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MOPS OF GREENVILLE Stay in the Loop! Seen eee Ceara eee ‘As Moms, our jobs are to take Now Tim not saying to jet off oa spa Many of us starced the 90-Day ‘are of things. And by that, for aweek or go get facelift Most Fieness Challenge this month and mean EVERYTHING! We fof us can't do that. Butyou can read we're seeing great results. If greet each day with a To Do List 2 favorite magazine while your kids you're not doing te Fitness Chal- Aammile long and only so many are napping, you can take 2 30 minute lenge, please at least rake some hours to accomplish everything walk during your lunch hour, and you time to take care of yourself this, fon that list. We rush here, there can ask your husband to watch che month. and everywhere. ids for a couple of hours on a Sun- day afternaon so you can goto the You're a fantastic, hardworking But what did we totally forget to movies with your ginfriends. Litle mom and you deserve it pputon our ist thae day? OUR- things like this make a huge diference SELVES! | know that there have in the way you fel about yourself been days that I've looked at the and in cur, che way you respond to clock and realized | forgot to eat everyone els. lunch! Would you forget to feed your children?? [hope not! We Trust me, | know how busy we al i Cannot be the wives and mothers are. And yes, the laundry might have {and everything else!) we're sup- to st for another day before it gets posed tobe ifwe neglect our put away or the family might have to ee ‘own health and well-being, and eat piza for one right while you go that includes physically, mentally, out, Bt you know what? They'l emotionally and spiritually. We survive! And they'll be happy to sec simply cannot funtion if we ‘a relaxed, refreshed wife and mom don't take care of ourselves ‘come home. Verse of the Month “| praise You because | am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, | know that full well.” ety, Psalm 139:14 Ss Stay in the Loop isa publication for MOPS of Greenville at Riverside Baptist Churel Greer, South Carolina VOLUME I, ISSUE 7 PAGE 2 Steering Team Spotlight = My name is Karyn Criswal, and I have been married to Tedd for 6 years. We have a precious litle boy ramed Jacob, and he will be 4 years old in May! I cane believe how time fies by! Ihave lived in Greer for 6 years, and | have 2 brothers (both married wi children) who live inthe area... one in Liberty and one in Simp- Sonville. Also, | am so happy to have my parents here, as well. They moved here a couple of years ago, after 40+ years of living in Warner Robins, GA... which is where I grow up! Now, if we could just get my sister to move here from E1 Paso, TX... we'd have the whole gang here. “This is my 2° year of serving on the steering team, and | can't tll you hew much | have enjoyed it. Being a part of MOPS has been such a blessing to me. just love geting to know other women who are in the same season of ife.. and | cherish the encouragement that | have received, and the empathy that I have experienced within tis group. | have made some friendships that | truly feel will last a lifetime! | pray chat I can be as much ‘of a blessing to you guys, as you have been to met Crafty Kids - ‘Emply Tomb Rolls ‘What a treat on Easter morning! Fresh, warm crescent rolls for breakfast. But, that only half the treat. learning or re~ enforcing the true meaning of Easter for Christians everywhere. This is delightful and fun forthe litle ones to help with. You “lind easy to follow explanations and Bile readings to go along with the preparation and sorving of this tasty treat. Ingredients . 1 (@ count) can refrigerated crescent dinner rolls 4 regular marshmallows 3 tablespoons butter, melted in shallow baking dish | cup cinnamon sugar, In small bowl |. Roll out the crescent rolls and separate. 2, Place swo crescent rolls next to each other with the wide ends of the triangles overlapping to form a right angle. 3. Show the marshmallows and explain thatthe color wihite represents purity in God's eyes of those whose sins have ‘been cleansed by Jesus. Read: Isaiah 1:18 and john 3:13. 4. Dip marshmallows individually in the butter, then rollin the cinnamon and sugar mixture, coating evenly. Place one ‘utter and cinnamon sugar coated marshmallow in each set of crescent rolls. Pull up the narrow ends ofthe trian- les and wrap the crescent roll dough completely around the marshmallow, sealing well [tis very important chat no gaps are present. 5. Explain that each marshmallow represents Jesus! Body which was wrapped (covered in sugar mixture) and placed in the tomb which was then sealed tight (closed up in the dough) Read: Matthew 27:57-60 6. Use remaining butter to brush the tops of the "tombs" and sprinkle wth cinnamon sugar to taste. 