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Business BENCHMARK Personal Study Book a | man CAMBRIDGE a TTI evi} 1a TUL a Gy Neer Reo iog eee ete ee ero erences Breet creas nee Pihueihisene fv onsvenpoiitar ty eater eens eee nen a een ee De ees Erceeee enone See ee eet oie tis cee Cees eee ees PE es Lene oT mmr ecis Contents Usitt 6 ‘Sta development an ining vnit2 e Ja description anda stitction Unita 10 Later of enguey aed applications nits 2 Units 4 Promina eivis an rading Unies 16 New product development Unie? 8 Asan aa wale ae Unit Establishing flatonships ond semici units 2 Going it atone Unita 4 nonin the startup ‘Weting completing ster wtrg usie 1 26 ‘Starting up in a now location nie12 28 Presetiog your busines id nie = nee hee a ase fenforencee Unie 2 Business conferences Units au opts unit 16 36 voit? 8 New technaogies and change abel ot unite 0 Using te ttoret Unit 2 ‘ata survey unit 20 4 Ofstorng en outsourcing Unie 21 6 Castomeroyaty nitz2 “8 Cammuistion with estan: vunieza 0 Cortepondg with customers it 24 2 [busines sominar Word fist ot Answer key n aman 8 Staff development and training Job descriptions and job satisfaction Vocabulary Letters of enquiry Reading and applications Reading Telephone skills Promotional activities cnes and branding New product development |A stand at a trade fair Establishing relationships and negotiating Writing Going it alone Starting up in a new location Vocabulary Reading Presenting your Grammar business idea Vocabulary Business hotels and sales conferences (ee Business conferences Business me New technologies and change Using the Internet e iC, staff survey ! Offshoring and outsourcing Reading Communication with customers Writing \s~ Sales Corresponding with Word list Answer key Units nit a - Unit 4 Units ae Units moat east § oat gaz Units {SG ecaneya/nee Unit Unit7 eon 5 " i Unie 11 Unit 13 . vse eg od unit21 i sitecuse — Ut20 " ‘ Unit 24