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) MIDWAY’S Galooxiok TROUBLE SHOOTING LOGIC BOARD PART II ; MIDWAY MFG. Co. OnE 10750 WEST GRAND AVENUE Gtr Eiaiesziszc0 FRANKLIN PARK, ILLINOIS 60131 999.395.7182 GALAXIAN, Micway's new space war game, features a full color monitor and is c ble in a 1 oF 2 player uptight or c% model The player, controling the Galaxian defenders of the Earth, must destroy a convoy of aliens that are si missiles, The defender jail tab the adofbaricades, equally determined fo annihilate him by fring must protect himself without He must shoot downnotonly lien amy regulars, but also out- maneuver ond: Gestroy enemy fighter escort ships that pee! off random, from the main body of the alien squadron at Score: 1.0°2 ployer, Maximunt 0010: 999,990. High Score: Retained and displayed up to 6 digits. Defender Galax Ship: Moves fteely across bottom ‘of monitor fing missiles at liens Reserve Galax Ships: Number of playerup remaining ships clearty indicated, Credit Line: Maximum 9 credits per player, BONUS POINTS: Ow Double Points: 150 Points: For lone green alien For hitting lone attacking at random. attacking flagship, MIDWAY MFG. CO. 10750 West Grand Avenue Franklin Park, 1. 60131 Phone: (312) 451-1360 nt crore Me 300 Points: hitting attacking nip with single escot escorts. DISTRIBUTED By: For hitting attacking flagship with two ALIEN SHIPS’ POINTS: tagship: 60 points each. 1160, 200.300 ond 800 bonus oinis when hit while attacking Red Alien: 50 points each, 100 bonus points for hits while attacking, Purple Alien: 40 points each. 80 bonus points for hits when attacking fen Aliens 30 points each, 60 bonus points when attacking, ‘Allen Attacker Ships: Double score for each ship shot down, Flag One worded for each convoy destoyedt ‘Special 800 Points: For deshoying fighter escort and flagship. (Escort ships must be hit fest) TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Assumption - Video Probe Assembly Flow Chart Case A-Bad Power Supply Case B-No Video Case C-Bad Menu Case D-Test Case D1-Sound Illustrations of Problems and Possible Solutions Appendix IC Function List Component Layout Logic Terms Logic Terms 2-80 Service Bulletins ‘Schematics Page No. 13 20 a 23 24 888