7, Bake on cookie sheet at 375°F for |4 minutes, or until the tops are a deep golden brown. Cool | minute inthe pan, 4. Serve and enjoy! When the "tombs" are ready to be served have exch person break theirs open and experience the emptiness of the ‘tomb. Explain that Jesus was raised from the dead and His followers were amazed to find the tomb empty. Read: Matthew 281-9. Stay in the Loop is a publication for MOPS of 6 nyille at Riverside Baptist Church in Greer, South Carolina VOLUME I, ISSUE 7 PAGE 3 Going Fit - Mom Style! A (Okay, so | have a confession to make, I'm weird. Now | know what you're thinklng—the woman who has a duck in the house, and realy likes to grocery shop—that’s no surprise. But there's something else. | relly ike to exercise. No, | really do. Now, | was not born with “exercise enthusiasm", nor didi happen overnight. This was definitely a process let me take you back just alte “The year was 1981, Litle ole! me, city gir from Wichita, Kansas, had just married the man of my dreams, an avid outdoorsman, Up to this point my exposure to exercise consisted of mandated dandelion pulling in my parents’ yard and the occasional opportunity to water-ki in my teenage years. Sure, growing up | played outside, probably much more than the TV generation of today, but once | hit high schoo! | became a {ulkfledged bookworm and subsequent “nerd”. So, my sweetheart surprised me for my honeymoon—tent camping. Nylon covering in the ‘woods, sleeping bags on the ground camping-—for my honeymoon! A Holiday Inn was camping to me. But being hopelessly in love and willng ‘to try something diferent, | went fori. And it was fantastic and memorable, to be sure. ‘Once the honeymoon was over (the literal one-—I'm actualy still on my honeymoon) we settled into married life, For my husband that in- cluded working out at the local gym. After a litle coaxing, since | had never stepped foot ina gym before, | agreed. Of course, {had to have an outfit. and in 1981 that was avery shiny spandex bodysuit in neon blue and a thigh-cut top leotard of neon yellow spandex. Oh yeah, and leg warmers. | walked into the gym, saw all the svete women looking confident and fabulous, looked at my overweight frame at the time (the freshman 15 in college turned out to be much more, but my husband said | had potential), and walked back out and sat in our car. For the next few months | would latch hook while he worked out. | finally realized that he wasn't going to quit going to the gym, so | decided to give Itanother cry. | gota little guidance on working out, and | liked how i felt after it was over. | knew I wanted to improve the condition ‘of my body, so | began the process. And! saw and felt results. My husband and I went hiking, bike riding, played tennis, and just enjoyed the futdoors and working aut together. He even took aerobies classes with me, the enly man in a class of 30 women. Now move forward to 1994, the AD. (After Delivery) time of my life. Two kids and a couple of states later, we found a gym where we could work out. There was just one prablem. Almost every time | took the girls to the gym childcare, they would catch some sickness from another Chil. This definitely wasn't working, so we bought a home gym and my personal favorite, a treadrnll (at 70% off, of course). With young chi- dren | could work aut on my terms, and the money saved in gym fees quickly paid for the exercise equipment. There are great buys on equip- ‘ment out there, even used, in the paper or on Craigslist, often like new when someone had a New Year's resolution that soon became a rack for holding clothes. | interval train on my treadmill varying the incline and speed, and alternate between walking and some running Here's my point—it takes some time and effort to get exercise into your routine, but you cant afford not to. We get one earthly body, and ‘we need to take care of tas best we ean, | can tell you from experience that what | did to help my body in my 20's and 30's has definitely ‘enabled me to be healthier in my 40's. And I wane to be the crary kind of wifelmotherfand later~grandma that hikes, bikes, climbs, swims, et. with my family ‘And don't forget what | eal “incidental exercise”, the exercise you get while doing something else—talking a walk or playing outside with your kids, parking father out and power walking to the store, parking at one end ofthe mall when you need to go toa store at the other end, bs contractions while sitting in a chair, raking, etc Make exercise a vital part of your life. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who isin you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.” | Corinthians 6:19-20 Stay in the Loop is a publication for MOPS of Greenville at Riverside Baptist Church in Greer, South Carolina