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Can one imagine working for the

following company?

It has a little over 500

employees with the
following statistics :
29 have been accused of spouse abuse.

7 have been arrested for fraud.

19 have more than three criminal

cases pending against them .

117 have been charged and are

being investigated for Murder,
Rape, Assault, Extortion and
71 cannot get credit or loans due
to bad credit histories.

21 are current defendants on

various lawsuits..

84 have been involved in

offenses and have paid fines.

Can you guess what mighty

Organization this is?
It is the 545 members of the Lower
House of Parliament of India that
works for you and me. The same
group cranks out hundreds upon
hundred of Laws design to keep the
rest of us in line…...

Can we do something about it ?

At least, we’ll spread the word
around using this mighty medium
called Internet and e-mail, create
an awareness (as if people don’t
know already!!).