. Illan woke up and is memorizing right now and the priest is washing. The rest is in the dream world. Is that so? Shouldn t we wake them up since we have something to do this morning? Hael ripped a piece of bread and nodded. I was going wake them up after the knights finished washing themselves. After a while, when Id was just about to eat, some of the group s members came dow n. They were Gray and Illan. Huh? Id, you were already here? Of course. Do you think I m a late riser like you? Come quickly and sit. After they ate the group spread to do their work.

Reply AnonymousJanuary 16, 2012 at 2:09 AM Finish quickly and come back. Listening to Illan each of the members responsible for buying stuff went. Gray w as dragged while complaining. But against Hael If he marries, he won t be able to live freely Id thought this as he looked at Gray. In this world there is no rule that the priests can t get married. There may be so me rules but they aren t very strict. The ones left, Id, Illan and Randolph, sat down and drank some alcohol. Since it isn t something that is drunk during the meal each of their alcohols they were drinking were different. Randolph beer, Illan grape wind and Id drank some fruit juice. Id finished his juice in one take and started talking. Illan I have heard something yesterday It seems that there are some internal strugg les. Also at the middle of it there seems to be a duke called Raspiro. But the i nfo isn t completely reliable. I have heard it from a mercenary, who have heard fr om a drunken friend. Raspiro do you know him? Raspiro I think I have heard of him From what I have heard from he doesn t involve hi mself in politics. Randolph, while drinking his beer, spoke out. No, Illan, maybe he was quietly preparing for all of this. Well I don t know. Id, I think it would be a good idea to ask the knights and the p rince. Since we are people from the country side we don t pay attention to this ki nd of stuff. Is that so. After that the three continued to drink their drink and started to share some ot her stories. It lasted for two hours until Gray and Hael came back with the mate rials for the journey. Since everything seems to be here. Everyone carry his/her own luggage and prepare to leave. Then I ll pay for the rent. Then Id went to the counter. He still had some money from the last jewel he sold . Here is for the rent and here is for 9 lunches I d like to order. Then Id handed out the lunches to everyone and each went on their horse. Then th ey left the town slowly. When they were completely out of the village they went on at faster pace. Don't expect the next one to be so soon. I just had some time right now. Reply