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Complete with the correct Possessive Adjectives.

1- Mary is doing __________ homework. 2- Do you live with __________ parents? 3- We love __________ new car. 4- He's in __________ bedroom. 5- The children are with __________ father. 6- I like __________ job. 7- Are you and your friend enjoying __________ English classes? 8- Venice is famous for __________ canals. 9- She's with __________ best friend. 10- They haven't got __________ books. 11- She's in __________ office. 12- He's looking for __________trousers. 13- I like visiting __________ friends. 14- Are the teachers having __________ meeting now? 15- Have you got __________ umbrella? 1- I love my mother. _______ name is Mary. a. His b. Her c. Our 2- Peter and Sally study English. ________ teacher is funny. a. Your b. Our c. Their 3- This is a beautiful tree. ________ leaves are a beautiful colour. a. Its b. His c. Her 4- John has a brother. ________ brother is 25 years old. a. Her b. Your c. His

5- I want to phone Sarah. Do you know ________ telephone number? a. its b. her c. your 1. This is my dog. __________bone is on the floor. 2. This is John's teacher. __________name is Mr Pearson. 3. This is Emma's teacher. __________name is Mrs Morris. 4. This is Tom and Samantha's house. __________house is very nice. 5. This is Luke's and my school. __________school is very nice. 6. This is Tom's Mum. __________car is over there. 7. This is Tom's Dad. __________bag is on the floor. 8. This is my sister. __________teacher is terrible 9. This is our cat. __________toy is in the kitchen. 10. This is my coat. Where are __________coats? (euer) 11. This is my scarf. Where is __________scarf? (dein) 12. Sandra: This is Jenny's apple. Where is __________apple, Jane? Jane: __________apple is on my desk.