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NEW EDITION first certificate Gold teacher’s book Sally Burgess with Richard Acklam Contents Introduction unira unin? unis unis unis vunirs unit? unre unrrs unr 10 unera1 unr 12 unr 13 unr 14 vunrras Asense of adventure Work and play Nearest and dearest Sex 19 is believing All you need is love It's all in the mind The price of fame Looking good Too much of a good thing How to make a fortune The planet Earth The great persuaders It’s amad world Guilty or not guilty ‘The power of words Unit tests Unit test keys ‘Sample OMR answer sheets 7 25 34 40 50 56 62 68 76 89 104 1 118 139 141 Introduction Profile of an FCE Student The students with whom you will be using First Certificate Gold can broadly be described as late intermediate students This means that they will have stucied English for between '500 and 600 hours. They may have taken other English examinations such asthe PET Preliminary English Test though ths snot a requirement for FCE entry or preparation. Atypical FCE student will have studied many of the main structures of English and have met many basic vocabulary items as well as more specialised vocabulary in certain areas, The courses they have followed wil also have introduced a rumier of the communicative functions of English, These courses will also have given your students opportunities to read and listen for general understanding and for detailed information. Your students will also have had practice ‘writing descriptive, narrative and possibly discursive compositions, as well as a number of ather text types such as formal and informal letters, memos and reports. Throughout the time that they have been studying English they will probably also have had plenty of speaking practice, Itis important to remember, nevertheless, that students at this level do make errors with much ofthe language they hhave met inthe past and also periodically experience difficulty with some aspects of skils work, This isto be expected and ‘wll nat prevent them from preparing for FCE successfully, Preparing for FCE Basically, preparing for FCE involves consolidating, refining and extending what your students already know and providing them with the specific techniques the examination requires. Grammar and vocabulary Iwill be necessary to revise and practise many of the {grammatical structures students have met at lower levels (verb tenses, reported speech, relative clauses, etc.) and to introduce some more complex structures (expressing hypothetical meanings, mixed conditionas, causative have, etc), Students’ use of even basic structures (third person Present Simple singular ‘s, direct questions, etc) may not be entirely error-free and iis important to ‘iron out’ errors with these basic structures before they tackle the examination as itisjust these errors that are often heavily penalised. Vocabulary wil also require alot of work. Basic lexical sets will need to be revised and extended, Students will eed to leam more about word formation and to extend their knowledge of phrasal verbs. A limited knowledge of vocabulary is something that can seriously affect your students’ chances of exam success. The skills In terms of reading and listening skis, they will need to be able tolisten to or read a text and find the main ideas, distinguishing these from secondary ideas. They should be able tolisten or read for gist as well as exact specific information (or detail. In the case of reading, they will abo need to learn to identify structure within the text, to work out what different pronouns, etc. are refering to, to work aut the meaning of Unknown words and to infer meaning from context In terms of writing, your students will ned to learn to produce texts of between 120 and 180 words. To write successfully at FCE level they will need to learn to generate ideas, organise these ideas, express them accurately and check their work thoroughly. Most FCE writing tasks demand that students address the requirements of specific audiences and demonstrate knowledge of the layout and style of a range of text types, including letters, reports and articles, so ‘they will need to become familar with these. Your students will need to get as much speaking practice as possible. By the time they take the FCE examination, their spoken English should be reasonably fluent and accurate Their pronunciation should be clear and intligible and they should be able to use a range of structures and vocabulary in speech to express their ideas. In addition to these abilities, they should be able to interact in a comfortable and natural manner with the other candidate and/or the examiner. Features of the First Certificate Gold course ‘The First Cerificate Gold course is made up ofthe Fist Centicate Gold Coursebook and cassettes, the Fist Certificate Gold Exam Maximiser and cassettes, the Teacher's Book and the First Cerificate Gold Practice Exams and cassettes,