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History and Descriptions of Adrian Colm and Amber McTalbot Adrian Colms History

Born the eldest of three children to Christian & Maria Colm, good catholic Irish people, most of the families hopes and joys rested on his shoulders. 10 years older than Brian, his brother & 13 years older than his sister Elise, he spent most of his formative years alone and being pushed to learn and prepped for a scholastic career. His father died in a car accident shortly after his sister was born & life changed drastically for them; his Mother had to get two jobs and used his budding college fund to maintain their standard of living. He then had to get a series of odd jobs to help out around the house, but kept a part time job at a local book store, for his love of learning became his passion. The years passed and he stood by as his brother & sister went to college, going to great careers and better lives. As the first of his nephews was born he ran across the man who would later become his sire and taught him to delve into the mysteries of the world of darkness. During his investigations he found out about his strange friend and was quickly embraced by his own choice. Being distanced from family helped in the transition from life to undeath, but he never lost contact with his brothers children & his sisters budding family. He never forgot a birthday or Christmas for the next twenty years, but soon he dropped off the radar as his travels with his sire took him to new places & involved him in other cities intrigues and mysteries. But moving to N.Y.C. 20 years ago allowed him the solidity to reconnect and join his sister in burying their mother. Now he watches and helps financially his growing family get to college while delving ever deeper into the secrets of the darkness. Appearance Age: 96 Apparent Age: 43 Date of birth: July 9, 1909 RIP: Dec. 12, 1952 Hair: Gray, tinted black Eyes: Dark blue Race: Caucasian kindred Nationality: N. American Height: 5 8 Weight: 173Ibs. Sex: Male Lineage Sire: Malcolm Rhys- Recorder of local kindred crone culture & diplomat to fractious factions within. Circle of the Crone Acolyte. Grand Sire: Thomas Deville Librarian to the prince of Cork in Ireland, also the primogen of his Clan there, Adherent of the Circle of the Crone. Great Grand Sire: Deveroe- Thought to be in torpor. Was the Ordo Draculs diplomat between London & Cork. Great-Great Grand Sire: Manuel Perrot- recently out of torpor & thought to be investigating ancient ruins for lost knowledge. Unbound. Great-Great-Great Grand Sire: Mouse of Berlin- destroyed in the Napoleonic wars. Was Invictus.

History and Descriptions of Adrian Colm and Amber McTalbot Amber McTalbot History
Married while in high school she was a war bride from WW2, her husband stayed in the air force & was later killed in Korea. Was embraced in 1955 and learned from her sire about their covenants history, beliefs and bloodline before she died while rounding up the last resistance cells in the kindred war of N.Y.C. Amber was there firsthand to see her sires final death. After the kindred war Amber took her place as a strategist within the covenant. Also, she began working with the daughters of the Goddess faction as a liaison to outsiders looking for info. She has a haven, an apt in Morningside Heights.

Age: 77 Apparent age: 27 Date of birth: August 4, 1928 RIP: March 14, 1955 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Race: cauc. Height: 5 7 Weight: 115 Sex: Female.