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Hall Ticket
Hall Ticket No. : W13N050137223

Name E-Mail ID Date of Birth Test Date Test Time Test Venue

: AMIT : : Aug 15, 1991 : Feb 17, 2013 : 16:00 Hours : NIIT SILIGURI Sevoke Road Centre

Venue Address : 4th Floor, Shahid Bhagat Singh Commercial Complex, 2nd Mile Sevoke Road, Test City : SILIGURI

Note :
1. Thank you for registering for NITAT 2013. Please note your Hall Ticket Number carefully. 2. Please carry the Hall Ticket to the Test Venue to be able to take the test. 3. Please report at the assigned Test Venue atleast 30 minutes before the Test Start time. 4. Please check your email regularly at the email ID provided in the application form for any updates or information. 5. C alculators are not allowed during the Test.

Issuing Authority(Signature) : NIIT Center : NIIT SILIGURI Sevoke Road Centre