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Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Adrian Civici

Mr. Adrian Civici holds a Ph.D., in Economics from ENSA, Montpellier (France) and a doctors degree in Business Administration from the Agricultural University of Tirana. He holds the Associated Professor title. During his professional career he has worked in various important positions, such as Chief of Agrarian Economy and Policies Department, Dean of Agricultural Faculty at Agricultural University of Tirana, and at the same time a full time lecturer of this University, Executive Director of Centre of Rural Studies and Stable Development, Advisor to the Minister of Finances and currently Director of the Executive Board of the Strategy of Socio-Economic Development at the Ministry of Finance. Dr. Civici is currently a rector and a lecturer at Europian University of Tirana. Dr. Civici has been and still is a member of some organizations and universities: Governing Board of EUROMONTA (European organization of rural areas development, with headquarters in Brussels); Member of the Central Assembly of RONGEAD (Institute specialized in international trading relations, with headquarters in Lyon, France); Scientific advisor of RAFAC (Mediterranean Network for Stable Rural Development); Coordinator of Balkan Network for Stable Development, with headquarters in Paris; Associated Lecturer at University of Lyon (ISARA), in CIHEAM IAM Montpellier, University of Thessaly, Greece, VALENCIA University, Spain, etc. He has performed a number of specializations within the country and abroad. His areas of interest are agrarian and trading policies for transition economies, structural transformation and reorganization process of Albanian economy, theories and models of socio-economic development, policies and strategies of international institutions such as the WB, IMF, WTO, etc. He is the author of several books, of more than 130 scientific articles in university press and magazines, of researches and other publications within the country and abroad. He is a participant of numerous national and international workshops and conferences on economy, finance, economic and social development, etc. He is fluent in French, Italian and English.

Dr. Ardian Civici is Member of the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania since April 2005.