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breg warner Welcome to the 2009 Open House / Tech Fair Parent / Guardian Scavenger Hunt Dear Parents & Guardians, Your mission isto trek through the following tasks and questions. The answers to these questions are scattered throughout the fifth grade wing of GIS. Tt is your student's job to assist you with these tasks. Hint: your journey will be much easier if you follow the directions in order These tasks need to be completed before or ct 7:30 PM. 4) Write your first and last name on the top of this sheet. v2) Go to the treat drawer and get yourself a tasty Jolly Rancher to enjoy ‘through this journey. Please take only one per guest. 4) Use the ActivBoard to watch your student's book trailer. VA) Find one mistake on this sheet of paper. 5) Ask your student about the persuasive essay they wrote today. T's in their writing journal, %) List the eight parts of speech used in the English language: a Now b. “Pronoun « Adjective 4. Verb e. __Adverb f. _Prepasition 9. Conjunction h awtherjeetion i. Where did you find this information? Poster on back Wall. /7) Write the author for the book they read for the reading strategy folder project. Ann Me Govern L J) How many Lincoln Bicentennial banners are hanging in the Rotunda,’ J) How many small stars are on the SGT Lincoln Bicentennial banner that was Used for the re-enactment? £2 Page 10f2, Welcome to the 2009 Open House / Tech Fair J Parent / Guardian Scavenger Hunt 10)"We salute you." What are the names of the people in the Von Lehmden Prete? Koctarina, Tim, Brody, Georg:a : the 11) What is the name of the poem ory/{Thinking Strategy of the Month bulletin, board? Happy on the Beoch “sain yor eadent' Wena Poster What wre thay at een i t Being a leader! Setting a qréat example, ete. /13)s your student's locker clean? Shotsld 'oe | At) what ae the themes of Ballas and Reece's Doel for Goel project? ‘Dallas -"Hope” Reece - “Stay Green VA5)In the PC Lab, view your student's comic strip presentation using Kid Pix. Aen the PC Leb, view your students Brothers Grinm Fairy Tale presentation using PowerPoint, 47\In the PC Lab, view your student's poetry presentation using PowerPoint. “48)Place this sheet in your student's mailbox. ‘YOU ARE FINISHED! ‘T hope you enjoyed this little journey with your student. ‘Thanks for coming and have a great evening! ‘Greg Garnett Page 20f2