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ROGHDALE at Boundary Park Saturday, 1st Januar Kick-off 3-15 p.m E. HUDSON & CO. (Oldham) LTD. “The General Drapers” 30 HIGH STREET, & 34 HENSHAW STREET, OLDHAM ‘Tel.: 624 3190/1954 Visit our new Furnishing Dept. for all the latest designs and colours in Curtain Materials. We will make up to fit any window L. V. LAWLOR PRINTERS 6 EXCHANGE STREET MUMPS OLDHAM LANCS Telephone: 0614633 2044 —S ON SALE AT THE BOUNDARY CLUB AND ALL GROUND BARS OB. Famous Ales and Stout in Draught and in Bottle Brewed by Oldham Brewery Co. Ltd. 40 Coldhurst St., Oldham. ‘Telephone 624 8305/6 Wines & Spirits supplied, also High-class Mineral Waters & Cordials YOUR FORD DEALER New and Used Cars and a first-class after sales service 60 YEARS WITH FORD 2-12 MANCHESTER ROAD, WERNETH, OLDHAM. 061-624 3401 ‘Oldham Athletic AFC Ltd | OFFICIALS — SEASON 1971/72 Directors: H. Massey, (Chairman) R. Cl G. A. Hudson, H. Hey, R. Schofield, W. Shore. Secr.tary: J. B. Halford, Team Manager: J. Frizzell, Club Physician: Doctor R. B. Hollos Physiotherapist J. McGregor layton, (Vice-Chairman) J. Lowe, (Managing Director) ‘today’s game TODAY WE HAVE PLEASURE IN WELCOMING the officials, players and sup- porters of local rivals Rochdale, for what we hope will be an exciting derby game. It is the time that Rochdale have been here in a League match since 1963. On that occasion we scored a memorable 5—1 win, with goals from Colin Whittaker (2), Bert Lister (2) and Johnny Colquhoun. Gains score the Rochdale goal and the match was watched by a crowd of almost 15,000. pybiected to the League in 1921, Rochdale have never been higher than the Third vision. They were last promoted from the Fourth in 1969, and for a time looked potential promotion prospects again. But they fell away towards the end and are now, like ourselves, lodged near the middle of the Third Division table. Our last meeting in September ended in a 1—1 draw. Jim Fryatt who scored our goal in that game is no longer with us, but we hope for more than that today. today’s referee PAT PARTRIDGE, from Middlesbrough, Teeside BEGAN REFEREEING IN 1953. Refereed and lined in Northern League. Lined in North Regional League, North Eastern League, Northern Counties League and Midland League. Was the youngest referee in the Northern League Cup Final in 1963/64 and became the first referee to referee it twice, the second time being in 1966/67. First referee to be promoted to The Football League from Northern League under the then new system of Feeder and Contributory Scheme. Officiaied in the Anglo-Italian tournament in 1970, also Linesman in Football League Cup Final, March, 1971. Refereed F.A. Cup semi-final and replay in 1971 Interested in squash, bowls and gardening and any other spare time is spent on his father-in-law's farm. Married, he is a representative. ON SALE IN THE SOUVENIR SHOP LATICS NOTE CASES .. 2 80p LADIES’ PURSE/NOTE CASE aos : £1.30 SPECTACLE CASES 38p LAPEL BADGES 25p MINI FOOTBALL BOOTS fons - 15p TRAVEL BAGS : anise £1.25 WOOLLEN SCARVES eS eee seesus 80D CHRISTMAS FOOTBALL ANNUALS ........ Various prices 1972 DIARIES ..... pies 5p OTHER CLUBS MATCH DAY PROGRAMMES ' 5p INTERNATIONAL AND CUP FINAL PROGRAMMES a 10p KEY RINGS 10p DAMP PROOF CONTRACTING LTD., 1 Shore St., Oldham, Lanes. Telephone 061-624 6514; 061: TANGIBLE DAMP-COU! INSERTION INTO EXISTING STRUCTURES jk EXTERMINATION OF Dry Rot (Merulius Lacrymans) Wet Rot (Coniophora Cerel Woodworm (Anobium Pun FULL STRUCTURAL KEN TION WORK 204 Furnishers R. SCHOFIELD & SON 14/16, 27/29 OLD ROAD FAILSWORTH MANCHESTER Telephone: FAI 2292 Rochdale Road, Denshaw ALPINE RESTAURANT Licensed Extensive Menu Luneheons - Our Spec ties euvered for uppers MONDAY DAY OPEN DAILY AND THU Reserv For all your — SPORTS REQUIREMENTS GILBERTS Water Lane, Wilmslow Telephone: 29221/2 Suppliers of kit to leading teams, ing OLDHAM ATHLETIC Special Terms for SPORTS CLUBS and ASSOCIATIONS on duty this season WHEN IN TOWN VISIT THE Grapes Hotel The town-centre pub with the country inn atmosphere WILSON’S ALES Snacks - Lunches - Residential Patronised by F. League Clubs 62 YORKSHIRE STREET el.: 624 1115 CRITEC ALARMS LTD. 47 Dunkerley Street, Oldham 061-033 9674 ariche Tg E “Cup Ch. Cup F-ACup LS.Cup Lg. Sub. ChSub. 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SALES AND SERVICE E. JORDON (Refrigeration) LTD. REFRIGERATION CENTRE, MOUGH LANE, CHADDERTON H.P. RENTALS and LEASING FACILITIES TELEPHONE: 681-3549 and 7031