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Katherine W.

2536 1st Ave. W, Seattle, WA 98119 206.547.2407

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION Educational Staff Associate (ESA) Certificate Pending July 2013 Masters of Arts in Education, School Counseling, Anticipated June 2013 Seattle University, Seattle, WA Honors: Member of Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society Continuing Teaching Certificate, 2009 State of Washington Initial Teaching Certificate, 1999 Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA Endorsements: Biology, Science, Special Education, and Psychology Bachelor of Science, Psychology, 1996 University of California, Davis, CA INTERNSHIP AND PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE School Counseling Intern - Ingraham High School, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA August 2012-June 2013 Provide academic, career and personal/social counseling services in individual and group formats to diverse student population Facilitate a study skills/accountability group for struggling 11th grade students Teach classroom guidance unit to multiple classrooms on college preparation Provide crisis counseling and conflict resolution as needed for students Advocate for student needs such as those qualifying for Special Ed. or APP/IB Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure student support Refer students and families to local agencies and resources Facilitate student/family conferences Implement aspects of the ASCA National Model using data based decision making Grant Recipient of $500.00 from Ingraham High School PTSA School Counseling Practicum Student - TOPS K-8 School, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA March 2012-June 2012 Counseled students individually for ten weeks, addressing bullying, academics, anxiety, self-esteem and coping skills for Aspergers Syndrome Participated in Roots of Empathy and Second Step Curriculum Supported/Recruited College Bound students After-School Science Club Teacher - Eckstein Middle School, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA September 2006 - June 2007 Developed club and implemented inquiry based labs for 6th grade science club General Science Teacher - Eckstein Middle School, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA August 2000 June 2005

Katherine W. Parker
Implemented and created inquiry based labs in physics, chemistry, soil science, ecology and biodiversity for 6th grade general science class Integrated scientific method with Language Arts and Math teachers to provide students with a multi-disciplinary project experience Implemented and created inquiry based labs for 7th and 8th grade Marine Science class Organized two overnight Salish Sea Expeditions with Marine Science class Worked in conjunction with ELL, Special Ed, Deaf and Hard of Hearing teachers and students to support a successful school experience

General Science Teacher - Alderwood Middle School, Edmonds Public Schools, Lynnwood, WA August 1999 - July 2000 Implemented and created curriculum in accordance with the Washington State EALR's and multiple intelligences Developed and implemented a proactive classroom management strategy to facilitate a safe and productive learning environment for all 7th grade students Integrated graphic organizers and other strategies to help all students be successful Created a comfortable and safe environment to implement a unit on human growth and development, A.I.D.S., and STD's Tutor Coordinator - McClure Middle School, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA March 1998-June 1998 Refined the tutorial program to meet the diverse needs of 7th grade science students Taught students organizational and study skills Head Teacher/Site Coordinator- West Seattle YMCA, Seattle, WA February 1997-August 1997 Planned and organized daily activities and staff in after-school program Hired, trained, and evaluated staff Implemented rules and regulations of the state VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Tutor/Teacher - Seattle Urban Academy, Seattle, WA September 2007-June 2008 Taught and tutored at-risk high school students in science Coordinated Seattle BioMedical Research Institute fieldtrip High School Youth Leader - Bethany Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA March 1997-August 2001 Led and designed youth group activities Mentored and counseled youth Coordinator/Creator of After-School Program - Elkhorn Elementary, West Sacramento, CA October 1994-December 1996 Planned and organized teams to teach science, art and games in after-school program for under-privileged children PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCES AND TRAININGS WSCA Conference, February, 2013 Attendee
PESI Workshop: Integrative Interventions for Children with ADHD, Language & Sensory Challenges , January, 2013- Attendee

SENG ( Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Conference, July 2011- Attendee Engineered Biomaterials Institute: Cochlear Implants, University of Washington,July 2004 Making Connections Neuroscience Summer Institute, University of Washington, July 1999

Katherine W. Parker
2536 1st Ave. W, Seattle, WA 98119 206-547-2407

PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES Carrie Richard, School Counselor Ingraham High School, 1819 N. 135th Street, Seattle, WA 98133 206-252-3892 Jennifer Murray, School Counselor TOPS K-8 School, 2500 Franklin Ave. E, Seattle, WA 98102 206-252-3525 Dr. Manivong Ratts, Assistant Professor Seattle University, College of Education, Loyola Hall 216, 910 12th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122 206.296.2843 David Hookfin, Assistant Principal Ingraham High School, 1819 N. 135th Street, Seattle, WA 98133 206-252-3882