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LAB 1: Installing and Configuring DHCP service

1. Configuring A Simple Scope

2. Configuring A Super Scope

3. Configuring Reserved Scope

4. Configuring Server options, Scope and Reserved Options

5. Configuring DHCP Relay Agent

6. Backup and Restore of DHCP server

7. Troubleshooting DHCP issues

LAB 2: Installing and Configuring DNS service

1. Installing and configuring a DNS server

2. Configuring a Primary Zone

3. Configuring Secondary Zone

4. Configuring Stub Zone

5. Configuring AD integrated Zone

6. Configuring Forwarder

7. Configuring Cache DNS server

8. Creation of resource records

9. Dynamic and Secure Updates

10. Updates through DHCP server

LAB – 3 Monitoring and Troubleshooting of DNS server

1. Resolving Query through NSLOOKUP

2. Creating Zone through Command line

3. Viewing Zone information through Command line

4. Listing out SRV and other Resource Records

5. Managing DNS through DNSCMD and DNSLINT

6. Backup and Restore of DNS server

LAB -4 Managing Web site and FTP site

1. Configuring and Managing a WEB site

2. Configuring and Managing a FTP site

3. Uploading and Downloading files

4. Configuring A Secure Website

5. Backup and Restore of IIS

LAB 5 Managing the Network Access

1. Configuring Dial up connection

2. Configuring VPN Connection

3. Configuring Software Routing

4. Configuring NAT

5. Configuring RAS server

6. Configuring IAS

7. Troubleshooting of Network Access