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WEAVING FOR BEGINNERS WEAVING FOR BEGINNERS WITH PLAIN DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING A HAND LOOM, MOUNTING IT AND STARTING THE WORK WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED B LUTHER HOOPER ae Loxpow Sin Isaac Pitman & Sows, Lap. 1 Amen Corner, E.C. Bara, New Yore axp Metsournz EXPLANATION HIS small book appears to me a most excellent [ introduction to the craft and industry of weaving. Even the most developed weaving industry has grown out of the simple crait, and it is desirable the industry should keep in touch with its origin, for hand- work found out the way and set up the standard of quality. Moreover, it seems essential that the handi- craft itself should be preserved as a means of keep- ing the ideal of sound workmanship, fine skill of hand, and inventiveness alive ; and, further, as a method of production which is interesting in itself and does not require great capital and elaborate machinery. It is one of the questions which will have to be considered by the political economy of the immediate future how far the experimental crafts can be maintained for their own sake against mere dividend hunting by high-pressure machine power. Indeed, what we most require is some appreciation of quality in wares and interest in work- manship by those who direct our industrial thinking. We need a productive economy in place of, or at least alongside of, the old economics of mere money profit. It is absurd that those who affect to know about the ‘laws’ of labour and exchange should be so ignorant, as they obviously are, of the quality of ‘goods,’ skill v