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NodeB Down


Cell OOS due to vswr


CCP Fault SCTP Link Fault CCP Information Inconsistency Between the RNC and the NodeB E1/T1 Alarm Indication Signal IMA Group Activated Links Insufficient IMA Link Loss of Frame ALCAP Fault NCP Fault NCP Faulty UMTS Cell Unavailable Local Cell Unusable SAAL Link faulty SDH/SONET Loss of Signal M3UA Destination Entity Inaccessible M3UA Destination Entity Route Unavailable M3UA Link Fault MAFU LNA Fault MTP3 DSP Inaccessible MTP3 Signaling Link Faulty MTP3 Signaling Link Set Unavailable SCCP Subsystem Prohibited SCTP Link Fault SAAL Link faulty UMTS Cell Setup Failed UMTS Cell Unavailable Local Cell Unusable VSWR Board Maintenance Link Abnormal Board Maintenance Link Failure IPPATH Faulty Ethernet Faulty Path Faulty FE Interface Fault