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David Fitch 11-30-2005 _______________

(Student’s Name) (Date activity will be implemented)

Sky Room______ ____________________________ ___11-15-2005

(Name of Classroom) (Mentoring Teachers Signature) (Date Submitted)
Three - Five
(Age Group)

A. General Information

1) Name of Activity: Different Strokes

Source of Idea-Author, text, page number (required)
Rae Pica, Moving and Learning Series: Preschoolers and Kindergartners, Page 143

2) Curriculum Area or Development Area: Gross Motor

3) Brief Description of Activity: The Children will stepping in place, swing their arms, take soft
giant steps, and last let the kids dance however they want to the different music styles. The
actions will change to each of the different music styles.
4) Focus (three's and up): Fall
5) Where? Activity area where activity will be presented Gross Motor Room

6) When? Approximate "Time Block" activity will be presented. 10:40 – 11:00

7) Who? Number of children you will be working with at a time-size of group. 17

B. Activity Planning

1) Why? List purposes of activity.

In this activity, children will develop changes in the beat of the music, gross motor skills, and
listening skills.
2) What? List all materials needed (do not include recipe ingredients unless children are making the recipe in
the classroom),
Materials I will Bring: Materials I can use from Classroom Novel Materials
a) Music CD (Track 26) a) Gross Motor Room
b) CD Player

4) List 3 things that you want the children to understand from this activity.
1) There are many different things you can do to music besides dancing.
2) There are many different gross motor activities.
3) That gross motor activities can be fun.

5) As a guiding adult, I will transition into activity with the following open ended question:
I wonder what we could do while the music is playing?
6) During the activity, I will use parallel talk or descriptive statements such as...
1) Ben you are stepping in place very well.
2) Jack you are swinging those arms pretty fast.
3) Blair you are making very giant steps.

7) During the activity, 1 will ask the following open-ended questions,

1) I wonder how high you can lift your feet?
2) I wonder how fast you can swing your arms?
3) I wonder how slow you can swing your arms?