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Use a Coordinate Plane 7 A coordinate plane is a grid formed by a horizontal line called the x-axis and a vertical line called the y-axis. You can plot points on a coordinate plane using ordered pairs. The first number in an ordered pair, the x-coordinate, tells how far to move right or left across the x-axis. The second number, the y-coordinate, tells how far to move up or down the y-axis, Write the point for each ordered pair on the coordinate plane. (2, -2) * Start at (0, 0). The first number in the ordered pair, *2, is positive. So move two units to the right. * The second number is “2. The number is negative, so move down four units. You end at point E * So, the point for (°2, ~2) is E. (0, *5) * Start at (0, 0). Since the first number is 0, do not move to the right or left. * The second number is °5, so move 5 units up. You end at point C. * So, the point for (0, *5) is C. Use the coordinate plane below. Write the point for each ordered pair. 1 im 1. (2,9) 2. ('3, *4) 3. (0, °5) 4. (1, 5) Gen((1nno), Sasorerontpomrsrdsetinced” WSO Reteach the Standards Simple figures hist Gide