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‘Arrays CA3019 Ultra-Fast Low-Capacitance Matched Diodes For Applications In Communications and Switching Systems Feature 's Excllnt dle maton 1 pedestal voltage when geting = Gompanion appiation Not, TGANS200 “hpptcation ofthe FROs-OAG019 Itgrateg iret Broa array” “TheRCA-CA201B onsite of sixties. Jowcapacitance Tlages ona sommon monolinte subetae. Integrate cl eet Conewueton assures excelent static and aynamic fc ctine den mig ay nay al ae wide varely of eppicaone tn communication bcning ystems Four othe diodes are internally connected as "quad" and fo are independent eevee, The aubatrat I ntar~ fy connected fo tha fo-ead TO-E-aiyie cane, For appletions auch asbelances modulators orring mod ‘Siofowrerecepactve alan mportant,hesubarto t =i Pg. — Sonoma Diagram. ! 3h tm cnt ny es GE SOLID STATE O2 Def 3675082 DOLNss4 O T 43-24 ‘Appltcatons: ‘Analog switch fo for chopper-modulator shouldbe retumaste a DC potent which i signieanty ‘Sesogatre (wit anpoc othe ate clades) tan the peak sig! spaog wes onan Filo Number 296 ——, —-_—_—e G € SOLID STATE OL DEB) 3675082 DOLNSIS 2 nacay I ——————— CA3019 1 43-24 ‘About Maximo Voltage Lin: sw. aan om fren | “EHHS® ono os ee SES i | nose [wa a teowe gC Psstae tee siete, OR eee mii eporpeat te ae ete : | iro cose [ronan Nar oi ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS, at Ta = 25°C {Characters Apply for Each Did Unt, Unies Orherwte Spected TTS CHARACTERISTICS specrat Test conoimions [Tye cas019 in. | Typ. [eax |Un| oc romana vownge Dron [06 ForwarsGuventig=tma | ~ | 073 [ora] Vv ToC Revere Greatdown Voltage] OC Rev Curent tide —toxal «| 6] —| [OC Reverse Broskdown Voton Setcuan any Diode Uni ond | OC Revere Curent ql=—10WA | 25) eo] | V Subere [OC Reverse Leakage) Coven | OORner= Volane al=—4v_| — [00066] 10] WA [DG Revere (Lasko) Curent ae Diode Un and | OC Revere Votage(Vq)=-V | ~ | 0010) 10) wa] Substrate agit of Diode Ofte guage OHerresin OC | ye porwarscurenetigetma | = les Forward Voltage rope ot | DC Fores Cure (FI | le any Two Diode Units. Binge Diade Capwctanon | Frequency (f= 1 WHE mE ‘BE Ravre Voltage (a aL Frequaney (= 1 HE 1 evre Vonage (Va) between Terminal 25.8 oF Bot ode QuxsteSubsrate | Diode Quad and Terminal? ‘Capeciaee (Sobre) = 2 Terminal 2orbro Tanna? | -| ea] — | oF Terminal SorBioTermind’? | - | 22] — | oF Sues Gute Swcing Fe Peseta! Vote -{ 7 -E™ - oar

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