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for Parents and Educators of Gifted and Talented Children

National Association of Special Education Teachers The National Association of Special Education Teachers provides links to resources that help teachers differentiate instruction and make accommodations for gifted and talented students. In addtion to providing general information that will help teachers challenge gifted and talented students in the classroom, this website also includes creative language arts teaching strategies that stimulate higher thinking, which may be adapted to suit any grade level. This website also provides links to sites that explain characteristics of gifted and talented students, as well as a variety of self-tests. Kyrene School District Gifted Program: Gifted Teachers Resources This website provides resources for those who teach gifted students. Resources include links to rubrics on: creative thinking, deductive reasoning, divergent thinking, high order thinking, holistic critical thinking, assessment of critical thinking, and assessment of the integrative problem solving model. It also provides lesson plans and ways to differentiate classroom teaching to best meet the needs of gifted and talented students. Additionally, this website includes links to publishers and periodicals that focus on the gifted and talented. Intel Teach with Technology: Strategies for Gifted and Talented Students rGiftedandTalentedStudents/ This site provides strategies to help teachers differentiate lessons to accommodate gifted and talented students, including links that reference: questioning, explicit modeling, feedback, cooperative learning, and alternative assessments. Each link provides a general overview of the topic, as well as specific examples that explain how these strategies can be incorporated into the classroom. National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) NAGC is an excellent start place for parents whose child has recently been identified as gifted and who are somewhat lost at the abundance of web resources. This website promises to put the parents on the right road and to help them become advocates for their children. The ABCs of Gifted gives answers to the most pressing questions, including informal assessments and checklists for potentially gifted children, assistance with finding the right summer program as well as discussion of common myths about giftedness. Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) SENG debunks the myth that gifted children are commonly happy and accepted. It recognizes the unique emotional and social needs of giftedness and provides parents with a tribe to belong to. SENG model parent groups helps find a nearby parent group that brings together a small cohort of parents of gifted children to discuss issues such as peer hostility, lack of motivation and stress management.

Resources for Parents and Educators of Gifted and Talented Children

Gifts for the Gifted One of the problems that gifted children often face at home and in the classroom is boredom. When nothing can arouse ones gifted childs curiosity, a good place to shop for ideas is Wisconsins Association for Gifted and Talented list of products and publishers. On this website parents can find links to advanced brainteasers, logical puzzles and every imaginable high-order thinking game as well as magazines and books on all giftedness-related topics. Wisconsin Future Problem Solvers The FPS program provides competitive and noncompetitive opportunities for students in grades 4-12 in the categories of Global Issues Problem Solving, Community Problem Solving, and Scenario Writing. Participation in the program promotes the development and sharpening of skills related to knowledge of current affairs, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, communication, technology, decision- making, and teamwork. Top performers have the opportunity to attend the FPS International Conference with other students from around the world. The Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners The Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners provides a risk-free environment for gifted students and works to provide a true peer group atmosphere in which gifted students can develop leadership skills, improve social skills, and increase self-acceptance. The Center offers the Magellan Day School for gifted children ages 2 through 8th grade and Developing Dimensions, an academic and social program held Saturdays and during the summer, for gifted learners ages 3 and older. The Center also hosts the Parent Support Council and holds Educator Consortiums free of charge for teachers of gifted students. The Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth Part of the School of Education at UW-Madison, WCATY boasts to be the only organization offering year- round, statewide programming for gifted students, working to provide programs throughout Wisconsin's rural, urban, and suburban communities. Programs include the Academy (advanced online curriculum for middle school students), the Accelerated Learning Program (a three-week summer camp for high school students), the Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (a two-week summer camp for middle school students), and the Young Students Summer Program (summer camp for elementary students). WCATY also offers professional development opportunities for educators. Hoagies Gifted Education Page Often cited as a favorite among parents and educators of gifted children, Hoagies is a massive collection of information and resources. Calling itself the all things gifted page, this website has links to thousands of articles, books, and other websites relating to gifted children. This site can be a bit overwhelming, but can also be a great resource for those looking for information they havent seen anywhere else.